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Play Pretend[11 Down/41 To Go!]
[+] My mom and brother were in Singapore the entire week (practically) to help my siblings move flats. I so wished I could have been the one to go and help out but alas, work had me staying in Manila and instead, I had to trudge through the work-week. Good times, I tell you.

[+] I had a pretty international week in terms of media consumption (books by Japanese authors and films by French directors) and I really enjoyed myself. I need more French Romantic Comedies please? Give me names of French rom-coms, because clearly, I need to watch more of these. They make me really really giddy. We all need giddiness, you know.

[+] And though the work week breezed by, I wouldn't mind it going even faster and with less hiccups. I know that's part of the daily grind, but I really would kill for boring monotony. I would. I've got some big things for the week up ahead so I hope things go well -- same goes to you guys! Let's rock this week, yes?

My boss was sick today and though it's harder when she's not around, I'm also glad I sort of got a reprieve and was able to enjoy a little tiny extension of the weekend. Not that there wasn't any work to do, goodness, there's always something to do, but at least, it felt like it wasn't an actual legitimate work day. I hope my boss gets well though. She sounded horrible on the phone.

I love going home early and though there was still some work left to do, I literally grab chances to go home earlier. So right after my meeting, I took the round trip home (it wasn't exactly early). I got home and was able to chill and numb out before the next day.

Super fantastic news to start my day. My dad texts me to tell me my brother is graduating with honors! I'm so proud of him. I'm such a stage sister (and he is my zodiac-sign-mate -- we all have a pair in the family) and I'm just so proud of him. He's in singapore now helping my mom and siblings move house but I can't wait for him to come home.

late nights are late and because of all the things I have to do this week, I have to make sure every second counts. Just when I think I can go home early-ish, I get a rush revision on something that I thought I had already taken care of way in advanced. Frustrating but this is how life is, I suppose.

I LOVE MIDWEEKS. Not just because it signals we're almost halfway there, but because somehow, Thursday and Friday really go by SO FAST once this day is over. I'm totally numb to the long lines at the MRT by this point and I just want to get things over with. Despite the long list of things to do though, my concentration was nowhere

I literally couldn't follow my list of things to do, though I usually follow this religiously. I really need to work harder on focusing better. Right before I left the office, I found out that one of my most favorite people was resigning. She found another job which is so fit for her. I'm so happy for her but I'm also really sad. She was one of the few people I really bonded with quickly. Oh well.

Mark this day, I got to the MRT station at the usual time but there were NO LINES. I don't know how that happened but I won't complain. Five minutes later though, I'm in the station and I turn around and see the line is long already. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! I literally missed the lines by a few seconds. I don't get how it piles so fast though.

What's crazier, around quarter to eight in the evening, I find myself done with work. I know it's later for others but for me, this is early. I check and double check to make sure I'm just not missing anything I'm supposed to be doing and true enough, I am done. It's hard to believe this day wasn't as crazy hectic as this week has been so far. i'm hoping Friday brings another day of chillaxing.

I thought it would be a bad day when I woke up really late. But then I went to hail a cab and the driver was nice enough to give me more change because he didn't have any coins. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Taxi drivers always cheat me. Then when I get to the MRT station, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY ZERO LINES. I get to the office roughly the same time I usually do despite waking up late.

And despite the mini-explosion outside our office building (we had a power outage) and I had a meeting that ran really long (I wasn't able to hitch a ride home with my dad), I was still able to get back to the office with a stash of goodies on my desk and go home early. God I love Fridays.

I figured today would be a lazy day with my brother coming back from Singapore (the siblings are all moved into their new place) and my little sister and I watching The Heartbreaker (I AM IN LOVE WITH IT SO MUCH -- I can't stop watching clips and re-watching bits of it), Prete-moi ta main (a re-watch really, just because I was in a french rom com mood) and finally Tangled (I get all the hype now, it was precious). Movie weekends are obviously the best.

I finished reading Norwegian Wood and will try to put my thoughts about it out there but then I decided to watch the movie too and it was a good thing I read that book or I"d have been a little lost. Still, all in all a great Saturday with lots of movies and laziness.

Because I couldn't get enough of them French films, I take a chance on The Tourist and its French predecessor, Anthony Zimmer. I sort of get all the hate everyone's putting on the US version but it wasn't that bad. Just a little on the meh side. The French version was better I guess. And because weekends are about lazing around, I did not get off the couch. AT ALL.

After watching back to back episodes of American's Next Top Model (how can there be 16 seassons already?! Has it been 16 years?! Or are there two per year?!) and re-watching movies on HBO (Valentine's Day AND Maid in Manhattan), I finally fell asleep. Productive weekend was productive in my book.
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