Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

30 For 30: Days 21-25

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Late is late, I know. I've been totally bogged down by work and real life obligations that despite my religious photo taking and remixing, I haven't been able to update or even scour everyone else's remixes. I feel so sinful neglecting this remix. Nevertheless, we're almost on the home stretch (here at least), in real life, I'm two more outfits away from finishing and for a few days this week, I actually had a surge of inspiration. Let's hope that energy carries up until the end.

Five to follow:
Jess of StylePint | Cindy H of Style Soufflé | Emily of The Other Emily
Monica of The Post Script Blog's 30x30 | Bri of The Secret life of Bee
Tags: 30 for 30, meme, style
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