Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

30 For 30: Days 26-30

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The much belated and not quite anticipated finale. I'm really disappointed with myself this time around and how inactive and just lazy I was. Not just with creating outfits at that but with posting photos and doing the rounds. I'd like to blame real life (though it did get a tad busier than last time) but it also has to do with me laying on my ass all day and not doing much else -- when I'm not in the office that is.

I wish I could say I was as active in following everyone else's journey but compared to the Fall's remix, I definitely lacked in the participation department. But hey, there's still spring right? And perhaps then I'll be a little more active. A little, let's set expectations low.

Five to follow:
Shannon of To Boldly Wear | Cee of To Brighten My Day | Kara P. of Unusual Form
Kristin Wyly of We Hate Nike Shorts | Brittni of With Love From Michigan
Tags: 30 for 30, meme, style
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