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Nobdy Helps a Liar[10 Down/42 To Go!]
[-] The 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan really scared me and I'm hoping that Japan recovers and bounces back from this tragedy soon. It's so sad watching all the coverage on the news and just seeing how devastating it all is. My heart goes out to Japan and all those with loved ones there.

[+] On a brighter note, jamypye was back in Manila for the weekend to celebrate her birthday! So very short a visit, but it sure beat her 4 hour stop over like last time. She came with loot to boot (which is funny since it's her birthday). I can't wait to see her again.

[+] This week surprisingly went by REALLY REALLY quickly. I was dreading this week on a Monday and before I knew it, Friday came around. I like weeks like this one. Except I hope I'm more productive next time.

[+] We're already half-way through March and starting a new week. Here's to less stress for everyone!

I don't like starting the week by going home late but i didn't want to brave the rains while I went out so I stuck around the office waiting for the rain to die down a bit. Plus it's a Monday and by rule, these are always the laziest days ever. As much as I wanted to slack off and not do anything, there was just so much work to do, I couldn't not do anything.

When I got home though, I was able to watch the special episode of Coffee Prince with subtitles! I'm seriously considering getting the original DVD but I'll see how the finances turn out. Oh to be rich and not care about how I spend my money.

Ugh. It looks like I'll have to start waking up a lot earlier again. I spent 40 minutes in line at the train station this morning and it wasn't even crazy time yet (7:10am). I don't like how this is how the day starts. Despite getting to work later than usual, at least I was still able to get things done. And I totally plan on going home early today. Let's cross our fingers.

I love that I actually found time to have lunch with Kim. Having her in the same office, I thought we'd see each other every day and be totally inseparable but apparently, different floors equal different work lives and we've been so terribly busy, we haven't seen each other much. I think I'll make an effort to see her more often.

I spoke to my boss again today and she asked me how long I planned on sticking around this job. Honestly, when I started out here, I didn't think it would be something I could do for a long time, but right now, I actually want to challenge myself to stay at least to to see myself advance. I'm nearing my six month mark and though it feels like a decade, I feel like I'll learn a lot more if I stick around longer.

And the biggest miracle of all? I finished all my work (it was a light day) and was able to go home at 5pm and made it home in time to attend Ash Wednesday mass. It just felt really good to go home with the sun out -- though the train was pretty unbearable too, I won't complain.

The wait for the MRT has been unbearably longer than usual. And people are starting to notice. Usually despite the long lines, people don't give a crap and just sigh but now people are actually speaking up and complaining. I don't like the wait either but it's not like things are going to change. I wish we had a better transport system. It'd at least take some of the stress off from the work day.

By the time I got home, I wasn't really in the mood for anything but watching Coffee Prince (again, I know my life is sad) and reading more Memoirs of a Geisha which is a surprisingly really really easy read. Can someone wake me up when it's Friday afternoon please?

It's a given. Mornings will be long lines at the MRT and evenings will be late nights in the office with lots of things to rush before the weekend no matter how hard I work at trying to make sure it doesn't happen. Oh well, I guess this is going to be the status quo from now on. It's better I get used to it now rather than delude myself any longer.

I just wanted to go home and sleep things off before my sister arrived the next morning but the girls in the office wanted to go out for drinks and I decided to come along for a bit. Though it obviously wasn't my scene, it was pretty fun (and noisy and smokey) but fun nevertheless.

My sister arrived at the ungodly morning hours and by the time I woke up, she was already all systems go. I swear, it's always exhausting to have her around (since she's here for such short periods of time) but still so much fun. We had lunch out at Bistro Filipino with my grandmas and her my sister's boyfriend. (THE FOOD WAS SO DELICIOUS). ETA: lusimeles! my grandmas are hip (with facebook and all) but not that hip!

By the time I got home, I was still exhausted but then I had to drive my brother to the ball. I tried watching some TV but ended up just falling asleep before I had to drive him and when I got home, I just collapsed. I swear, I sure know how to waste time.

But just when you think I can rest till Sunday, I had to wake up at 3 in the morning to pick the brother up. Oh the things I do for my siblings. Still, it wasn't so hard going back to sleep. It was a chore waking up for mass, but since it was my sister's last day in Manila, we were up and about right away. We ended up going to the mall with my cousins and my dad.

We were supposed to watch a movie but ended up shopping. I am not one to spend on clothes at all, but there were some really cute stuff that I couldn't resist -- things I didn't need for sure, but they were awfully cute to resist. So there I was spending. Fun times with the sister.
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