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Impassable Night[12 Down/40 To Go!]
[+] Despite the exhaustion, I'll be thankful for this week in commuting because it wasn't such a chore to line up for the MRT in the morning -- there weren't any lines. I don't want to jinx it but I hope this is consistent now.

[+] The siblings were all on their last weeks of school and though I don't get a summer, it's always fun to see them on theirs because they are MUCH HAPPIER CAMPERS when they're not ridden with school work. Yeah, I wish I had one too, yeah right. A long weekend at least?

[+] My youngest brother finally graduated from high school this week and I'm just incredibly happy for him. It's funny cause my college graduation was barely 2 years ago and already some details are already fuzzy. I am such a grandma.

[+] I was able to relax a bit before the hectic weekend with my cousin. Here's to a more relaxing week up ahead for everyone!

Start the week right by tripping on my own legs and bruising both knees badly while walking up the steps to the MRT station. I was in such a hurry because the lines were getting longer (but not quite long yet) that I chipped a fingernail (and it was bleeding) and my knees turned sore. Surprisingly, I wasn't embarrassed. More hurt than embarrassed really.

It doesn't matter though cause I get to go home early today despite my long afternoon meeting and my dad picked me up from work too! Then we had a really good dinner (supposedly with my uncle but he was late) and I ended up falling asleep really early. not a bad way to start my week.

I got my performance appraisal from my boss today and i'm quite pleased with it. In retrospect, i was extremely giddy (but trying to contain it) when she was talking to me, but that's only because I at least know she doesn't loathe me and values me as an employee. I'm that easy folks.

Despite not getting to go home as early as I was hoping, I still did get to leave the office at a decent hour and this really is just a feat for me. By the time I get home, my dad and I sit through an hour and a half's worth of The Borgias. You know I'm going to enjoy this very very much.

The day started off FANTASTICALLY with no lines at the MRT, getting to ride a skipping train (it skips stations) and having the most wonderful macaroons given by an officemate. If all days started off like this, I would be the happiest camper ever.

And because I'm trying to make a conscious effort of going home earlier, I actually did (10 minutes earlier than the day before -- I can do this) and was able to enjoy my chicken curry dinner -- I can eat curry forever. It's true. Really, I'm just glad it's the mid-week already.

I'm really enjoying reading Prep so far. Thanks to the non-lines at the MRT, i haven't made much progress on it though. It definitely takes me away for a few hours. Because real life at the office right now is quite the stressor. I've got multiple HUGE projects going on at the same time. I can't wait for Holy Week. I need a breather already.

And because of my quasi event tomorrow at work, I had to run to the mall (really near the office) to buy thumbtacks to set up the tarp for our backdrop. First thing, i didn't even know I needed thumbtacks. But okay, I guess it's all a learning experience.

I woke up late and ended up taking a cab to the train but like all week, there were no lines. I don't know what happened for this to transpire but I'm not complaining, I love it. And of course, the fire drill happens during my work thing, so at least we didn't have to evacuate like everyone else. Still, what a hassle.

After work (I LEFT EARLIER THAN USUAL), my cousin Nikki and I end up watching Sucker Punch at Shangri-la. Though I read bad reviews about it, I really enjoyed it even with Jon Hamm's total of 2 minutes screen time. Seriously. Perhaps cause I just really always enjoy things I do with Nikki.

i'm such a horrible sleep-over person because I literally sleep. I tried staying up with Nikki (she was watching the Borgias), but I couldn't stay up. I did wake up early though (6am) even if my work event was still at 10am. Despite having to go to the office on a Saturday, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I dropped by the hospital right before dinner to check up on my uncle after his surgery. I'm sending good vibes that things go well for him just because it was such a sudden thing. He looked great though and I'm hoping it's all fantastic things up ahead.

I literally got no rest this weekend because my brother graduated from high school today. And despite my non-participation on his academic life, I still felt a swell of pride when he went up the stage (one of four honor awardees from his class). I'm such a stage sister. I'm glad the ceremony wasn't too long though considering there were 14 sections. There is still some justice.

By the time we got the restaurant, I was hungry for dinner so I pigged out. And as always, regret comes in the end, I could barely breathe and felt my stomach rumbling. Still, it was a good day despite my not being able to rest one bit this weekend. Perhaps next weekend?
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