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She's Leaving Home[16 Down/36 To Go!]
[-] This is me trying to catch up with things. The ugly side of the vacation is getting back to the work (and non-work but important LJ matters) and realizing there's a shitload to do. I'll be posting my real vacation recap soon with photos but for now, here's the weekly round-up from last week. Hopefully, I get to catch up on all the TV I missed.

[+] Despite my initial guilt for leaving my team behind during the Holy Week, I'm really glad I took that vacation. I've missed my siblings so very much and having an empty house doesn't help me miss them less either. I don't want to check my bank account after that trip but every meal and what not was worth it. i so want to get back there again.

[+] On the work front, we were able to launch the project and though it's still a long road ahead, i'm glad we were able to get it off the ground for now. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on my work thing and on my vacation. I'll post pictures in a few days. Have a great week!

You know when you're looking forward to something so bad, things get awfully slow and DIFFICULT and what you're looking forward to suddenly seems so far away? Today was exactly like that. Though my boss allowed me to take Wednesday day off (considering I had asked permission a month ago), I still have a SHIT TON to do before then and I hope I don't get bugged while I'm in Singapore (I really hope I don't).

And on top of MAJOR project launching this Sunday, I had to attend to other things I honestly had no brain power to attend to. One thing after the other would pile up and though i didn't cry (good job, patty), there were times when I was close to tears. is it so difficult to get time off here?! If this is the norm here, I don't know if I'll be able to last long. I just want a quasi break, y'all.

I had a bunch of meetings before I could actually leave for my vacation and despite the 'guilt' I was feeling for leaving my team behind during this project, I tried my best to do all that I could to help everyone along while I was away. At a meeting, right before I left, I heard the best thing ever: "WE DON'T NEED PATTY." I know I should be 'hurt' or whatever but I actually felt really good to know that I could vacation in quasi-peace.

I leave for the airport thirty minutes late and by the time I reach mid-way, I realize, I forgot to print my sister's address. They moved to a new place so I don't have the details memorized yet. Thank goodness for internet cafes. I still made it to the airport on time and though I tried my best to sleep on the plane on the way, i couldn't get myself to relax at first. Oh work.

Despite my having gone to Singapore for the third time, I actually haven't done some of the most tourist-y things like a) Visit the Merlion. Too bad the Merlion was boxed up for renovation so instead, I had to content myself with the mini-merlion which wasn't so bad either.

My sister treated me to Lion King at the Marina Bay Sands theater and it was just BEAUTIFUL. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Disney movie but this musical just made me love it so much. The set was brilliant and the choreography was just wow. Plus the crowd was pretty hilarious. I've never seen such an animated audience.

Last time I was in Singapore, I had the best meatballs and chicken wings at Ikea. This time, I had to have some again. Though I didn't go through the entire Ikea anymore (it just makes me feel bad I can't bring it all home with me to Manila), I did stop by the cafe and had 10 of those glorious meatballs. We need more of these things in our lives.

And because I am a tourist, we took the Night Safari at the Singapore zoo. It's crazy cause my brother who's been living there for six years hadn't been there ever and neither has my sister. It was pretty cool hearing the lions roar so close to us (we walked a bit in between tram rides) and see the tiger up close (behind a glass). I'm not the biggest animal person, but that was cool.

No, we didn't forget it was Holy Week so we actually did attend Holy Week services. For Good Friday, we headed to the Our Lady of Lourdes church (I was named after her!). The newly renovated church was packed so we had to sit outside. I'm glad it wasn't too hot because generally Good Fridays are excruciating.

After we headed to Vivo City and Pamy was trying her best to convince me to cross the bridge to Sentosa (and Universal Studios) but I wans't in the mood to really ride roller coasters and there are other visits for that anyway. But seeing it from afar was good enough for me. Perhaps for my next trip.

I felt like time was running out on my vacation so I did a quasi-shopping trip at my favorite store (Cotton On) and though I had planned on getting the iPhone while I was in Singapore, I didn't end up doing that just because I couldn't let got of that much cash -- or at least not right now. In a few months, I suppose.

And upon recommendation from PB, we attended the Easter Vigil at the St. Mary of the Angels Church, which is an incredibly beautiful church. Despite our being early (we never are), we were still seated outside. And wow, longest mass ever. Three and a half hours or so -- they had a baptism, first communion and confirmation for a bunch of their parishioners. Still, it was so pretty, I didn't mind.

Despite my flight being at 1am the next morning, the last day of a trip is always the laziest day of all. It's a miracle we even got out of the house -- then again, lunch at DB Bistro Moderne was worth dragging our asses all the way to the Marina Bay Sands for this.

By the time we get back home, I'm so lazy, I just want to sit down and watch the E! Channel (Giulliana and Bill is very very addicting). Luckily, my sister is a tourist ready and managed to bring me to Orchard for one last sweep of the malls in case I forgot to get anything. By the time I board the plane, I am dead on my feet. Good luck to me at work.
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