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You Play What I Say[14 Down/38 To Go!]
[+] I got regularized this week and it feels good to have survived 6 months (even if it feels like dog years). I got good news and not so great ones, but it's all good, cause I'm still alive and ready to see another day.

[+] My brother was gone the entire week cause he was at the beach for his graduation celebration and I was surprised I didn't touch the computer in his absence (I borrow his). I'm pretty proud for restraining myself.

[+] And just because I'm a sucker for these, despite my lateness to the meme party

[+] Here's to a better week for everyone up ahead? I hope we all rock this one sans stress.

Boss-less Mondays are always a little better -- not just for my boss who gets to rest -- but for me, who sort of gets an extension on the weekend (especially when you spend the weekend doing work-related things anyway). I wish all Mondays were like this, for real.

I found out though that my one quasi-office crush (he isn't really from the office, just someone I happen to see during office-related events) is actually married! Not that I really crushed hard, but it's just funny that it should happen this way. Oh well, obviously it wasn't meant to prosper into anything.

I finally finished The Girl Who Played With Fire on my commute to work in the morning and i'm so tempted to go straight to the next book. But knowing me and my anal-retentive ways, I shall stick to my reading schedule. I'm such a dork.

I hate it when just when you think you've got everything planned out well and good, something silly comes up and you can sort of see how things can go terribly wrong. I was already on my way home when I found out that our Saturday event met a speed bump. I was worried all night. I'm a worrier by nature and I should have just let it go, but I couldn't. Oh well, I hope it gets sorted out.

I feel like I sort of live with my aunt already. She lives across my office and I usually drop by for lunch when things aren't too crazy. because I had an event that would start at 10pm, I had dinner with them and ended up watching the second episode of Camelot with my cousin. I love having them so near.

The event wasn't actually too bad. I was less out of place than the last time and though I'm really clearly NOT a bar person, it felt funny/surreal to be in a club with Benji/Joel Madden. OBVIOUSLY I WILL BE STARSTRUCK WITH ANYONE. Also, they're kinda short. They passed right behind us and I wouldn't have noticed them if I didn't see the shades and hats and whiteness.

I'm not sure how I managed to wake up the same time this morning considering I got back from the event at like 3 in the morning but I'm guessing I'll be collapsing sometime today. hopefully not during our meeting this afternoon with client. yes, that wouldn't be the best time.

I had to text a bunch of folks today so I subscribed to one of those unlimited text services and because I was feeling nostalgic/sleepy, right before bed, I decide to catch up/greet the un-google-able man (his birthday was coming up) and it just reminded me what a nice guy he was. It didn't last long -- I was too sleepy but it made me remember why I liked him to begin with. He's such a nice guy.

Busy day at work today and though I would have liked it if a presentation went better, you win some and lose some really. Some things turn out pretty good for me and the event I've been preparing for. Although things fall into place, sort of, at the last minutes, it's good to know I can go home in peace and relax a bit on a Friday night before the craziness of tomorrow morning.

I'm about to go home and I call my mom to let her know and she's frantic cause we're having guests over at the house for after dinner drinks (their friends) and I find out they rushed my grandma to the hospital. She's okay now but she was running a fever and apparently her pneumonia is back. My grandma's strong but stubborn and I wish she'd just listen to the doctors.

I had to wake up bright and early for my event (the others have been events I had to attend but this one? This one we actually planned and pulled off) and despite the rain (we had a bit of outside action going on, it all worked out in the end. I think the group we planned it for looked happy and the editors looked happy so all in all, I'd think it went pretty good.

That afternoon though, I went straight to my grandma, still confined but doing better, at the hospital and hung out for a bit. My cousins are taking turns looking after her and I'm hoping she recovers quickly -- she's already asking to go home, which means she's feeling fine. I wish she'd listen to others more often though.

And because weekends go by really quickly, Sunday flew by so fast as I lay lazily in front of the television. I watched movie after movie (I Love You, Man, Inivictus and even older ones Closer) and of course caught up on all my tv shows. This is how weekends need to be. I'm surprised my form hasn't been etched on the couch just yet.

And another weekend is gone. I was totally falling asleep reading my book that night and just wondering why the weekends weren't longer. I can't wait for Holy Week. Despite the projects I have to finish before then, I just cannot wait.
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