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Red Carpet Round-Up: Amanda Takes Off Her Red Riding Hood

Where's the Hood?[Amanda Seyfried Fan]
These kids do not get to rest at all (no, I'm not whining). They just keep showing up everywhere looking fabulous as always. I have to say, despite my non-feeling for Hardwicke, I'm pretty excited to see Amanda take on Red Riding Hood -- plus how can one say no when Max Irons is looking too too cute. Like father, like son, I suppose. Peeta much? Possibly, right?

Jamie's been trekking Europe as well to promote The Eagle and though I'm more excited for Jane Eyre than this, any reason to see Jamie, I will take. And finally thanks to my re-obsessing over Coffee Prince, any Eun Hye I can get, I will jump at. She and Yoo need to come out with another show for sure.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
I'm sort of adoring the dress she's wearing at this premiere (and it doesn't hurt she looked really cute during the press con either)! But I'm loving how adorable she's looking with Max Irons. WHERE DID YOU COME FROM BOY?!? Please never leave my sight again. This guy needs to get around more.

Amanda also did the round of the talk shows to promote Red Riding Hood and she looked smashing in her Letterman appearance. The dress fit her like a glove -- a really really pretty glove. I love watching her in interviews. She's just the cutest thing to see.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
Jon can literally not shave for days and I'd still find him attractive. It's not fair how handsome this man is. He can dress up and down and I'm sure the panties will still be dropping. Use this power, Jon. use it well.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Bell Online
Oh Jamie, look how fast you've grown. I'm actually excited because Adventures of Tintin comes out this year and though it's not really Jamie (animation and all), I'm sure he'll be doing promotions for it. So that means a lot more Jamie than I'm used to seeing. This is exciting.

And because he just had to keep on looking like that suave fox that he is, he looked dashing (with Channing) at the London premiere of the movie. If only for the reason that movies actually go to London, I really do want to live there one day (silly reasons for uprooting myself of course, but totally real).

Photos courtesy of
If you notice why I've been totally absent from the online world (especially the last weekend), you can totally blame this girl and my renewed love for Coffee Prince. I have done nothing but rewatch episodes and get all giddy over her and Han Kyul again. And though Gong Yoo isn't in this movie she's promoting, I'm just glad to see my girl out and about. Looking pretty hot in this black minidress too!

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Harry's been a pretty busy guy, despite the fact that all the attention is on his brother right now and the upcoming nuptials. Still, Harry went about his business do gooding and being princely at various events around London. Keep up the do-gooding, Harry!

Photos courtesy of Carey Mulligan Network and Finding Franco
And in just plain randomness, James was spotted with his Milk director Gus Van Sant opening an exhibit before the Oscars. I swear James looks high each and every time. Meanwhile, a disheveled looking Carey went out to support Josh Radnor's directorial debut, Happythankyoumoreplease -- which I thought looked like a pretty interesting movie, if I must say.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bilson
For some reason, I feel like not as many of my favorites showed up at the various Fashion Weeks around the world, but Rachel and Jon did and they both looked pretty, which is enough for me. Rachel showed up at the Burberry show in a questionable coat -- it looks cold though. When she took off her coat though, wow. I love her dress inside. Meanwhile, Jon was at Rag & Bone looking ruggedly handsome as always. Boy is just consistent. I love it.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web and Mila Kunis Online
Meanwhile Mila and Emma showed up at the Miumiu and Louis Vuitton shows respectively and both looked pretty damn fantastic. I love fun print on Emma's dress and Mila looked gorgeous in her black mini-dress. I don't have photos of Hailee Steinfeld but girl was gorgeous too.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle
I would have wanted Camilla and Emma to be hanging out but it's too much to ask so instead I get them both at the Chanel dinner before the Oscars. Hey, as long as they're both looking gorgeous and showing up at the same events, I won't complain. Keep being charming girls.

Photos courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan
IT IS SUCH A SHOCKER THAT CAMILLA WORE THE SAME OUTFIT TO THESE TWO EVENTS. I guess it was the same night but if I were to read it correctly, Emma went to the same two events but she changed dresses! This is so unlikely of Camilla. How could she not want to dress up again?! There must be a mistake. See how seriously I thought about this?! Also, Anne, I'm not too fond of the glasses. You're gorgeous without them, thanks.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Natalie Portman and Anna Kendrick Fan</small>
To wrap up the Pre-Oscar parties, Anna and Natalie showed up at the Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood Party and both were pretty much stunning. I like the detail on Natalie's dress's neckline and I liked that Anna gave her romantic dress a little more edge with the leather jacket. Prettiness all around.

I would have killed for a photo of Anna with Natalie seeing they were in two events back to back but I'll take what I can get. I loved Natalie's dress to the Indie Spirit Awards -- the yellow was just so sunny and she looked like the glowing mother to be that she is. Meanwhile, Anna upped the sexiness in her black and white minidress. Girl, looked amazing in the criss-cross pattern of her dress. Yowza.

Also at the Indie Spirit Awards was big winner James in a grandpa sweater over his suit. It must be a pretty cold venue cause everyone had a sweater on and James is already in a suit. He looked so cute and just so happy to win though. I like he got acknowledged for his work. Finally. Also looking hot at the event was of course Mr. Hamm. Keep that scruff on, boy. I love it.

Cosmopolitan Magazine honored a bunch of fun, fearless males and Mila came over to grace the event looking pretty elegant in her white pantsuit. When will I ever pull off an all white pantsuit and look this hot?! She looks so feminine in this sea of testosterone. Of course there's some Ian Sommerhalder for everyone too.

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