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TV Time: Chuck and Sarah Move from B to A Team

A light week for tv and yet I somehow enjoyed all the episodes that came about from it. And though it's the last we'll see of some of our shows (more breaks that I don't appreciate), they did end on pretty good notes. It's hard to believe another season of Skins is over again (those Brit shows sure do run out fast), and we won't be getting any of the US shows till April either. Why the lull TV?

Chuck 04x18: Chuck Versus The A-Team

Raise your hand if you felt bad for Chuck and Sarah? I get that Casey had legitimate reasons to be the new A-Team, he was acting on instructions -- and he was feeling left out, but I did feel bad for the B-Team. Picking up a dog and being relegated to the menial tasks? Ouchies. Still, I'm glad that we're able to bring everyone back together in the end. Although this new boss-lady giving Ellie the laptop doesn't seem like great news.

Speaking of Awesome and Ellie, these kids were too adorable this episode. What with Ellie talking Awesome's ear off and Awesome psyching himself up to go home, they did feel like a married couple. Also, I love how Awesome reassured Ellie that she was awesome doing what she did. Kids need to stay awesome together.

Also hilarious? Morgan feeling guilty for spilling Casey's secret B-team. You could tell he felt remorseful and was ready to be kicked out. I'm glad he's got a bigger part with the team this season. You can tell he really just wants to be part of things. And hey, who knows, in time, he could be a really good quasi-agent right?!

Pretty Little Liars 01x21: Monsters in the End

Spencer, I know all signs point to Ian right now, but I'm highly sure it's not him who's killed A. Unless the writers are going for the obvious kill here. Still, getting stuck inside that fair ride and having Ian save you with a crowbar sure has its downside. I would have thought he was going to kill me too. I do like how Spencer runs to Toby in the end though. Oh girl, you're too obvious.

Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra's dramarama seems to be bursting out. I'm sure Ezra has a completely sane answer but I'm still worried about their relationship. Ezra, please make sure this rational explanation for the girl in your 'social networking' page is legit. Also, I'd actually like it if Emily ended up with the girl she met via Paige than Paige. The girl was cute. And I'm shallow.

Finally though, I feel bad for Hanna/Caleb. I get that it wouldn't last long but they were adorable together. And Mona should totally feel guilty for not passing on the letter. Imagine if Hanna read it, I know she's still hurt, but you never know right?!? Oh well, season finale next week. I wonder if the reveal will finally happen. And if so, what happens next season?!

Glee 02x11: Original Song

As much as I dreaded hearing the original songs in this episode, I actually really liked Hell to the No and Loser Like Me wasn't so bad (though a little contrived). Still, I'll congratulate the writers for making me sort of enjoy the original ones at least. The rejected songs were far better though. Trouty Mouth should have made it to regionals. Now that's an original.

BUT REALLY, WHAT I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT WAS KURT/BLAINE. How cute can these kids get?!? I saw spoilers (willingly) before watching the show so I knew what to expect and yet when the time came that Blaine planted one on Kurt, I still got all giddy inside. I hope hope hope that the writers don't mess this one up because it's been a long time coming and they have so much more to explore together. The way Kurt's hand flexed when Blaine first kissed him? I died. starryeyedmagic has a much more squeee-worthy recap on it but I just have to say, I'm incredibly happy.

Also, I wish the Warbler had sung something else at Regionals. I get that New Directions had to win, but I know they could have done better than Candles -- it wasn't bad. Just not regionals worthy for me. Their take on Misery though was amazing. I love when they hit the tables like that. I'm easy to please okay?!

Skins 05x08: Everyone

I wasn't as into this season like the past ones just because it felt disjointed at times but the season ender was a pretty good one. I wish we'd seen more of Mini/Franky -- just because I'm not for Matty with her but at least we saw some sort of closure for this. I wonder how they'll pick up next season though and what will be in store for these kids.

yled said it best though: "on this show woods=bad." Seriously, everything horrible happens in the woods for these kids. I wonder what the writers have against the forest. I'm just glad Grace and Rich didn't tie the knot. You guys are still young, enjoy yourselves. And well, at least Professor Blood didn't drag her out forcefully. I doubt she'll have a place to go home to though.

Mini really grew on me though she's been pretty inconsistent. I'm glad she was looking out for Franky though with a not-so hidden agenda. I wonder how things will turn out next time now that Franky and Matty sort of got together there in the end. Again, I wish the boys were cuter this season. Though Rich doesn't look half bad with his hair cut. I like them clean okay.

Bones 06x16: The Blackout in the Blizzard

WHO ELSE WAS SO GIDDY THEY GOT STUCK IN THE ELEVATOR TOGETHER!?! I could tell once they got the chairs in and with the blizzard that Booth and Brennan would not be getting out of there and I'm glad for that. At least we got them talking about issues they need to resolve or at least talked about resolving their issues in the future. When Booth lashed out on Sweets for mentioning Hannah, I wanted to give Sweets a hug. But hey, at least they have a date set in the future to when they both felt they'd be ready to be together right?!?! I just hope date is before the apocalypse.

Also, I'm scared for Angela and Hodgins's baby. I really hope the kid doesn't turn out blind but if he does, he'll have wonderful parents who'll learn piano and sculpture for her. And though it'll take some time for me to get used to Cam's hairstyle, she looks good. Also good? That the Squints solved a crime sans technology or modern day tech at least. Look at them relying on candles (so romantic) and potatoes and tape. Good job.
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