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Red Carpet Round-Up: Jake Reveals His 'Source Code'

Smolder[I Heart Jake]
It's a sad fact that I have yet to see Source Code despite it already being shown in Manila. I blame laziness but mostly I blame being stingy. Putting those two together equals weekends at home watching HBO. So instead of being able to see Jake in all his action-star glory, I am trying to be content with just looking at Jake being pretty while promoting it.

And celebs, I crush you and all but wow, you all get around so much, I'm getting exhausted just looking at photos (and well putting them together). Something tells me that either a) I need to cut down or b) I should just not be obsessive. But how can I not be when they're this pretty?!?!

Photos courtesy of I Heart Jake
It's official. Jake looks pretty with WHOMEVER you put beside him and they will have lots of chemistry. Case in point: Jake with Gemma Arterton during the Prince of Persia promo tour. Jake with Anne Hathaway during the Love and Other Drugs press tour and now with Michelle Monaghan. Jake. Stop being so pretty. Then again, Mr. Gyllenhaal Sr. still looks delectable after all these years, so yeah, we see where it comes from.

Jake also looks cute being silly in Europe as he dropped by Berlin, Madrid and Rome with director Duncan Jones to show everyone he's oh so pretty abroad too. I swear, Jake smiling = me, weak in the knees. Stay adorkable, Jake.

Jake also kept the philanthropy going by dropping by charity events before he started his press tour. As if I needed more reason to love him

Photos courtesy of Jennifer
Despite not getting the best box office returns for Arthur, Jen still looked fantastic at the premiere of the movie in New York. It's hard to believe this woman is hitting forty in a year because this woman looks fantabulous. She's all covered up in this charcoal cashmere silk long sleeve knit top with an embroidered pencil skirt from Oscar Dela Renta's Pre-Fall 2011. I always love love love seeing her all glammed up especially when you see her dressed down with her kids. Still a hot mama.

She got a little more sexyfor her TV appearances (wearing Rachel Roy Spring 2011 dress) and though she isn't as buff as her Alias days, she's still looks smashing. Also it's her birthday today so I hope she has a good day with her family!

Photos courtesy of
Of course Tai came out to promote WFE too. Rob was in full promo-mode talking endlessly about this movie. It makes me really happy to see him in more things outside twilight. With the saga ending (not too soon -- but hey 2012 isn't far away), it's so refreshing to hear him talk about something else.

I honestly do not know why Rob would ever be invited to the Country Music Awards but I suppose this is the way it goes when promoting a movie. He and the newly-married Reese Witherspoon looked really cute together presenting at the awards. They looked like they were having fun catching up backstage too. I can't wait to see how he looks at the premiere. Because Rob in a suit? ALWAYS A WELCOME THING.

Photos courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan
Annie brought her glasses out to the premiere of Rio and though I'm not the biggest fan of her specs, she does look pretty adorkable with them too. Woman can literally put on anything and look breathtaking so this dark purple short sleeve embellished frock has fringe detailing along the neckline and shoulders Gucci Spring 2011 dress she's rocking? I like.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Sure, all the attention is with William now with his upcoming wedding but Harry isn't one to shy away from the spotlight right now. He apparently traveled to the Arctic circle for a charity and though he did get stranded for a bit, it looks like he'll still be able to attend the wedding. I swear, Harry, you're waaaaay too outdoorsy. Love how he's so red though (from the hair to the face from the cold to the outfit).

Photos courtesy of
It makes me sad that despite the fact that Zac and Baby V were at this event together, there are no photos of them near each other. I guess the split wasn't as amicable as they make it out to be. I don't blame them though. Also, this is the right amount of stache you should be sporting. Let's stay away from the pornstache, yes?

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan and Max Irons Online
Amanda and Max were also still out and about this time in London to spread the word about Red Riding Hood. These kids just keep being pretty and I'm sort of in love with how bright Amanda looks with her hot pink dress. Max, you're pretty, you don't need to put in any effort. I'm already impressed.

At the premiere for the movie, Amanda made me go 'wow' when she came out in her simple black tank dress with a folded detail on the skirt by Karen Caldwell. Amanda knows her legs are amazing so seeing her in little (and I mean) little black dresses shows she knows what works for her. Stunning!

Photos courtesy of Finding Franco
With Natalie being preggers and all, it looks like she won't be doing the promotional tour for both Your Highness AND Thor. I'm not happy about it but with all the 'dancing-double' brouhaha leftover from Black Swan, I suppose it's best she lay low and relax while waiting for the baby to pop out. Meanwhile, not relaxing is James promoting Your Highness with Danny McBride. I'm still hoping Zooey makes an appearance, but I'm doubtful. James looked pretty enough for the rest of them so it's all good.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Reynolds Fan
Meanwhile, Ryan was out and about at CinemaCon and Wondercon with Blake Lively in tow to promote The Green Lantern. Ryan's looking good but I have to say, whenever I see him, I just get sad over his divorce. Still, I'm glad we still get some Ryan (I actually really like his close cropped hair -- it's working for him).

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web
IT'S CRAZY HOW BLONDE!EMMA IS SO GORGEOUS and yet she totally pulls off all the other hair colors she's had. We see double the Emma this week. At the Hot List Party, Emma looked like she was ready for spring in a Preen pearl blue dress with beaded bodice. She also dropped by Cinemacon to promote The Help with her castmates and seeing her beside Bryce Dallas Howard, it would be cute to see both of them as redheads. Redheads unite!

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle
Not quite sure why Camilla's at the Good Housekeeping Shine On event but then again, I've stopped questioning why Camilla is anywhere. The important thing is she's looking pretty and that she does quite well. Wearing what seems to be her other brand of choice (Gucci being the first), she donned a coral Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011 embellished halter dress. For her Juicy Couture event, she was in another shimmery dress. Girl knows what works for her.

Photos courtesy of Anne Kendrick Fan
Anna! You're in public! I really miss the Up In the Air days when Anna was everywhere. Still, every once in a while is better than never and Anna looked quite glam in her Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Fall 2011 dress with a draped neckline. It's not her usual romantic fare, but she looks gorgeous still.

Photos courtesy of Gong Yoo Thailand
I don't quite know what Mango Six is, not do I really care, but Gong Yoo is their new image model and they got him out of hiding to promote their brand. So whatever it is you're selling, I'l bite. Thanks for coming out Yoo. I wish you'd taken off your shades even for a bit though.

Photos courtesy of Ellen Page Online and Jon Hamm Source
While Ellen isn't one to come out at all, thanks to her movie, Super she's been a little more visible than usual, dropping by Letterman to promote the movie. And of course, unlike other celebs, you can't make her dress up -- unless Leo is in the movie with her (thus her Inception-exception promo tour in a dress thing). Finally, because I just had to include some Jon Hamm (in all his scruffed-up glory, here's Jon at some screening looking mighty appealing. I swear, he could wear a paper bag and not shave and look like a 'hobo' and still be very very very attractive to me.

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