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Movie Raving: Sucker Punch

Sweet Dreams [Collider]
Yes, the entire world and critics hated this movie and I don't blame them, but we all know I'm the easiest person to please movie-wise so it's not a surprise that I really did enjoy this movie. It felt like an amalgamation of a bunch of other movies which may not always be the best thing in the world, but for me, after a long crazy week of work, it wasn't such a bad way to unwind and just zone out.

I'd probably enjoy it more if I were playing for the other team, though the girls in skimpy outfits firing shots at orcs and the like did prove to be entertaining. The soundtrack wasn't half bad either. The best part though? Any time Jon-Freaking-Hamm showed up on the screen. Seriously. Best 5 seconds EVER.
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No, Sucker Punch doesn't make any sense. But none of that matters, because the ride Snyder takes you on is so vividly conceived, so deliriously bizarre and wonderful. [Miami Herald]
In a very Inception-like way, minus the actual explanation of how things work out that way, we have three layers of reality -- the first being Baby Doll being admitted into Lennox Hill; the second being the Moulin-Rouge-esque/Burlesque-esque world where they dance but we don't see any actual dancing; and the third being the fight sequence worlds where old man gives them clues and they achieve the steps to get out of the first layer. Whew.I think it needs to be established that though I didn't know why or how things transpired, it all seemed particularly entertaining to follow anyway.

At the first layer, everything is dirty and grungy and the brief glimpse I got of Vanessa Hudgens -- crazy form and hair and all -- and she looked scary. Thank goodness we barely stay in this reality (the actual reality) because it's not visually appealing at all. The only bright spot is Jon Hamm who appears as the lobotomizer (that's not a word, I know) and SERIOUSLY, breath of fresh air. Jon looks good NO MATTER WHAT REALITY. And it's no surprise. I wish he came out more often though.

And since we're still discussing the reality layer, can I just say how I wish someone else survived. No offense to Abby Cornish, but I just wasn't feeling it that everyone else bites the dust while she gets away to live her life. I'm just bitter. Baby Doll, I hope you break free some how.

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Sucker Punch doesn't all work by a long shot, but it confirms my sense that Snyder belongs near the top of a very short list of directors who are trying to reinvent a personal, auteurist vision of cinema at the most commercial, mass-market, attention-disordered end of the spectrum. [Salon]
My favorite layer, the Burlesque-esque reality was just so pretty -- and so jealousy-inducing. THE CORSETS! The costumes! The hair! The non-dancing! But most of all, the non-existent waistlines. I have never felt so fat in my life. For real. These girls are skinny! But they did have the best looks here and even the lighting and the sets were so pretty.

And how pretty was Emily Browning? I love how she transformed herself in this movie into Baby Doll. I still remember her as Violet Baudelaire and it's crazy how she's grown from then. I'm totally forming a girl-crush on her because of this movie. It doesn't hurt either how adorable she looks with boyfriend Max Irons. But I digress.

I know they didn't include the actual dance sequences on purpose but supposedly, they shot everyone doing a dance so I'm guessing the DVD will have those as special features? I would have killed to see them dancing -- not just a swaying intro that ended up making me laugh when it was repeated the fourth and fifth time.

And despite his five second appearance, I'll have to say JON HAMM LOOKED SO VERY DON DRAPER IN FORMAL WEAR as the High Roller. I'm still sad we don't get Mad Men till 2012, so I'm thankful for this five-second Jon Hamm fix. I'll take you any way I can, Jon.

SPOILER ALERT: HOW COULD THEY KILL EVERYONE. I was sad when Rocket died. And then I kind of felt that Baby V would be dying with her snitching and all, but then they killed Amber (?) and I was like, DUDE, NOT FUN. And of course because Jon Hamm had to have a role, we see baby doll reaching the end of her lucid life at least. Oh well. Also, Carla Gugino, this look works for you. I wouldn't mind you as my dance teacher at all.

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A wonderfully wild provocation - an imperfect, overlong, intemperate and utterly absorbing romp through the id that I wouldn't have missed for the world. [Los Angeles Times]
And probably my cousin's favorite layer (and probably most of the boys as well), all those fight scenes. I'll give it to Snyder for always creating the craziest and more detailed universes, but somehow things always reminded me of something else. The orc-fighting especially felt very LOTR: Two Towers ish. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but I was expecting something more.

I did love the world war uniforms the girls were wearing, especially jamie chung and her pretty pilot outfit. Let's just say Snyder always made sure the girls were looking as gorgeous as always -- and that was enough to make me happy.

Of course critics can't say the same thing. So yes, critics going to hate, but I won't. It wasn't as bad as it could have been and it took my mind off work for a few hours. That's enough for me.

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