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TV Time: Rosewood Can Go Back To Peace... Or Not

[Pretty Little Liarsss]
And so we say goodbye for now to our four secret-hoarders from Rosewood with this week's season finale. Because I'm not accustomed to watching 'mysteries,' I'm not sure what the formula is for sustaining the suspense. And so I'm still unsure about the finale. What I am sure about? New Showtime series The Borgias that leaked this week. Looks like my dad and I will be catching this one weekly.

Doctor Who Comic Relief: Space and Time

Photos courtesy of lalaemma @ rawr_caps
Best five minutes of my week for real. I am so psyched to get the dear old Doctor back that this little teaser was enough to satiate my hunger. Because really, how cute was the Doctor, Rory and Amy and the multiple incarnations of themselves?! How I can derive so much pleasure from five minutes worth of a show -- and trudge through 42 minutes of others boggles me.

Photos courtesy of lalaemma @ rawr_caps
I love how Rory was looking up Amy's skirt and how Amy and Rory were still as playful as ever. I loved that the Doctor let Rory help him and how the confusing dialogue about the future just rolls off their tongues so well. If this trio chemistry is any indication of how superbly fabulous the next season will be, I'm truly psyched. I WANT APRIL 23 TO ARRIVE ALREADY PLEASE.

The Borgias 01x01-02: The Poisoned Chalice & The Assassin

So it's still awkward to watch people sexing it up on screen with my father but not too much that I wouldn't watch this series with him just because we're both fans of this kind of drama and it's always nice to feel like a good daughter. Ever since my dad read Mario Puzo's The Family (and I did brief readings of the book), I've been fascinated and slightly creeped out by this family. So when Jeremy Irons signed up to play Rodrigo Borgia/Pope Alexander VI, you know I'm in (perhaps son, Max Irons can make a cameo, YES?)

But really, from the disturbing relationship of Jose and Lucrezia (Holliday Granger looks amazingly fourteen to me!!!) to the first of many mistresses of Rodrigo (I get Jeremy Irons is hot but I'm sure Alexander wasn't so this just baffles me. Oh what power can do) to just the opulence of their lives (the pope's family's house is pretty swanky e?) and the dirty deeds they did (death count in this first episode: a cardinal and a couple henchmen) and of course the fact that THE POPE HAD A FAMILY AND WAS QUITE OPEN ABOUT IT, you know I'll be extra excited to see this. I can't wait to see all 10 episodes in a row when it finally debuts for real on Showtime.

Chuck 04x19: Chuck Versus The Muuuuurder

How cute would it have been if there were two Chucks?! Brody was of course Chuck's exact carbon copy and therefore couldn't survive. Too bad he had to be killed, but it was a nice twist to have Chuck look for a second Intersect and have him take a leadership role. Sure, he wasn't the best leader, but it was nice to see him take initiative and try to take control. And sorry but I actually was okay if the Director died. I'm mean, but I just don't see the need for her. And Sarah, you're so adorable supporting your fiance and being the ultra supportive girl you are.

BUT REALLY, I want to talk about Awesome's haircut. HOW CUTE DOES DEVON LOOK WITH THE SHORT HAIR?!? And how determined is Ellie working on her dad's computer. I actually like that Ellie is participating a bit more. I love how the show slowly migrated everyone from NOT KNOWING a thing to KNOWING EVERYTHING. They successfully integrated Morgan and now Ellie's easing her way in too. I approve of this.

Pretty Little Liars 01x22: For Whom the Bell Tolls

And because we all knew this wasn't going to end as well as we'd hoped for, we've reached the conclusion of season 1 of Pretty Little Liars. My fears were of course, realized. With all the convoluted plots and clues and craziness, the 'reveal' would of course be a letdown. OOOOOH, IAN KILLED ALLISON, but he's not A. We didn't see that coming. I get they have to prolong the A-game. What will season 2 be like right?! but now that they've stretched it out even more, the reveal, if any will even be a HUGER let down cause the set-up's too grand.

Still, they sure packed in a ton more questions to mull over before they come back this summer. Like, who the hell was the hooded guy that helped Spencer? Did he also free Ian from where he was hanging? And how did the girls not see Ian get untangled?!

Will Caleb come back?! glasswinged brought up a really good point with this. CLEARLY, Caleb is the best Hanna-boyfriend there is (Sorry Lucas and Sean, you guys have nothing on Caleb) and HE BETTER COME BACK and get back with Hanna. For post-attack Spencer, will she ever get over Ian's scariness? Will Nanny!Carrie (oh right, Melissa) forgive her for Ian's demise or will she be sympathetic to her sister? Will her relationship with Toby last? Will she develop a back problem from the very awkward way she sat on his lap in the finale?

Will Emily end up with Tamara? Will she be in a long-term relationship or will she be looking around?! Will they move to Texas (OF COURSE NOT)??! And will Paige finally come out?! And of course, now that Ezra's no longer Aria's teacher, will they be able to stay together and move past the reappearance of the ex?! Or will Aria stay away despite their newfound freedom to be together?
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