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Glossy Groupie: Practically Everyone I Love Covers Vanity Fair

That's Hollywood [Vanity Fair]
It looks like Vanity Fair is on a roll with their March and then April covers (hello Rob!). I always love looking at their Hollywood issue and so far, it's been a hit with me two years in a row. Veering away from last year's Class of 2010 collegiate feel, this year, they go full on Hollywood glamor with everyone dressed to the nines.

Also, EVERYONE on the main cover are celebrities I fangirl for and even on the fold out, it's people I adore. Either I like too many people (YES) or they just really get me (NOT LIKELY). Still, you know I'll be broke after getting TWO VF issues in a row. Oh magazines, why must you tempt me all the time?!

Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair
I don't really know where to begin with this one. The four cover stars had me and then you fold it out for more awesome. I wish there were more outtakes for this one, but instead I'll comfort myself with The Screening Room behind the scenes videos. You can never have enough of these pretty people, I tell you. It's just wow. I'm obviously speechless.

I have to say, the second half of the fold shows lots of women and skin and I love how Jesse Eisenberg is just surrounded by so many exposed side boobs, legs and whatnot. The third fold has too much hotness though. From Andrew to Joseph to Garrett, it's just a trifecta of cuteness. Could these kids get into a movie together please? I'd be happy.

Photos courtesy of Interview
"Yeah. I watched it all the time. I couldn’t stop watching it. Leonardo DiCaprio was my absolute favorite. I was just so inspired by that movie, for whatever reason. It’s beautiful. It’s bright. It’s vivid and intense. And then the love story and the soundtrack . . . I probably shouldn’t have seen it as young I did, but I did and I loved it." -- on her obsession with Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet
Other than the obviously stunning photo shoot, it's a pretty interesting interview done by Mr. Justin Timberlake -- legit actor now and all. But really, it's always nice to read Interview magazine interviews just because their peers ask the questions and I guess they're a little less guarded than with a journalist.

"I have to say, a lot of the studios, they buy a blonde. They keep saying, 'we bought a blonde.' And that can be really frustrating because that's not what I am." -- on being more than her hair
Amanda's really gone a long way since her Mean Girl days and I'm just really excited to see her in more things and read more about her. She's not as overexposed as others so it's always still a treat to see things she's done or when she comes up in magazines.

Photos courtesy of W
"Before I started, I couldn’t even lift my arm properly. I literally had no posture, so, yeah, the first time I saw the movie, my jaw dropped. I was like, Oh, my God—I don’t suck. And it’s great that the performance has been captured on film, because I will never put on those pointe shoes again." -- on how Black Swan helped her improve
I'm still deciding whether I'm going to get obsessive over Mila but thanks to Black Swan and her ultra adorable run during awards season, I'm really considering it. And then she covers W Magazine and her photos are just stunning. Plus she's always so adorably quirky during interviews and so fun to watch. I'm excited to see her in her other projects this year, that's for sure.

Photos courtesy of Teen Vogue
"I'm a bit of a workaholic. When I feel like I'm not doing something, it drives me insane." -- on wanting to work, workm work
Cuteness, this girl is just pure cuteness. Though I'm not totally enamored by her choice in boyfriends, I don't think this is endgame, so let the girl enjoy right? I love how preppy and wholesome her photo shoot is and just how cutesy she looks. I can't wait to see her during the promotional tour again in November.

Photos courtesy of The Stylist Site
I'm not very familiar with this magazine but I love the spread they've done for Rachel with all the flowy, romantic dresses. Neutrals on Rachel just look divine and I wish I had some event to dress up for cause any of her dresses would be killer to wear -- if I were also this reed thin. Can she come out in something big soon? I'd love to see her do the press tour again. I miss seeing our girl.

Photos courtesy of Tye Stylist Site
Finally, Camilla's publicity prowess knows no end. I know Korea's pretty big with their fashion magazines so it's no surprise to see foreign celebs on their covers and this one has Camilla decked out in all Gucci garb -- looking fantastic at that. Oh to be able to just don these gorgeous dresses and pout and look amazing for the camera.

Which covers/spreads were your favorites this month? Anything I missed that you particularly loved?

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