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TV Time: Naomi is Feeling Blue For Max (Let's Hope This Lasts)

[90210 Media]
It seems like wish fulfilment is sort of a common theme with this week's set of episodes. Because both 90210 and Gossip Girl will be going on hiatuses, they felt it would be just perfect to leave us with cliffhangers to mull over and GG definitely has me wishing it were April 18 already. Also exciting? The sneak peek to Camelot. Yeah, I'm wathing Merlin but having Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes in it? Yes Please.

Camelot 01x01: Homecoming

Thanks to starryeyedmagic, I heard about this new Starz series and despite my already watching Merlin (Bradley James I won't quit you), I'm glad we have Camelot to bring the more adult themes -- and when I say adult, they sure brought it with the boobs, butts and sexing in the first episode. I'm not used to seeing Caius Jamie Campbell Bower in a position of niceness but he's doing a pretty good take on Arthur.

I like the story they've built here, establishing right away that Morgana (EVA GREEN YOU ARE BRILLIANT) is evil and wants to keep the throne while Arthur's the newly returned clueless rightful King. I wonder what Merlin will bring to this show since I doubt there'll be any Merlin-esque bromancing. I do like Arthur's brother though.

Also, it still jars me when I see the sexing and the killing of the mom. I have to keep reminding myself this ain't the family friendly Camelot you're accustomed to. Still, I'm definitely going to stick around for this if only to see how quickly they go through storylines and how it compares to Merlin (though not on which is better of course).

Chuck 04x17: Chuck Vs The Chuck Versus the 1st Bank of Evil

I love that Sarah finally got into the wedding. Sure. I'm not a big fan of the dress she chose but I'm sure when they get her all fixed up, it'll look perfect -- along with all the imported flowers and whatnot Sarah and her bottomless well of wealth shall provide for. I guess being a CIA agent pays pretty well. As much as I believe this wedding is so rushed, I am excited for them too.

I'm curious as to what Col. Casey's project is behind all those vaults. I'm glad that Morgan was able to use his snooping skills to some use -- getting him to room with Casey. Though this would definitely be awkward if he wants a sleepover with Alex. That obviously ain't going to happen under Col. Casey's roof.

90210 02x17: Blue Naomi

Raise your hand if you're happy we finally get rid of Emily. Seriously. I don't know how Annie convinced them all to get in on her plan with her, but I could care less. I'm just glad we've finally said goodbye to the evil little girl. I really didn't like her. I also don't like that Ivy's doing so much drugs. Though they're laying on the 'drugs are bad' message pretty thick, I hate that it has to happen to Ivy. Especially now that I've grown to appreciate her.

And though I'd like to mention Silver, it's just to say that I'm glad she came clean with the Navid business. I hope Adrianna's evil plan of sending out her nude photo will make her realize Navid isn't worth it. YEAH RIGHT. But hey, I can dream right? Let's all kick out Adrianna too, I don't mind.

I do however, wish that Max would stick around for longer and would be cute with Naomi because so far, these kids are adorable. I hope they develop their characters and the relationship though and not just dwell on them keeping it a secret. I don't want Naomi to grow tired of him (like she usually does) and have all this built up giddiness for nothing. I say make Max a regular, he's so cute.

Gossip Girl 04x17: Empire of the Son

LET'S START OFF WITH THAT ENDING?!?! MY GOODNESS. I don't know what to think. As much as I've resisted Dan/Blair and really do like seeing them as frenemies, this little kiss they had really is making me think otherwise. Especially with all the build-up to this we're not friends business. I love that Dan challenges Blair and isn't taking her crap and that Blair does seem to have a soft spot for him despite her denial.

I don't know where this will lead though especially since Raina's with Nate now (you dog -- but hey, smarter than you look, not bad!). This leaves Chuck open and bored (now that his business is okay and Lily's going to jail -- I need to see her in the orange jump suit). Will it be a Dan/Chuck showdown for Blair's heart!? I just don't see how this will end positively for anyone. Though I'll give it to the writers for actually making me consider Dan/Blair in my head after this episode.

Pretty Little Liars 01x19: A Person of Interest

I LOVE HOW EVERYONE SORT OF GOT A HAPPY ENDING THIS EPISODE. Let's start off with the cuteness of Hannah and Caleb. Looks like someone just got her cherry popped in a tent! Who would have thought of all the places Hannah would lose it, it'd be in the wilderness. And as much as I wanted to prove Mrs. Marin Ashley wrong, the conversation Caleb had outside seems to show he did have some horrible intentions. I have a feeling this will bite both him and Hannah in the ass soon. Poor girl. Oh well, at least she's happy now.

Also happy? Spencer!!! I didn't realize Toby was this cute (and with a really hot body to boot! FOR REAL. Those innocent sleepover/scrabble sessions sure gave Toby the push he needed and I'm glad he just came forward and kissed her. What with all the horrible Ian-related news in her house, at least Spencer got a little break and had some silly fun with a cute boy. I love that they've converted me to Toby love. Who knew!?

And yay for honesty and acceptance between Ezra and Aria. I swear Mr. Fitz gets hotter every episode and this time when he was cuddling Aria on the sofa and just reassuring her that he looked at her the same way and loved her still (why am I doubting it though?!), I just had to let out an 'awww.' Kids, I'm glad you're talking it out. Good call, Aria. Thinking like the mature adult you're supposed to be. I'm guessing these kids haven't gotten it on yet though, since Aria's a minor and all. That can't be very comfortable for Mr. Fitz. Just saying.

Finally, Emily also gets her share of the action when she dives into her secret relationship with Paige. As much as she's an interesting character. I'd rather have Maya. Though all this hiding from Paige obviously isn't doing her any favors so I wonder how they'll resolve this hiding thing they've got going on. Also, Emily and Paige should stay away from karaoke bars. that was painful.

Skins 05x06: Alo

Can I just say how bad I feel for Alo?! Guy just doesn't seem to get a break. What with him having to jack off to two monitors and just not getting to celebrate his birthday the way he wanted to and now being the only virgin between him and Rich (I see the huge smile on his face; I wonder how Grace is -- they are kinda cute), I really hope something positive comes Alo's way.

I loved how we saw a softer side to Mini, though still the same old girl and a bit more of Franky. I don't understand whether she's into Matty or Liv but I hope Franky gets a proper ship soon. Girl is too adorable to ignore. And as much as I wanted to take Alo away from the farm, they always had really pretty panoramic shots of him rising in the morning. Just saying.
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