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Can't Stop Feeling[8 Down/44 To Go!]
[+] HOW CAN FEBRUARY BE OVER ALREADY?! I know it's the fastest month with only 28 days but still. And before I forget, Happy Birthday to _lexizzle!!! I know you don't really have a birthday this year but that's my fault, so hope you have a good one.

[-] I hate how there's still no LONG weekend in 2011. Normally, we get the 25th of February off, but this year only SCHOOLS get it as a holiday. I don't like this at all. Come on P-Noy, give us a break (literally!) please.

[-] The weekend started and ended on a sour note for me (the only bright spot having dinner with our priests!!!) and I suppose I should have seen it coming, so I hope this week is just generally good. It's March already after all. And another month bites the dust.

[-] Oh and it's the Oscars and I'm at work. Lovely. Welcome to real life everyone. Nevertheless, here's to a great March for everyone! Let's be positive, yes?

I asked for a chill start to the week and I sort of get it. I'm glad things aren't too too crazy right on a Monday. Lots of work to be done but somehow nothing too stressful I couldn't handle -- I WANT THIS TO BE THE PATTERN FOR THE REST OF MY WEEK!

The best part? I got to go home early. Like I was able to eat dinner with the lights on in the dining room cause they hadn't cleared the table yet and I was able to continue watching Pride & Prejudice -- someone needs to make an updated mini series of this and fall asleep (of course) in front of the tv. This is the life.

I've been asking for chill days at work and so far, two days into the work-week and I haven't been killed yet so this is a good sign. Then again, saying things are cool might just bite me in the ass for the rest of the week -- which will most probably be the case anyway. Still, I'm thankful for good days.

I'm trying my best to stay abreast with the shows I follow so I spread them out. I caught two of them tonight and fell asleep right after. I told myself I would at least walk on the treadmill while watching these movies but so far, I haven't done any of the physical activities I told myself I'd do. Why so lazy Patty? I don't know really.

I got all dolled up for 30 for 30 today and though I'm not used to wearing skirts or heels, it was a nice deviation from the usual office garb for me. It's too bad I didn't have any presentations today, I would have looked pretty darn professional. Oh the irony of things.

I've been craving milk tea like crazy lately and this afternoon, my milk tea craving was satiated. We had some really good milk tea and it just makes afternoons seem shorter and go by faster no matter how late I actually stay. I wish everyday were a milk tea day.

I'm totally disappointed that tomorrow isn't a declared holiday for workers -- just for students. I really don't understand this. Today was pretty damn long with lots to do but I'm just thinking, the non-long weekend is coming up and that's enough of an incentive for me. How sad is this?!?

I had a feeling that my siblings would be enjoying their no school tomorrow Thursday night and I was right. When I get home, relatively early, I see my brother and his friends have set up tables out back and are drinking -- while I watch the oh-so-appropriate Glee episode on teenage drinking. So funny.

WE TOTALLY DESERVE A HOLIDAY TODAY and instead only the kiddies get one. You know I'm not amused. The whole day, I just kept thinking I want to be at home. I want to be at home. And well, I wasn't. Instead I was at presentations and doing actual work. Boo.

So much for wanting to go home early today -- I end up staying well up until midnight cause we had to sort out a campaign that was going to go up on Monday. Though obviously this isn't part of the job description, I just felt like I had to be there to make sure things got along smoothly and the sucky party is, the people who I felt are responsible weren't. Oh well. So is worklife

In my attempt to have a Jane Austen weekend, I end up watching Northanger Abbey and Persuasion both of which I enjoyed far more than when I tried reading the book. Now, I think I shall want to re-read the books since I liked the movies so much.

In a totally random occurrence and the first of its kind, my entire family ends up having dinner with our priests! Super random but I find some of our priests really cute (they're Australian) and having dinner with them made me see well, they're very much priests but really nice people too (obviously). That night will definitely go down in history as one of the more random dinners we had.

I managed to wake up early and finish Sense and Sensibility which is also far too awesome. I really wish I could be transported back to that time (with electricity and internet of course) but just back to those days. So pretty.

What started out as an okay day turned to shit when I totally ruin lunch by being my overly-sensitive self in cooperation with my dad's total menopausal self. I know he won't change so i'll have to just take it all in and be totally okay with things. It just sucks how all my efforts to be the nice daughter totally go unnoticed.
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