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TV Time: Michael's Built Where It Counts, Yo

[Nikita Fan]
I'm such a teen at heart. Despite my foray into more srs bsnss shows, it's still the CW and what they dish out every week that's got me all amped up. This week, I get a double treat with awesomeness from both The Vampire Diaries and Nikita (which I'm hoping gets renewed). I can't believe there are just four episodes left to both of these shows. I'm starting my withdrawal symptoms already.

Camelot 01x03: Guinevere

Raise your hand if you think this Leontas/Guinevere marriage is going to last? What with the romp on the beach and the pretend blood of the deer for her wedding night, it seems like there's a lot of secret keeping going on. Still, I'll admit, Guinevere and Arthur getting it on on the beach wasn't bad at all but I feel so horrible for Leontas -- poor champion! He's there, at his wedding, thinking his bride is all pure and that the King is blessing his marriage when in fact, there's a lot of hanky panky going on.

Meanwhile, Kay (the hot brother who needs to be on the screen more) is being very very handsome looking for Gwaine. I prefer Merlin's Gwaine but this one isn't half bad with all the long hair and big build and the sword wielding. It was kind of cute that he wanted Kay to help him finish the book he's reading. Kay needs to be on my screen more, for sure.

The Killing 01x03: El Diablo

Thank goodness we're getting a little closer to solving things. Though I don't think Caleb and his druggie friend killed her, what they did to Rosie in the cage was just disgusting and despicable and totally heartbreaking. I hope they get some time for that at least. Also, how funny is it that the janitor was Filipino complete with his grandmother saying 'wala rito' (he's not here) to Linden and Joel as they question her on the whereabouts of her grandson. Oh AMC, thanks for the international shoutout, albeit being a criminal of sorts.

I see that Councilman is getting his hands dirty with his involvement in the case. I was hoping he'd stay clean but with his endorsement backing out and then doing a dirty deal to get her back. I'm not putting anything past him anymore. Sad times. And seriously, how sad are things for Rosie's family? The dad cooking pancakes for the boys and the mom trying to feel how it is to drown, I just want things to get resolved quickly for them. They've suffered so much already.

The Borgias 01x03: The Moor

SO MUCH MURDER GOING ON! Now they kill their guest! I feel bad for Cem just because he seemed to get along with everyone so well. I thought his bromance with Juan was pretty cute and he was so flirting with Lucrezia. Obviously that wasn't going to happen what with him being Muslim and she being the daughter of Pope and all. Cesare really should just quit the priesthood/being a cardinal with all the craziness he's gotten into.

And all these possible husbands for Lucrezia are all so very wrong for her. The prince of Naples most of all is just creepy and his voice is weird and his haircut is horrible and just so very wrong for the oh so cute Lucrezia. of course with what I know of Lucrezia's marriage, it's not like things will be all sunshine and daisies for her so I just hope she enjoys her childhood while it lasts -- cause it doesn't look like it'll be much happier for long.

Chuck 04x20: Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff

How cute are Chuck and Sarah?! First of all, the pre-nuptial agreement and Chuck being all cool about it really made me laugh. Chuck is NEVER cool about anything so seeing him try to act like it's all good was pretty funny. I'm glad they worked it all out though cause obviously Sarah's in love with Chuck cause he is Chuck.

Also cute? Casey and his daughter Alex. I love that she's so willing to tell the truth to her mom for him and at the same time, Casey's being so understanding of her hiding his being alive to her mom. I need more Casey/Alex on my TV. Also adorable? Casey and Morgan are such cute roomies. These kids need to stay together more because Morgan mirroring Casey and Casey really tolerating Morgan, it's so nice to see how far they've come.

As happy as I am that Ellie and Awesome are oh so close to breaking the Agent X thing, I'm just really scared that Awesome and Ellie will be hurt by all of this. Especially now that the General wants to let Ellie continue this research, something tells me that shit's going to hit the fan really soon. I just want the Familia Woodcombe to be safe from the crazy CIA spy business.

Bones 06x18: The Truth in the Myth

Let's start off with how adorkable intern Nigel making his amends to everyone in the office. I always love it when Nigel guest stars just because his one-liners always get me laughing and his spreading rumors about sleeping with all the females in the lab just make him all the more hilarious. Of course, Bones found it incredibly hilarious, in proper Bones fashion of course.

