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Save The tears[13 Down/39 To Go!]
[+] I have a theory about those Breaking Dawn leaked photos. Despite the 'statement from Summit' about them being upset, somehow I feel like this leak was strategically planned what with all the The Hunger Games talk now, Breaking Dawn has totally be ignored and now suddenly they're back in the news. Planned much? Probably. Still, it didn't stop me and my officemate, Mel from having a little pow-wow Friday morning. She brings out the best fangirl in me.

[+] I went to this make-up workshop (a work thing) and the make-up artist from the brand was such a sweet guy. I don't wear make-up (or am too lazy to try) but he asked if he could put lipgloss on me and of course I said yes. Enjoyable Friday night.

[+] It's already April. We're done with a quarter of the year and I have yet to exercise. AT ALL. To thirty day shred or not to thirty day shred? Or at least to get off my ass for a bit. I think I ought to.

After my non-existent weekend, I was seriously hoping for a chill-er Monday. Of course, my wishes were not granted and I had to struggle through one of the crazier mondays in recent memory. I'm glad I was able to survive it though and even had a great chat with the advertising boss. She's pretty awesome and really reminds me of an ex-officemate whom I adored. thank goodness for pockets of sanity in this crazy day.

I'm still consciously trying to go home early though and tonight I'm a little later than the goal but still a far cry my usual late nights. I like this feeling -- putting a deadline and all. by the time I get home though, neither of my brothers are home (OH SUMMER) and I'm able to chill with my little sister. Good times.

Awesome things about today: line-less at the MRT station, upgrade to Microsoft office 2007 (seriously this made my day), and getting to go home earlier than usual. NOT SO AWESOME things? FALLING flat on my face in front of the whole office because i tripped on some boxes (my knees and elbows really hurt but the embarrassment hurt more).

I should really learn to walk better. I'm a total klutz and I wish I had a sport to blame it on -- like rugby or something, but no, I am sportsless, growing a huge paunch on my stomach from sitting too much and bruised all over. So embarrassing, I tell you. My boss was so worried I'd broken something. Luckily, I didn't.

It feels so good to have a big pitch behind you. Sure, there'll be more work if they do take our pitch but it felt so great to have it off our shoulders. Even if I had a ton of work lined up, somehow knowing the big big project we've been worrying about is done, i was able to breathe easier. I hope there's a lull for a bit. I wouldn't mind a rest.

And because i'm really trying, I went home even earlier today. It was our cook's birthday (she's been with us since before I was born) and I really love her to bits. I hope she doesn't leave us just because my friend's nanny who's been with her forever actually left her after 24 years. Selfish, I know but they're practically family.

Somehow today felt so much like a Friday -- except it obviously wasn't. So even if I was itching to get home, it'd still be Friday tomorrow and that brought me back to reality. The day was heavy and there was quite a bit of things we had to do. I'm glad I got to have lunch with my cousins. That five minute walk from the office always makes lunch times mucho better.

I also feel like I'm always walking on eggshells when dealing with the different office people. I know I shouldn't really bother too much but I guess I try so hard to be amiable and to get along with people that I always end up second guessing myself with how I relate to others. It's silly, but I feel this all the time.

What I thought would be a pretty crazy day turned out to be a not-so nuts one. I had two mini-events to attend and though both of them turned out okay, it still wasn't as I had hoped for in my head. I'd like to peg it on still learning, but I'm hoping I learn faster and get things better the next time around. I don't like feeling incompetent. I really don't.

By the time I got back to the office, it was a bit late but since I've been going home quasi-early this week, it wasn't such a bad thing. I get home and watch Burlesque and of course, unlike the critics, I actually sort of enjoyed it. Christina Aguilera really can sing. Entertaining enough on a Friday night.

My little sister has a penchant for horrors so I actually sat through The Last Exorcism with her. I normally wouldn't, but it was midday and the lights were all on so it wasn't like I was going to be too spooked. And still, despite the not-so scary movie, I actually didn't sit through all of it -- opting to conveniently step out for bits of it when I couldn't take it. Not good but not too bad.

I planned on catching up on my reading this afternoon but ended up napping of course. It's so hard to resist napping especially when reading in my grandma's bed. That bed is just a blackhole of activity. Don't think you'll be able to do anything else but sleep on that bed.

I woke up extra early to get to the earlier mass just because I wanted to make something out of my day (knowing I had an event for work that afternoon) but I ended up napping anyway after mass. I'll chalk it up to the week's exhaustion but let's just say i'm always like this during the weekends, it's not like I haven't written about my lethargy enough.

After lunch, I headed to the neighboring mall to attend one of our magazine's events. When I started out, I was asked to pick two brands to work with more closely and I chose the fashion and teen brands. Our teen brand was having a fashion show and despite my not feeling too well (hello period), it was a lot of fun.
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