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Sneak Peek: Zac Celebrates 'New Years Eve' Early

Special Delivery[]
Because I'm one of those really easy to please movie viewers, I'm actually looking forward to Gary Marshall's new ensemble-based-on-an-event movie, New Years Eve. I don't hate Valentines Day and of course I love what they actually based all this on, Love, Actually (them Brits do things better) but I'll take what I can get. Of course, having Zac in the movie never hurt anyone.

And the other men are out and about as well filming with Jon busy with Friends with Kids and the Ryans on set, it's a pretty good month for shooting movies, I should say. Can't wait till these come out in the cinemas.

Photos courtesy of
I'm not quite sure what Zac's role is in this ensemble cast, but it looks like he's a delivery boy and he'll be linked to older woman, Michelle Pfeiffer. She's still hot after all these years, so I get the cougar vibe. I'm just hoping Zac has a decent storyline for this one. It would be a shame to not use his hotness properly. And how bulked up is our boy?!

Photos courtesy of Ryan Reynolds Fan
This one looks like a thriller and with Green Lantern coming out, it seems like Ryan is going in this direction. I wouldn't mind seeing him make a rom-com though, you know I'm always game for that. He was supposedly spotted with his new girl on the set of this movie too. I'm still sad he and ScarJo didn't last. Oh well.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan
Ryan Gosling + George Clooney?! This movie will obviously be all sorts of perfection. Plus it's got a really blonde Evan Rachel Wood (are they the love interests in this one?) Either way, Ryan's in a suit and walking with a swagger. You can't find anything wrong with that.

Photos courtesy of Chris Pine Fan
This set is the set that keeps on giving and we see Chris yet again shooting it. I know it's got Michelle Pfeiffer too, so it seems like this girl is coming out in a bunch of movies again. Could this be her career comeback? I'm just happy to see Chris looking cool and casual. Plus, this one's got Olivia Wilde in it too. This is all just more good news.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
MY GOD I MISS MAD MEN. PLEASE COME BACK TO MY TV SCREEN ALREADY. As much as I love seeing Don Jon outside of his 60s do, I really do miss the show. But right now, he's shooting his girlfriend's movie and I'll have to thank her for casting him because he looks oh soooooo delectable with all that scruff. Megan Fox, you're a lucky girl to be breathing the same air as him in this movie.

Photos courtesy of
As always, Leighton is hard at work on the Gossip Girl set. I see her with Chuck and with the Prince and no Dan in sight. What this means, I know not. I hope this means they won't destroy the wonderful DaIr friendship. For once, I'm actually really excited for Gossip Girl to come back. I do love the coats she's wearing.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web and Carey Mulligan Network
Emma, you look good as a blonde, but the wig is pushing it too far. I'm dreading seeing her in The Help if this is the mane she'll be rocking but I'll be reading the book soon so I'm hoping the movie will be pretty good. Meanwhile, Carey is looking rough on the set of her movie. Best part about it? It's got Michael Fassbender. HELLO THERE MR. ROCHESTER. You can tell I'm excited to see Jane Eyre -- if it ever comes out here.

Photos courtesy of Emma Watson Online
And though technically, this isn't a movie set, Emma is still on a set of the Lancome advertisements she'll be starring in. I'm glad she's been chosen as the Lancome face but a little sad she'll be stopping her education for now. I get that she's super busy and I can't even imagine going to college and doing what she does. I hope she really gets to go back. Oh and obviously I find her gorgeous in this shoot. Can't wait to see the ad!

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