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TV Time: Clueless!Humans In Mystic Falls? Just One

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I'm never happy when my shows go on hiatus and it'll be quite some time till we get The Vampire Diaries but it's all good. We have TOO MUCH TO DIGEST from this crazy cliff hanger of an episode that I might need to watch the show again just to let it all sink in properly. Between the craziness of Elena coming out (of the tomb) and the Martins wreaking havoc, I'm not quite sure where to begin. April 7, where are you?!

Chuck 04x16: Chuck Versus The Masquerade

For some reason, I can't quite remember how the masquerade comes into play in this episode (nor do I really care -- I'm not one for missions anyway) so instead here are the things I do remember. First off, those Valentines rituals were hilarious. If a bit over-the-top, I don't mind just because this is Chuck and they go crazy on this show. I do love Sarah Walker's choice of wings -- someone get this girl to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Girl is an Angel!!!

Also cute? How Chuck and Morgan are both getting it on with hot girls on Valentines. You've come a long way boys. A long way from collecting Chewie and Han Solo dolls -- those look legitimately cool though. Also cool? ROSE FROM VAMPIRE DIARIES SHOWING UP AS ALEXEI VOLKOFF'S DAUGHTER!!! I shall award this actress co-star of the year just because she's jumping from one show to the other in pretty awesome roles. Let's hope she doesn't get killed by the wolves in this one.

but really, cutest couple of all? Ellie and Awesome and the new baby. Oh new parents, i see you struggling with this. i'm glad they got it all sorted out before they got themselves killed from lack of sleep. These kids are too cute. Let's all go give the Woodcomb family a big hug!

90210 02x16: High Times

So I guess the cat is out of the bag -- at least for Adrianna. I know I don't usually mention her but her connection to Silver has gotten me interested and well, it looks like shit's about to hit the fan for them. Which I don't mind at all, cause I'm secretly hoping Silver just gives up this thing with Navid just because I don't like them together at all.

I do however like Naomi's crushing on the nerd. Just as long as this lasts longer than five seconds. Because honestly, this nerd is kinda cute and wouldn't mind seeing more of him. I love how we got that Windows laptop product placement. Oh show, you're not sneaky at all. I hope Naomi gets accepted into her college of choice too. Girl deserves one good break in her life.

Another girl that needs a break? Annie. GOD WILL THE WRITERS EVER GIVE A HAPPY TIME?! She's literally gone from wreckage to wreckage in every single season and episode and I'm literally counting the days till this girl gets gunned down by a gang. But oh wait, that would be too easy a way out. They'll need to torture her first too. Poor Annie.

Gossip Girl 04x16: While You Weren't Sleeping

Oh no! Blair's quit her internship! What fun will she be up to now that that activity's been ticked off her list unexpectedly. But before she got the boot, I'm glad that Dan Humphrey still managed to make her go out with her dignity intact with that Blair-esque blog entry he wrote for her. How cute are these guys together (as friends and only friends)?!? I like that Dan really helped her out with this. And in that last scene where they watched a movie together? I found them even cuter. DO NOT DESTROY This by making Blair do all sorts of crazy things like say, GETTING TOGETHER WITH DAN. You don't have romantic feelings for him okay?!

What she doesn't seem to have either is scheming ways. I can't believe her scheme got all messed up -- then again we can all blame the minions and Dan partially and well Dan too for not giving the best instructions. I'm still not caring about Chuck/Raina (except to point out that it was sad that Blair really isn't over him). Show, please keep Blair's plot lines interesting and non-destructive? Thanks.

Pretty Little Liars 01x18: The Badass Seed

Raise your hand if you wanted to clamp your hand over Aria's mouth when she slipped and called Mr. Fitz his first name. SERIOUSLY girl, you need to get better at hiding stuff because that was just one big no-no. And in denial much?! I'm sure EVERYONE in that room heard your slip and are now gossiping about you. And if they aren't, then you're obviously delusional.

Also slightly delusional? Spencer. Girl, admit to these Toby-feelings you have because somehow we all figured it out and you're still too busy being his friend. For some reason though, I'm all for Toby/Spencer when I felt so creeped out by him with Emily. Could this be cause we felt she was a lesbian? No. I guess they de-creeped him by bringing in Ian. Ian, who I really think has nothing to do with this -- at least not in the way the girls think.

And because I can't remember what happened to Emily -- even after briefly skimming the episode -- I'll just focus on that crazy flashback (yellow tinted of course) with Allison and the frat party with Ian. Seriously, I can't see how she'd find him hot but hey, they were younger~ (love the pink hair on Aria and does Hanna seem less fat than what they usually do?) and so she can't be to blamed. I'm really going to laugh when they reveal that Allison's alive all this time.

But really, I just wanted to squee about Hannah and Caleb and that shower scene. I love how brazen and unashamed Caleb was when Hannah took the impromptu shower with him. I'm crossing my fingers so hard that these two silly kids get together and stay together. I have a strange feeling they'll be kicking Caleb to the curb an episode after he and Hanna get together. For now though, I shall enjoy their coming together.

Glee 02x14: Blame it on the Alcohol

I honestly almost had a heart attack when for a split second there, there was that chance that Blaine could be attracted to girls. NOOOOOOO! I'm glad they addressed the issue of confusion but I want my Kurt/Blaine so I'm glad he's DEFINITELY gay. Lucky Rachel though, getting to make out with Blaine. Consider yourself blessed woman.

