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On Repeat: Still Want to have the Time of My Life with Romain Duris

Let's pretend I didn't just listen to Adele's One and Only this month and branch out into the other songs I actually did have on repeat this month. Yeah, I had John Legend's cover of Rolling in the Deep too. So clearly, it's been an Adele-influenced month. Her music is just hauntingly pretty. It's not funny.

But like I said, I did listen to some other things (obsessively I might add) this month and as you can see to the right, that French film has taken over my life. It's not a bad thing, really. That one clip (behind the cut) has gotten me watching un-subtitled French interviews I don't understand. I'm warning you, this film ruins sleep patterns. Blame Romain!!!

Time Of My Live

I watched The Heartbreaker a couple weeks ago and I'm still watching this video everyday. It's not funny. And I'm not even a fan of this song. But seeing Romain Duris (BE STILL MY HEART) and Vanessa Paradis nail the steps to this one just makes me all giddy for them on the inside. Please come out with another rom-com, Romain (I have your other movies -- those I could find and I have yet to watch them cause they seem so serious but I'll watch them cause your French-English is so cute!!!!)

Before this turns into a squee fest about how much I loved the movie/Romain (I've watched it multiple times with different family members and will so re-watch it with anyone who asks me too), I found out something cute that actually relates to the song/clip above. According to Wikipedia, THE Kenny Ortega of High School Musical-fame choreographed this dance for the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing. I learn something new everyday.

Pegasus Bridge - Yoko

So I'm sort of obsessed with Burberry Acoustic right now. Since I've been scouring Facebook fan pages (FOR WORK -- I'm not kidding), I came across Burberry's and discovered this awesome music marketing thing they're doing and I just fell in love.

JT - (Another Song) All Over Again

An oldie but a goodie (and this had nothing to do with his recent break-up) but I've been missing JT's music and wish he would sit down and do a record already. I get he's a serious actor now and a triple threat or whatever but I'd love love love another JT record since I know he'll never get back with *NSync for a reunion one. I can wish right?

Björk - Army of Me

So sure, the movie wasn't loved by most, but the soundtrack was pretty rad (on top of me enjoying the movie) and though Björk still conjures up images of swans (thanks Natalie/Black Swan for help erase that), I'm liking this soundtrack a lot.

Death Cab for Cutie - You are a Tourist

Ever since I saw this premiered on Stereogum, it's been pinned on my browser and everyday, I load it at work to listen in intervals. I'm excited for the rest of their album and hope that they're all as awesome as this one because I love love love it. And there's more. Death Cab, take me back to high school now will you?

Even More Music On Repeat:
Nicki Minaj's Got Me Grooving to her 'Super Bass'
Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'
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