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Trailer Thursday: Jake Has 8 Minutes to Live

[I Heart Jake]
Raise your hand if you wish you were on vacation right? I am raising my hand so high. With the many movies coming out, I'd much rather be hanging out at the theaters than sitting at my cubicle. Alas, thus is the life of an employee. And in movie news though, I'm actually really excited that Warm Bodies has gotten more casting possibilities. Teresa Palmer could join the cast (I'm guessing as Julie)

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Jake, who knew you were such an action hero? Lord knows I didn't think this when I saw you in Donnie Darko all those years ago and yet here you are again in another action adventure. This is like Ferris Beuller with explosions! I want to see Jake's chemistry with Michelle though. I might even tempt my dad to see this with me.

Water for Elephants

Obviously, I'm mucho excited for this and can't believe it's finally going to show. I'll probably try to do a speed-re-reading of the book just before it shows so I don't forget anything. Rob, please look your most handsome at the premiere? Yes? Thanks.


I'm surprised Jen isn't playing the good girl next door here, so it'll be a nice breath of fresh air to see her take on something different and getting back to comedy with Russel Brand at that. I'm actually more interested to see Helen Mirren play Brand's nanny in this. She's just so proper and British, I love watching her do different roles.

Your Highness

I've been eagerly waiting for this just because it has three of my favorite people (Zooey, James and Natalie) and it looks crazy hilarious. If I were to get high, this would be the perfect movie to watch. Leave it to Franco to come up with a medieval stoner comedy.


If Anne wasn't voicing one of the characters, I wouldn't be lining up to see this. but then I saw that Jesse Eisenberg was part of it too and it does look a little funny in the Madagascar and Finding Nemo tradition of throwing a fish out of water of sorts. I'm probably going to save this for the DVD though.


I'm not sure how old Michael Angarano is supposed to be in this movie but seducing Uma Thurman is always a nice premise. I liked Prime even if it wasn't exactly the most well-received movie. I see Uma going the 'older woman-younger guy' route again. I hope this is a good one for her.


I'm not one for horror movies at all but Patrick Wilson's in this and he's just too handsome to pass up. I'll make my little sister (who loves horrors) as my excuse to see (or rather cover my eyes through) this with. You think there'll be some romance in it? No? Okay, never mind.


Little blonde girl handling a gun -- very Kick Ass except a whole lot darker. Saorsie Ronan just looks incredibly bad ass in this. And having Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana in it are just cherries on top of this kick-ass sundae. Something tells me I'll be watching this with my brothers.


I AM A SUCKER FOR PROM MOVIES and though it would be killer if this was a musical as well, I know I can't have it all. Crossing my fingers that this one turns out as awesome as I'm making it out to be in my head. I want to go to a prom again!!!

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