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4 Birthdays and A Bomb I want to throw

Three tests down, eight more to go.

I'm so annoyed because last night, I fell asleep studying. I fell asleep right after downing an entire mug of coffee. I don't even drink coffee. I spend two hours sitting next to 7th graders at the tutor just so I could understand the projectile crap Physics was threatening me with.

Unfortunately, I was too tired to think of the other two subjects. Still, it pays to listen in class. Despite my lack of review, I at least was sure of some of my answers in the English exam. See, sir actually discussed what he put in the test. And thanks to him, I didn't have to worry about cramming so many gods and goddesses from every freaking mythology book ever.

But CL was the surprise whopper! I knew it would be difficult. Sure, it would be tricky, but I expected to know something. And I didn't. Why? Because three-fourths of the test wasn't even taught to us. Giving us a handout is different from telling us that the handout was actually included. I would have read it if they told us it was included. They never even bothered to tell us what the coverage was. Why am I referring to them in the plural form? Because our real teacher, and my adviser, is still absent. According to others, she didn't even make our test.

I'm just really pissed off now. Why test our knowledge on something we don't even know? That's just stupid. If that test brings me down, I am never going to let her hear the end of this. That's just unfair. If only I had a dynamite in my possession right now. I could get really creative.

Now, I have to study for four exams including my personal favorite, Trig. Just what I've been looking forward to. An afternoon of worrying over the radioactive decay of objects and how circles are formed. Beautiful. I can't wait till Friday afternoon.

And this is a belated shoutout to Jeannie, my favorite dj. A very happy belated birthday to you (I greeted you yesterday)! I hope you had a great one. Mindy, my personal tweezer. I hope you had a fun time, even if you had to study for exams and all that crap! I wish you all the best (It's belated too). And today, happy birthday to my favorite Singaporean, Guel -- I miss you already! and Jamie -- the reason for all the madness in this world. I hate it how I'm missing her debut tonight! Exams are such a hassle.

And now, I'm going to take a nap. Promise. Just a few hours and I'll be studying again. Really.
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