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TV Time: Alaric, Please Stay Good (and Hot!)

[Vampire Diaries Web]
Just when I was about to doze off from lack of TV, they come back in bulk (and more to come in the fall)-- so much, that I forgot we had one Camelot last week, which I absolutely adored. But really, how can I not mention that The Vampire Diaries was back with a vengeance this week. I was literally itching to get home on a Friday night cause I just had to see it.

The Killing 01x01-02: Piolt & The Cage

So AMC released a new show this week called The Killing and I'll admit that I only watched it because it was on AMC. Despite their Mad Men fighting, they do release awesome shows and this one, I'm actually considering sticking around for it. With the plot they have, I don't know how they're going to make it last past one season but I like how they're handling it now.

I also love the fact that Billy Campbell is in this. I loved him in Once and Again and even if I'm not quite sure if this city councilman character we've got going is a genuinely nice guy or a douche, but having him on the show makes me already want to stick around.

Also, something tells me Linden and the fiancee won't be reuniting very soon. I do like her dynamic with new partner Joel. His undercover ways make him seem sleazy, but he's learning fast and he's getting things done and I hope they really get this case solved fast.

I feel horrible for the family of Rosie. The dad and mom just looked crushed and her little brothers are just as devastated and this is going to affect them for life. I have absolutely no clue who the killer could be (let it be Jasper -- he seemed like a douche) but i doubt it. And don't let it be Billy campbell. Just because he's hot and I want him to win the mayor-ship.

Camelot 01x02: The Sword & The Crown

Yes, I'm totally missing Merlin but this gives such a different take on it, that I can't help but love love love it. First of all, Arthur's brother? SO HOT. I wouldn't mind having him every single episode. it scares me though, because at this rate, they'll kill him off by the next episode (they've already killed Arthur's mom and dad). I do love how Arthur's dad totally fought to the finish and killed Lot even after he'd been stabbed. Arthur, you can learn a thing or two from your bad ass dad.

Also bad-ass? Morgan. I like that she's trying to play her cards right and after she realizes the wrong in her ways in tying up with Lot, she gives back to Arthur -- but not 100%. It's nice having her as a bad guy and seeing her scheme against Arthur, it just makes things more exciting.

But really, poor Arthur. So much for 'hitting it off' with Guinevere. Of course she's got to be taken. I wonder how they'll play off his stealing Guinevere though -- I have to say, woman is hot and I don't blame Arthur for wanting her already. I'm all for this potential stealing of the lady -- even if her fiance's pretty hot too (and Arthur totally owes him).

Bones 06x17: The Feet on the Beach

Okay, raise your hand if you wished there was more cuteness this time? I'm raising it. Oh well. I'm glad that we get Bones changing more though -- being contrite about things and actually owning up to her mistakes to the adorable Canadian podiatrist, because in my heart of hearts, this is all so that we get a total change from Brennan, not just in some aspects of her personality, but in her relationship beliefs -- which will then turn her to acting out on it and eventually getting with Booth. Or so I believe.

I did love how Booth was always so encouraging of her in the car -- telling her to share the side of her personality that HE KNOWS with others. I think it's cute that they're both so intimate about what they know about the other and yet are totally playing it cool professionally. These kids should get together faster. I'm getting impatient.

Nikita 01x17: Covenant

I don't know why they haven't renewed this show for a second season (so I'm actually getting a little scared) but this return really showed a shift in storyline which I obviously appreciate. Nikita and Michael? YES PLEASE. With all the Kasim and Percy craziness, it really sucked to see Michael so helpless and just crushed. I'm glad Nikita was there for him but for a second there, I didn't know whether he would ever trust her again.

But then we find out that Percy was behind all of this and with Kasim dead, does this mean Michael can FINALLY move forward? And with Nikita? I don't know if he'll be joining her already in trying to bring down Division (I HOPE HE IS) but would that mean that they're closing out the season already in case there isn't another one? I hope not because I've grown to really enjoy this show.

And is it just me or is Nathan not as hot as when he was first introduced? He actually looked quasi-douche-ish this episode and I was hoping Alex would break up with him. It looks like he'll be getting into serious trouble with Alex's keeping him hanging on. Something tells me that they'll be revealing something horrible at Nathan and making him out to be bad or something. Oh deer.

Vampire Diaries 02x17: Know Thy Enemy

And finally, the show to end all shows, The Vampire Diaries is back with a vengeance this week and it's killing me more and more. I have been eagerly anticipating this one and not really thinking of anything else. And while I was at work on a Friday, it didn't dawn on me that it was already Friday and therefore TVD-day, until I saw the poster on one of my officemates cubes. And then I freaked out and couldn't wait to get home.

First things first, I kind of feel for Isobel a bit. I get girl was evil and did have her nasty side, but in the end, it seemed to me like she did keep her promise to Jon to look after their daughter. And kidnapping Elena and bringing her to the site of her tombstone was touching and a weird but nice bonding moment for them. I don't know about setting herself on fire in front of her kid, but Elena's seen some pretty gruesome stuff, so I guess that was nothing for her. I do hope that Jon does a better job at fathering now that he's the only one Elena's got left.

I do feel horrible though for Jenna. This girl -- the apparent last human in town to be clueless got a huge wet blanket thrown on her this time. Not only did she learn Elena knew about Isobel the entire time, but that her boyfriend dead wife and her niece's real mom are one and the same. Seriously. How much can one Jenna take right? Can someone just kill her or make her a vampire to bring her into the picture a bit more? And on top of all of that, it seems like Klaus has taken over Alaric's body -- something I obviously do not approve of -- and is about to do something dastardly to Katherine -- not that I care much for her. BUT ALARIC!!! Don't kill Ric off please??!?! He completes the triumvirate of hotness on this show and we need him.

Speaking of the other two members of the hot triangle that make up this show, the brothers Salvatore were totally cute offering Elena the deed to their house (SOMEONE JUST WANTS ELENA UNDER THE SAME ROOF) and I liked how they split and tried to contain the situation the best they could. Stefan being cute with Elena at the Historical Society event was just adorable. I love that he knew right away -- well almost -- that it was Katherine playing Elena. And come on, Damon teaming up with the witch and Jeremy? Yes please. I especially loved how Damon had to conveniently take off his shirt (HE WAS IN THE BATHROOM AFTER ALL) after washing his hands -- and discovering the missing moon stone. We need more Damon-without-his-shirt moments.

And as much as I used to ignore Bonnie, she's actually grown to be pretty interesting/useful. Interesting because she's now dating Jeremy 'jail-bait' Gilbert who really did get hot literally overnight. I love how protective he is of Bonnie -- even if he can't really have a say about anything she does. So stay hot, Jeremy and stay alive. But at the same time, I'm really glad that Bonnie's gotten all this power. I HIGHLY Doubt they're going to kill her off, so I'm confident she'll be useful in this taking down Klaus business without dying. They'll find a way around that, I am sure.

And finally, it makes me really sad that Matt and Caroline are hurting so much. I don't blame Matt for how he handled things -- it was his sister and a lot of lies in between but now that Sheriff knows too, I'm scared for how things will be for Caroline now that her mom knows everything. I wish she could just compel her mom and Matt and bring things back to before they knew. Caroline seems like the girl who needs a great support system (it was cute that she was calling Stefan and trying to confide in him) so it's sad that she might not get that from her mom or Matt.

Next week's episode (based on the promo photos) looks highly interesting so I'm excited as ever to see what Kevin Williamson has up his sleeve for these crazy kids. Damon/Elena? Yes please, I wouldn't mind it one bit.
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