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Do you remember? Cause I remember all the nights wishing that we were kissing

I was the girl[9 Down/43 To Go!]
[+] We were orphans this week. Not sure if that was a good thing but my parents were off to visit my siblings in Singapore so it was just us kids and well, it was a pretty quiet house. I'm glad to say the siblings were on their best behavior.

[-] Work was work and of course it comes with it's loveliness. I totally go an eye-opener this week. And though I wasn't totally oblivious to the internal dramaaaaa, I was hoping to be blind to it, but it's about time I saw things for real. A little discouraging, but nothing the first job hasn't prepared me for.

[-] I feel like I've neglected my online life. Gone were the days when I'd be on top of my flist and google reader. I feel bad and would love to blame real life, but I think I'd like to make a bigger effort. Thanks flist for being awesome.

[+] Here's to a good week for everyone. Let's hope it flies by as quickly and as painlessly as before.

I hate how I'm at work when the Oscars happen (or any awards show for that matter). Oh what I'd give to fangirl professionally. Nevertheless, i managed to survive briefings and meetings while thinking of all the Oscar fashion and awards I was missing. And hey, I sort of survived it. Sort of.

Best part about today? I actually got to go home before the sun set! My boss literally told me to go home right after our meeting which ended before six pm. This is such a miracle. I was able to go home and relax a bit and watch the Oscars. Sure I ended up sleeping too late but it was worth it. The Oscars come but once a year after all.

I don't understand how it can only be Tuesday. it feels like so much has happened already and I'm feeling pretty drained. It doesn't help either that Paranoid!patty strikes again. I really just should keep my head down and do my thing and not listen or mind or care what anyone else thinks. it's turning out to be very hard. I don't want no drama.

best part about it all? When I leave work sort of earlier than usual, I chance upon the EMPTIEST TRAIN EVER. Like i can see the other set of doors across. And I can see the floor and I can breathe and I sat right away and it was just heaven! Sure it was raining when I got out, but it's okay. I'll take what I can get.

The 'reality' of work has settled in and though folks are generally awesome to me, I can tell that things are shifting towards the less than enthusiastic in my presence category which is fine by me. I should just learn to compartmentalize more that and know that this is just work and that co-workers are colleagues, unlike my first job wherein my boss was literally a close friend. It'll take time, but I can dig that.

I've been so behind updating and doing 30 for 30 and today's my last day and work/real life just really took it's toll. Oh well. i'm hoping that I can get out of here quasi early just so I can catch up on TV shows before they pile up.

I had a good talk with my boss today and I feel much much much better about things. Things are going to get tougher at work but I like that I have her confidence and I'm going to try my best to step up even more. Oh real world, why must you be so challenging?! I really miss the days when all I worried about was making deadlines in class. As silly as it sounds, work is just soooooooo much more complicated.

Let's uncomplicate it, yes? I wish. Instead I get home and am too lazy to watch Idol (I don't know what the hell is going on this season) but I did get to round up my tv shows this week so at least that's some productivity. I swear, my life is so utterly monotonous. It's not funny.

I totally told myself I would go home early today. In fact, I did my work faster than usual and was hoping that all things would just fall into place so that I could get home before 8pm. Alas, a meeting ran late and requirements were needed rushed and by the time I got home, it was already 11. Lovely times, I tell you. Still, nothing I'm not used to.

When I got home, despite my general laziness, I managed to finish my shows and used the computer for probably the first time this week (at home that is) and went to bed just raring for the weekend -- despite my lack of plans, believe me, I was excited.

I realized that I had some rom-coms in the bag and decided to do NOTHING but literally lay down on the couch and watch movies, so after three movies back to back, I get this insane urge to watch my favorite Korean series (Princess Hours & Coffee Prince -- or at least the parts with my favorite people in it and not the side stories)

So from the afternoon till 4 in the morning of Sunday, my little sister and I do nothing but skip through the crazy adventures of Shin and Chae Gyung. Oh Princess Hours, your just as absurd as when I first saw it. And we still kept yelling at Yul and Hyori to get over the leads. Not so easy to do apparently.

I had to drag myself to go to mass (considering I slept at 4am) and it's a miracle I even woke up. So to make sure I didn't sleep at 4am, I started my Coffee Prince marathon much earlier (right after lunch) and I realized why I loved that series so much. i skipped much less (less side story I wasn't interested in) and it was just less kooky -- in a good way.

By the time my parents got back from the airport, I was 2/3 done with my marathon. My mom gave me my presents from Singapore (a really pretty dress and new water bottle -- mine broke!!!) and I was off to bed at midnight. Not a bad way to end the weekend.
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