What's new to Bones though is how she's changing slowly but surely. All these things with Booth and their back and forths in the car and how Bones is really changing. And I harp about this every week but I'm really excited that all this changing will eventually cement her FULL CHANGE to get together with Booth. That ending? As they exit the Founding Fathers and Booth stops her and they talk a little? I died. I'm so easy to please.

But really, I have to say, THE CHUPACOBRA. I was totally laughing the entire time that they were trying to prove this was true just because it's so very Hodgins to buy into this. I love how they tied it in with Brennan's unbelieving nature and Booth changing her mind. Now change her mind and make her fall in love with you, Booth!!!

Nikita 01x18: Into the Dark

From the opening scene with almost naked Michael and Nikita in bed, I was already dying. As happy as I was they were getting it on, this also scared me A LOT. Does this instant gratification on our part mean they're not renewing this show?! I hope not. Either way, having Michael on Nikita's side definitely makes me even more interested in this. I hope things go well with Nikita telling Alex about Michael being on their side. Something tells me it won't be the easiest thing.

I love that Owen showed up as well. Devon Sawa, who knew you'd grow up pretty nicely!? I'm not loving the hilarious fake tattoos you've got on and that you're on the run now, but this just means we might see you again soon right?! I hope the pills help him out and that we see him soon so he and Michael can fight over Nikita again.

Meanwhile, Amanda ALMOST got Alex there and it's only a matter of time till Percy and everyone else figures out Alex's double-agent ways. I hope Alex doesn't get cancelled nor does this show. CW, come on, you'll give this show at least one more season right?

Vampire Diaries 02x18: The Last Dance

This show just continues to blow my mind. From the EVIL!Alaric-Klaus hybrid to the hotness of Damon breaking his promises, this show just had so much to give, I didn't know what to do with myself the entire time. How awesome was Klaus in the body of Alaric?! Choosing clothes and being unprepared for class and generally being very-un-Alaric was just awesome to watch?! And Damon! Getting invited back in and breaking his promise but then telling Elena he'll always choose her over anyone, it made me melt. And though I doubt it'll ever come down to Stefan or Elena, it'd be crazy to see how that would go down -- even if they'd all choose Elena.

But really, let's talk about evil Klaus (whether in the body of Alaric or not). I actually feel bad for Katherine having to stab herself continuously and suffer until Klaus deems her suffering enough (she's got 250 years to go for this). I don't know what Klaus has done with Alaric's body (I SURE HOPE HE ISN'T DEAD) but for sure, Klaus is going to be back with a vengeance. I don't know what will be left of Katherine with the constant stabbing or how Klaus will finally reveal himself, but I hope things work out with these last four episodes. I'm still in mourning.

I swear every Decade Dance, something horrible goes down, Elena needs to learn her lesson and not attend these things anymore. I'm not loving her white boots but Elena looked adorable as always, just excited to be there and experience high school stuff considering how little of class she seems to attend. I love how Stefan is just the overprotective boyfriend he is, that he gets balanced out by Damon 'bad guy' Salvatore. These two boys need to take turns going out with Elena cause it's painful to see Damon pine while Stefan gets to reap all the benefits while they're both doing hard work. I know Damon doesn't have to keep looking over Elena but he can't help it.

AND REALLY. BONNIE ALMOST DYING!? They had me for a second there. I just had to keep telling myself, THEY WON'T DO THAT. THEY CAN'T DO THAT. and true enough, they didn't. It's dangerous though now that Klaus knows practically everything and Bonnie won't be much help anymore, how the hell are they going to solve any of this?! One thing's for sure, Jeremy ain't going to let Bonnie out of his sight any more. After losing Vicki, and then Anna, and well dying practically (thanks Damon), I don't know how much more this kid can handle before he tries to off himself AGAIN. Let's give Jeremy a break okay?

And as always to end this, let's talk about Caroline and Matt and the sheriff. As if these kids didn't have enough problems already, we have the sheriff knowing everything and Matt panicking the crap out because he knows he can't act for shit. I'll have to give it to Caroline though for picking the BEST costume out of the bunch. I love that she took the most timeless thing out of the 60s (hello Jackie O) and looked fantastic and still very Caroline in it. Now if only she can pin down Matt and compel him to forget everything and do the same thing to her mother. Because really, I have a feeling when all this settles, the sheriff's not going to be sitting pretty while vampires run around her town. FOUR MORE EPISODES FOLKS!!!
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