Rachel and Blaine do however sound amazing together (obviously) and their "Don't You want me" rendition was pretty fantastic. I do not know the song at all but hearing it come from Blaine's perfect mouth made me want to go get drunk and dance with him. And though I'm not the biggest country fan or a fan of Will Schuester either, it was fun to see him get down with Coach Biest singing "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer." i see Coach Biest is waaaay comfy kissing Will now.

Favorite performance though? Brittany's ode to Ke$ha with her drunken take on "Tik Tok." Barf special effects not included. Brittany just brings it every time and Heather Morris's moves are some of the things I can NEVER ever get over. She needs to get more solos and more performances period.

Skins 05x05: Nick

It's official, I'm not attracted to any of the males in this show and though Nick's brother Matty had some potential, I just can't. I do like the girls -- sans Liv -- though. And this time, we see Nick oscillating between hating Matty and helping him out. I can't blame him really, Matty looks like a major screw up and he's left with the psychotic father (check out the dad's hair right?!) but this doesn't mean I feel for Nick at all. I just feel apathy when it comes to his character.

Also, minus points for trying to match Franky with Matty. Franky >>> everyone on this show therefore no one will be good enough for her. I have to say though, Mini was pretty cute when she greeted Nick at her door. And I get that they're trying to make sex between these two have the least chemistry ever but that was just painful to watch. Has Skins got tamer with this generation? Sure they showed that lady's breasts but somehow it feels less provocative. Or perhaps I've just been jaded too much.

Nikita 01x16: Echoes

Oh deer. I knew Julie Cooper Amanda was going to crack something and now she's recommending the cancellation of Alex. You know what else I'm worried about? THE CANCELLATION OF THIS SHOW. I know it's not the biggest ratings drawer but it's actually good. And it's got pretty people! Shane Wes especially who mysteriously showed up at Nikita's lair. Please say they're about to have a roll in the hay, because I would not mind that one bit.

You know what else I wouldn't mind? Nathan and Alex getting together. That little fantasy subconscious shit she had going on was pretty freaking fantastic for me and though it all had an eerie Inception vibe to it, I'm just glad they didn't get to crack Alex completely. Except now all her secrets are practically out there for the picking. Not cool, obviously.

CW, renew this show please. At least for one more season. Maggie Q's hotness deserves that much. Plus I want to see Nikita get it on with all the boys they've been teasing us with. Let something happen at least please.

Vampire Diaries 02x16: The House Guest

JEEPERS SHOW! WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH YOU?! I'm not liking that we have to wait awfully long for the next episode but they sure left us with lots of things to ponder. First off, we've got Elena hanging around the Salvatore mansion, helping out the boys. It's always fun to see Damon and Katherine try to hurt each other and at the same time help each other. All of Katherine's mind games and playing Elena so well now (the key is the straight hair guys!) always leaves for an entertaining show. It's good to know she's serious about helping out though. Good plan, girl. I hope you're not just letting them trust you so that you can bite them all in the ass when Klaus comes to town.

Meanwhile, we get greeted by really cute Elena and Stefan scenes where they're getting all frisky in the morning and addressing a really pressing issue I'm glad they've brought up. NO ONE IS GOING TO SCHOOL ANYMORE. Yes, there are locker scenes but no one's actually studying or worrying about tests. NOT EVEN ALARIC WHO TEACHES AT SCHOOL. Either they're just really good at multi-tasking or I'm just really bad at budgeting time. Thanks for being self-aware about it though, children. But really, Elena and Stefan continue to be adorable, I have no complaints.

And though Alaric and Jenna still aren't making up, it's alright. JUST BECAUSE I'M GLAD ALARIC IS ALIVE. Though I'm not sure how things will turn out now that Isobel's back in town saying she's Elena's mother. How will this pan out now that Alaric's reiterated that Isobel is dead. Looks like he dug himself a deeper grave, yes? It's crazy cause I really think Jenna's much much older than everyone so it still takes me by surprise when she mentions that she was in grad school partying last year. Okay, you're young Jenna. So naughty you're sleeping with an older man then. Oh what am I talking about? I love Alaric. Who cares??!

Also adorable tonight? Bonnie asking Elena permission to date Jeremy again. As much as I didn't care for them separately, together -- and with Jeremy TEN TIMES HOTTER, it seems I care about them too much now. I accidentally read a quasi spoiler about two witches dying before watching and though I wasn't 100% sure it wasn't the Martins, I'm glad it wasn't Bonnie either. OH HOW THE WINDS HAVE CHANGED. Lord knows I would have killed to have her killed off a few episodes ago. Oh what a cute loveteam can do for my judgment. So I'm glad the Martins are dead and Bonnie has her powers back. At least there's something to be happy about in this episode.

Something I'm not sure how to feel about -- and quite frankly, I'm not quite sure what happened is the Matt "I'm-no-longer-clueless" Donovan. It would make me laugh so hard if Jenna actually knows all about all the vampires and is just not saying anything cause then there would be no clueless crew left. But way to go on letting Matt in on the secret. I'm not sure if he's a) a vampire now or b) just aware and human and either way, HOW THE HELL ARE THINGS GOING TO WORK NOW because he seemed pretty angry/confused with Caroline now and though it's a rational reaction, I'm scared. I hope things turn out well with him and Caroline. I liked the making out in the bathroom and not to mention Caroline singing my CHILDHOOD ANTHEM, Eternal Flame. No joke, I used to belt that out as a kid. Don't ask why.

ALL IN ALL, AWESOME EPISODE IS AWESOME. I want to do a rewatch of all the episode of Vampire Diaries now. Which is actually really perfect because there are 41 days till April 7 and there are 38 episodes to watch. I don't know if I can do this for real, but it's worth a try right? Who's with me?
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