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TV Time: Grace Gets Her Shakespeare On

I'm actually liking that I don't have as many tv shows to watch this week just because I'm still on my weekend Coffee Prince high. It's not funny how giddy I get when I re-watch my apparently favorite korean drama that the English shows i watched this week totally flew over my head. I have to say though, I'm really liking where Pretty Little Liars is going though I'm afraid it'll be a letdown when it's for the reveal.

Pretty Little Liars 01x20: Someone to Watch Over Me

First off, Aria, that was the biggest BOOBOO ever. Missending things to your mom!?! And it's for Ezra?!? Please rename Ezra on your phone immediately before your dad gets all snoopy and decides to check out your phone too. I swear I held my breath when the dad went to look at the book Ezra gave which he signed. So not the best decision.

Also another bad decision? Hanna and Caleb. I knew it wouldn't last long and now we find out Jenna hired him?!? Who else was shocked when Hanna slapped the girl. I know Jenna's 'evil' and everything but I have to say, I felt bad for her at that moment. I also felt bad for Spencer who just looked so damn scared. Obviously she isn't going to be convicted for anything but still, scary right? And Emily? Well, I just hope she and Paige are happy and all. Because knowing this show, no one ever stays happy in a relationship for too long.

Glee 02x15: Sexy

Let's start off by saying that Holly Holiday's return is always a welcome thing. Though I'm sure only jamypye will be happy Mr. Schue is getting some action, I do always appreciate the over the top performances they put on. Gwyneth's "Do You Want to Touch Me" was pretty crazy but Gwyneth really pulled out all the stops on it complete with back-up dancers. As for "Kiss" -- let's just say I didn't know that Matthew Morrison's voice went up that high.

The Warbler's "Animal" was pretty hilarious with Kurt's sexy faces. I did however enjoy the Kurt/Burt/Blaine storyline about telling Kurt about sex. Blaine, you're perfection. Please stay the same. I also feel for Santana and her sort of coming out. Girl was so brave to do that and her love for Brittany was really sweet. I wouldn't mind these kids getting together. THEY WERE SO PRETTY SINGING "LANDSLIDE" TOGETHER. These girls have never looked so pretty.

Skins 05x07: Grace

OMG GRACE IS PROFESSOR BLOOD'S KID?!? He seemed like your average dad when at home but somehow I was hoping I'd enjoy Grace's episode more since I really do like her. But instead, it was just a little flat for me. I loved seeing Franky struggle with her feelings though. Look at Franky getting to kiss Mini. I don't mind this at all. They're both single anyway and it seems like the guys they like are douches so let's pull another Santana/Brittany with this pairing? Yes?

I'm scared though with Rich's wonderful suggestion of getting married. Yes, because this is always a good idea, Rich. I'm really hoping nothing bad comes out of this because I don't want Grace to get hurt at all. Somehow next week's preview does nothing to comfort me.

Bones 06x15: The Killer in the Crosshairs

So sue me, I got really giddy when Bones and Booth went around jogging. I'm so starved for B/B love that I'll take anything. I was so scared the sniper was going to shoot either of them too when they kept cutting back to the jogging and the sniper in his room. I hope Booth doesn't get shot by this guy. Something tells me they're going to make this the turning point for B/B though -- Booth getting shot and him wanting Bones. OR SO I WISH.

Also, having Angela's dad come by and giving Hodgins another tattoo is always hilarious. I'm happy that Hodgins stood up for the names they wanted (THEY'RE NAMING THEIR KID TEMPERANCE -- second name but still) and are starting their family with a Dad tattoo on his arm. This show takes waaaay too many breaks. I don't like.
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