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Here We Come[15 Down/37 To Go!]
[-] It's quasi crunch time for this GINORMOUS project we have at work and I'm really hoping we pull it off. So far, it's been a great team effort from everyone in my team that I want to give everyone hugs but at the same time, we've never done anything like this before so I'm hoping that we manage to make it work. Can everyone cross their fingers that everything goes by well? Thanks.

[+] Despite the stress at work, wonderful things happened this week like getting to go home early, getting free rides home from my dad and Mexican food! Lots of it. I've learned to appreciate the tiny, small stuff just because it makes all the craziness of the big stresses seem less heavy. Here's to more of those.

[+] With the entire family away, today starts the little-orphan-patty summer. There won't be any debauchery, I'm far too boring for that. Lots of TV-watching and lazing around though, for sure. Pardon the flist-spamming. This is me catching up.

I'm really nervous for a HUGE project we've got that's supposed to come into completion by Easter. Not only are the timelines totally messed up, but because I took a leave on Holy Wednesday (I'd asked permission way ahead of time and my boss seems to be fine with me going despite this deadline), I feel totally guilty for still going. I know everything's set on my end (for my leave) but knowing I have something hanging over my head here that I won't be able to help out makes me feel so horrible.

I'm constantly worrying about it and hoping it gets pulled off because there are so many factors to be considered. If it was just me working on it, I'd have more control and say that I can pull it off, but because we're so many people and depending on so many different things, I'm really nervous. We've pulled off crazier things before but now that i'm involved, I can't help but worry. Let's all cross our fingers this goes by without a hitch please?

I was surprisingly extra productive today probably brought about by yesterday's panic attack on not being able to pull off things that need to be pulled off by certain dates. So it's good to know that I can get work done when I really push myself to do something, which is always a comforting thing.

I got home and watch The Borgias with my dad, cause he's secretly a fanboy for things like that and reveled in the decadence of Jeremy Irons and his very pretty family. I'm so boring, it still surprises me how I can ramble about the monotony of my life every damn week. It's a talent really, being this boring.

Now that I know I'm not alone this project, I was able to sort of breathe and focus on other things today. The best thing though? Having my first long(ish) lunch out with one of my officemates. We went to the Mexican place that has amazing burritos and tacos and we just feasted. Then after, we had some milk tea. Seriously, this is the best stress reliever ever. I hope never to get this crazy again but I know the solution now.

Of course the entire time I was out, I was paranoid my boss would be looking for me (though my officemate said she'd vouch for me) but still. I'm glad when I got back, things were okay and nothing was amiss. A good meal can really turn your day around and I was just floating through the afternoon. Bliss, I tell you.

While in the midst of this gigantic project, there are some lulls while we wait for approvals and I can actually do other work. I'm really crossing my fingers that this all pans out well for everyone just because I've been worrying about it for far too long.

I love how things fall into place this afternoon -- what with me being able to go home early and my dad picking me up? It's just perfection. I miss being able to go home early in general so getting a free ride home just makes it all the more worthwhile.

It's hard to look forward to the weekend when I've got this huge project looming over my head, but I did my best to just take it a day at a time and it's not like I'm not doing the best I can. I'm literally working myself to the bone to see this through so I hope it all goes by well. This time next week, it's supposed to be sitting and waiting for the launch.

By the time I get home, I'm terribly tired and I don't even have the energy to watch The Vampire Diaries -- I prefer watching this when I'm fully alert so instead I switch on HBO and catch 90s rom-com Picture Perfect which surprises me in its silliness but also shocks me that I actually find Jay Mohr endearing and non-douche-y. This is a shock.

All weekends should be made up of lazing around all day. I finally get to catch up on my TV and I get to read and even sneak in a little Country Strong (my copy actually had the ending hacked off -- not that I'm unaware of the ending) but still. It sucks though cause in the middle of the day we get a random blackout. Seriously.

The rest of the family has been packing and getting ready to go and as much as I'm not in the house anyway, it's going to be weird being all alone -- sort of, this summer. There's email and Skype and whatnot and I'll be busy with work for sure, but it's just weird being left behind -- again. I should get used to it though, seeing as this may be how things will be for a few years.

I woke up early to say goodbye to the family. And ever since then, I haven't felt the drowsiness to sleep -- which is weird because I'm always asleep on Sundays. I guess I'm still getting used to the emptiness of the house or the fact that I can literally use anything I want without having to wait on anyone (i'm sure the novelty of this will wear out soon).

Still, on a more dramatic note, it's funny cause I'm always the one saying goodbye to people. Two of my siblings have left me (of the older three) to be in Sinagpore and now the rest of the family is temporarily in the US for vacation. I'm so used to saying goodbye right now.
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