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On Repeat: Nicki Minaj's Got Me Grooving to her 'Super Bass'

Still Single[My Pink Friday]
I'm really excited for summer music to make me feel like I actually have a summer (when in reality, I'll be at work) but for now, there are still remnants of sad songs (I'm looking at you Lykke Li and The National) and a mix of happier ones. I'm hoping this summer we get a lot of anthems (right Katy Perry?)

And though I have not watched any American idol (they're supposedly better than last year), I'm surprisingly not feeling any loss for it at all. In fact, I feel extra lighter that I don't feel obligated to comment on it (forgive me, I'm anal like that). I wonder if I'll ever get to catch an actual episode though. But I've talked enough. Let's shut up and listen now.

Nicki Minaj; Super Bass

I'll admit I was late to the Nicki Minaj train but when I boarded, I couldn't get off it. Her entire album is so fun to listen to when you're getting ready in the morning. It'll wake you up and get you ready for the day. I'm excited to see the video for this one.

Glenn Campbell; All I Want Is You

I absolutely adore U2's version but for some reason, this kept coming up on shuffle the entire month and I couldn't help but get addicted everytime it'd play. For someone to write this about me and feel this way about me? I'd die. For real.

Lykke Li; Unrequited Love

Girl's voice haunts me whenever she sings and this one is no exception. I'm really liking her new album. Wounded Rhymes just gets me in a really contemplative mood. Not something I should be doing at work, but when I get home, it's wonderfully relaxing. Thanks to starryeyedmagic for making me pay closer attention this one. Long live Music Mondays!!!

The National; Think You Can Wait

I have heuereviolet to thank for this one. I didn't know they were coming out with new material but when I heard this, I got the shivers. It's too bad they cancelled their concert in Singapore. My brother would have been lucky to watch them. Oh well, next time perhaps I can come along too.

Selena Gomez; Who Says

It's just an adorable song, okay? And it was played in Montecarlo which I watched and secretly enjoyed, so please stop dating justin bieber so I can like you completely.

Dalton Academy Warblers; Animal

Obviously this had to make it's way here. I've been listening to quite a few Dalton Academy Warblers songs and after last episode and all that Blaine/Kurt love, I just had to include this. How cute can these boys be? (More squeeing in tomorrows TV Time but for today, let's enjoy this cover. Your original songs weren't bad at all, but I still love me some covers. Especially when Blaine's being adorable.

Even More Music On Repeat:
Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'
Don't Hold It Against Britney
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