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TV Time: Can it Be 2012 Already Please?

After all that Mad Men/AMC drama that ensued over the past weeks (following it closely on NY Mag), I'm glad to know things have been resolved with TWO more seasons in the pipeline albeit the next one being released in 2012. I've been half scared/half excited with all these developments but in the end, I'm just glad we get the entire show back (Matt and characters and all minus the two extra minutes).

Mad Men

There are so many sides to this story (Matt Weiner wanting more money, AMC wanting to change the way the show was run etc) that I'm not sure how to make heads or tails of everything. Still, it makes me sad when deals turn dirty (and go public) just because this show has gotten so much acclaim and I'm guessing a bigger following and now they've got to protect their interests.

nevertheless, I'm glad it's coming back (and with two seasons to boot) though i'm still not happy over it coming back in 2012. Let's hope it's all amazing though with plotlines to blow our minds out that we don't mind the ultra long wait. Patience is a virtue for sure, but I'll be thirsting for Mad Men so much by the time it gets back.

Doctor Who

I NEED YOU ALL TO START SQUEEING WITH ME. FOR REAL. My cousin just recently got hooked with the Doctor so it's pretty exciting to have someone to squee with in real life as well as online. The doctor with a scruff, the doctor and the space suit! Amy! Rory! River! the gang's all back and I can't wait till Easter if only to finally see the new series.

Plus how slick and glossy does it all look right?!? I'm still in shock by the level of special effects but even the shots and the sets are so pretty. Obviously, I'm just really excited. Even if they're splitting up the season up, I just can't wait to see the gang again. Commence excitement!
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