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Awards Show Fever: 83rd Academy Awards

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Real life has been pretty crazy that I've been too tired/lazy/busy to put this up. I'm just happy I was able to find time to even scour the many pretty photos. Obviously I was pretty psyched for this show; what with James and Anne hosting; Natalie getting nominated and me being able to watch ALL TEN FILMS, I tried not to have any expectations and I still ended up being entertained. Then again, I'm terribly easy to please.

Though I wish I were at home when it aired live (instead I was attending meetings at work) and that I were able to just obsess over it right away (instead of three days later) but I guess it's part of real life now.

Red Carpet

I notice I always relegate the men to the last bits and so I figured this year, they'd be first. Let's start off with how sad I am Andrew wasn't nominated. He should have AT LEAST presented, but I'll take his red carpet walk if it's all I can get. Justin looked like his usual cocky self, Jessie was just adorable and Zachary Levi! What a revelation. I really should get my hands on tangled.

There's a lot of talk about the ladies wearing red and surprisingly after going through them all, there weren't as many as I thought. Still, it was the most dominant color and the ladies stood out from the red carpet despite being the same color. Jennifer Lawrence's was really simple but she's got a pretty knock-out body. Can you believe Penelope Cruz just gave birth?! It's not fair, really. And Sandra Bullock looked just really pretty. I want a red-hot dress. Preferably in the Valentino variety too.

Though I'm not very partial to the color purple/violet/indigo (I somehow look terrible in it), these ladies sure looked stunning in it. Mila Kunis was just drop dead gorgeous in her pale lilac gown with all the draping and detail. I'm also kind of curious what Natalie would have worn if Galliano didn't go on his rant. Leave it to Cate Blanchett to wear something different and she pulled hers off so well. I love how svelte Amy Adams looked in her shimmering one and though not everyone loved Scarlett Johansson's dress, I thought it suited her quite well.

Still, I'm always partial to shining, shimmering things and Mandy Moore looked just impeccable in her illusion dress. She looked like a goddess really. Hailee Steinfeld ALSO was just too beautiful and this girl is just such a star on the red carpet. She's walking it like a pro. Halle Berry almost always looks perfect so it's no surprise she's glowing on this one too. I'm glad Michelle Williams went for a more classic look. I appreciate her experimenting, but this one is how I like her. And though folks weren't too keen on Hilary Swank's dress, I love all the embellishments, she carries it so well.

I have nothing but love love love for the couples on the red carpet. Sweetest of all would have to be Colin Firth and his wife Livia. Seriously, you guys are make me want to give you a hug. WHY SO ADORABLE TOGETHER!? The men of The Fighter also brought their respective wives and despite their non-celebrity status, they seriously look like they could belong on screen next to their hubbies. Love!

Finally, I had to at least devote an entire spread to Natalie just because she was glowing. Despite all the Galliano/Dior craziness and the pregnant belly she's carrying and all the hate, Natalie shined on the red carpet. She's owning this pregger look and it's no easy feat. With hubby to be on her arm and that beautiful gown draped on her, she was already a winner.

Awards Show

There's a lot of talk and hate about the way James and Anne hosted and I won't bother to add to it just because from the get-go I really had no expectations of them. So despite James's unusual hosting style, I'll give him props for having the best OSCAR REAL TIME Twitter updates. This will be the only year you see the host furiously tweeting throughout the show. Kudos for that.

Anne on the other hand just looked divine. Rachel Zoe did a great job on her with all the costume changes, Anne covered every look in the glamorous book and just really owned every change she had in wardrobe. I wish we had better photos of them but I'll take what I can get. Plus Anne just looked OH SO HAPPY to be there. And that's all that matters to me.

Despite the predictability of this awards show, I have to say I was still so happy to see Colin and Natalie win. Colin gave the sweetest, most eloquent speech (I wish he did his jig) and Natalie just looked so elated. (Other speeches I loved? Aaron Sorkin, David Seidler and Luke Maheny). Plus we get some bonus Jake Gyllenhaal. He didn't walk the red carpet but seeing him present with Amy Adams was enough for me. Stay handsome boy.

After Party

And because they can't accommodate everyone at the show, there's the after party where a couple of my favorite people showed up to party. It's so good to see Anna Kendrick again. Please come out more. I'm still getting used to Emma Stone's blondeness, but she was rocking her look. And look who came out of the woodwork?! Zooey Deschanel! Girl needs to be dragged out of her house more. And finally, newly single Amanda came out to play too. You can tell I'm a happy camper.

You know what I love about after parties? All these stars just 'let loose' and take photos with each other and the prettiness spreads and we get lots of cute shots of them mingling and having fun. This Garrett Hedlund photo totally fuels the Rashida romance he supposedly has, but I'll leave it at that. Also, Jake and 50 Cent? Best combination ever.

I WOULD HAVE KILLED FOR JUST ONE PHOTO OF NATALIE & COLIN TOGETHER! But no, the Oscar gods somehow would not make it happen for me. How cute would they be looking all ecstatic in one frame right? And no, I don't count those backstage photos. I want one with just them or at least them beside each other. This is totally me wishing they had one. If you see one, let me know.

Also, it may be an impossible dream, but I have to show up at the Oscars/after party at least once in my life. To be able to turn around see Justin and Cameron in one room (though not together) and have photos with Hailee and Mila and just look pretty?! Oh I want the Oscars to happen again if only for these cute shots. Any favorite moments for you guys?

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