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Sneak Peek: Ryan Wades through the 'Ides of March'

Two Hot[Ryan Gosling Fan]
Why so handsome, Ryan Gosling? As if that crazy trailer of yours hadn't gotten all the fangirls all hot and bothered, you continue to bring your swagger and suave-ness on the set of Ides of March -- and stand next to George Clooney and hold your own! This is a feat in itself. And still, you continue to make me swoon. Stay handsome, Ryan.

Also, it seems like ads are all the fad now, what with Leo DiCaprio shooting one for a Chinese mobile brand and Rachel Bilson doing one for an Italian icecream, I guess endorsements are still the rage -- as if they don't make enough money already. No, I'm not complaining, at all.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan
And so Ryan continues to film Ides of March with George Clooney and Evan Rachel Wood and though I'm still unclear on what it's about, it seems Ryan will be wearing suits for the duration of the film. This is A+ in my book just because Ryan + Suits = VERY WELL DONE SIR. I love how clean-cut he looks too and how neat and good-boy he feels. McGosling, Come back to me!

Photos courtesy of Leo DiCaprio Network
It's not often we see Leo in ANYTHING (even at Coachella, we only see a part of him) so seeing all of him while he shoots a Chinese TVC for a mobile telecom provider is more than I can ask for. I actually want to see how this pans out just because Leo looks like he's getting all action-star-ish in this running around and looking all slick in black.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Miss Bilson
Also in the ad-shooting spirit is Rachel doing a Magnum icecream commercial with Karl Lagerfeld. I don't know why Kaiser Karl is directing this but Rachel's in it and there's fashion and icecream so this is bound to be something. I can't wait to see the finished product either -- or sampling some of that icecream.

Photos courtesy of Yoon Eun
I'm still holding out for the Eun Hye/Gong Yoo reunion that isn't going to happen but until then, I'll wait it out with their individual projects. And it looks like Eun Hye's back to the small screen with a TV show, Lie To Me. I like her hair color already and her hair looks relatively normal compared to her past shows so I wonder what kind of character she'll be here.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net and Jim Sturgess Online
I don't know what either of these movies are about but Jim looks angry as he gets nearer to that car and Jen just looks positively cheery as always. Either way, I'm psyched for One Day to come out (I hope it doesn't make me cry) and I really still want to see Arthur. Keep on filming, people.

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source and Carey Mulligan Network
Finally, we have Rooney and Carey both busy with shooting. After finishing the second book in the Millenium series, I'm really excited to see how they bring the movies to life. I realize that even the Swedish movies left out quite a bit (but still managed to condense them well) so I'm psyched to see how the US version will take a spin on it. Go Fincher, Go. And Carey with Michael Bender on Shame is enough to make me excited. Hello pretty people.

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