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Red Carpet Round-Up: Rob Boards the 'Water For Elephants' Love Train

More Dad Stories Please[Robert]
With the shooting for Breaking Dawn delayed a bit, Rob's been actively doing the promotional mini-tour for Water For Elephants. With EW covers and MTV specials and of course his requisite Leno appearance, I can't help but get excited for his upcoming movie. Plus Rob as Jacob is always a sight for sore eyes.

This week, a whole lot of manjoyment come out to entertain us as well, from the Sucker Punch premiere (I can't wait to watch this one -- hopefully later!) Also, some girl crushes looking gorgeous on the side as well (I'm looking at you Anne in Rio promoting Rio)! Are you ready fore more?

Photos courtesy of Robert
I would KILL for Rob to show up on Conan O'Brien but alas, it seems he's a staple at Leno. I'm waiting for his Ellen appearance because you know that's going to happen too. Rob was absolutely adorable and though I was surprised I wasn't more excited to see him appear (COULD MY LOVE BE WANING?!), I'll blame it on real life sucking ass and sucking the life out of me. Handsome Rob is handsome. I won't complain ever.

Photos courtesy of IHeartJake
I'm a little scared about Source Code though it seems to be in pretty good hands because the movie could go either way. I'm hoping it's a big success like Prince of Persia though which I adored -- SEQUEL FOR THAT PLEASE?! Still, seeing Jake look handsome at SXSW and around LA for the press con is always A+ in my book. Premiere up next? I'm waiting, Jake.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
It's a surprise anyone even pays Harry any attention now what with the craziness surrounding his older brother and his lovely and gorgeous fiance. But here is Harry, still going about doing the rounds and probably happy he isn't getting much limelight thanks to our future princess. Stay royally handsome, Harry. You know I love your ginger.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
Though reviews aren't the best right now for Zack Snyder's newest movie, I'm still excited to see Sucker Punch and yes, a huge reason is Jon-Please-You-Better-Renew-Mad-Men-Now-Hamm. I've been watching the interviews Jon's been giving promoting this movie and it could suck balls but I'm still going to love it because Jon Perfection Hamm has graced us with his presence. Soak it in, girls. If AMC's a douche and doesn't renew fast, I'm going to throw a hissy fit.

Photos courtesy of Max Irons Online
While his dad sleeps with all the women of the Holy Roman Empire on The Borgias, Max is being the supportive (and totally handsome) boyfriend to Emily Browning. How cute can these kids get?! Emily's always been adorable and cute to me but now that you add this boyfriend in the equation, their cuteness surpasses most. iShip this so hard, it's not even funny right now.

Photos courtesy of Eddie Redmayne Online
I just wish this guy got around more often. I'm happy he's coming out of his shell more and looking suave in that suit, but I wouldn't mind if he sold out and starred in some grossly huge Hollywood movie just so I could see more of him. Okay scratch that, I take it back. I still want to see more of him and his wonderful British self. I swear these Brits really have their way with me.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Bell Online
And though I have still yet to see The Eagle, Jamie was channeling his hipster inner self at the press con for his movie and then he went out bromancing with Channing Tatum again in promoting this movie. Adventures of Tintin, I am excited for you to come out not just because I love the series but because I'd love to see much much much more of you, Jamie.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan
Anna's been going around a lot lately but there seem to be very few pictures of her doing so. WHAT IS WRONG WORLD?! Why won't you follow someone as adorable as Anna and yet totally stalk horrible D-list celebrities?! Anna, I'm excited for your upcoming films if only it means the press will show you a little more love and send more photos my way. Oh and perhaps we can try a new pose next time? She's too cute though.

Photos courtesy of Ashley and Adoring Camilla Belle
Camilla and Ashley -- our perennial red carpet ladies (these girls just appear at the most random events for no reason -- or at least its beyond me) and this week, they live up to what I expect of them. I like this feeling -- knowing I can count on them to be everywhere.

Photos courtesy of Ellen
On the other hand, Ellen, the recluse ACTUALLY CAME OUT this week to promote her movie Super at SXSW and in the LA Premiere. I'm not sure girl actually changed clothes -- she could have but it's all black and pants and boots that I can't really tell -- but it's not like we could expect her to. This must mean someone was styling her for the Inception press tour -- perhaps the studio paid for the stylist? Most probably. Ellen, come out and play more okay?

Photos courtesy of Yoon Eun
And finally, Eun Hye and her always fast-growing hair (or wig) came out for the My Black Mini-dress premiere in Seoul. It's beyond me how she pulls off short, long, blonde, brunette, red, black hair and just look totally adorable in it. I haven't seen Coffee Prince episodes in a week (I've been quite the busy bee) but let's just say I'm still holding out for a Gong Yoo reunion girl.

Who was your favorite celeb outing this week? Who did I miss out on? Who are you crushing on now?! As if I don't follow enough people yet.

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