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Awards Show Fever: Emma Enchants at the Elle Style Awards & BAFTAs

Stellar[Emma Watson Online]
It's so amazing that a year ago, i was swooning over Kristen at the Elle Style Awards & the BAFTAs and now it's Emma Watson's turn to make me girl crush hard. It makes me wonder who I'll be swooning over next year. But going back to the present, Emma brought the big guns in terms of her fashion choices and wowed me on both occasions.

But Emma wasn't alone, her fellow namesake, Emma Stone showed up as well and The Amazing Spiderman co-star, Andrew Garfield looked all suave at the event too. Add Fashion Week and other events to that and I have to say, it's been quite the past few weeks.

Photos courtesy of Emma Watson Online
I love that Emma got this year's style icon award from Vivienne Westwood. She was so cute in her sleeveless Hakaan dress had daring cut outs around the waist. I hope she continues to be experimental with her fashion choices and yet totally appropriate for her. She looks like she's just having fun with it. I love it.

Emma attended a few after parties to the BAFTAs and she looked amazing on both occasions. The black dress is so fun while the sleeveless ruffle Valentino Spring Couture 2011 dress was just so romantic and beautiful on her. I especially love the fun shots she had with Helena Bonham-Carter. It looks like they had fun seeing each other again off-set. Stop being adorable, Emma.

Take a deep breath. Emma was ravishing at the BAFTAs in her one shoulder ruffle and pleated floral print Valentino Spring 2011 Couture gown. I just love everything about this dress (and hey there JK Rowling!). I know it's the last Harry Potter already but hopefully we see her at next year's BAFTAs again?! Come on, let's all cross our fingers together.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web
Don't you just love the color of Emma Stone's Lanvin Spring 2011 two tone red dress?! So she doesn't have her signature red locks but her dress sure brought the fire I've been missing. I'm in love, really. I can't wait till she and Andrew do the press tour for The Amazing Spiderman just because I'm sure it'll be HUGE and that means lots of Andrew/Emma all the time.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Fan
Is it possible to already miss seeing Andrew everywhere? I know we got a lot of The Social Network boys but now that there's a lack of them, I'm looking for them everywhere. Thank goodness for the BAFTAs -- we get both him and Jesse! Stay adorable, boys.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle
I don't think I'd ever be able to pull off this Gucci ensemble made up of an orange blazer with a purple top and green pants, but Camilla does it effortlessly. See Camilla, it pays to cover your midriff! She looks fantastic. I wouldn't be putting this combo of colors together anytime soon though.

Photos courtesy of
I'm not the biggest fan of these birthday celebrations at club but it's been a long time since we saw Ashley so we might as well take what we can get. I'm not too sure how I feel about her hair color but she looks pretty (and a little tired -- perhaps from filming Breaking Dawn?) I'm dreading that movie cause something tells me that'll be an exhausting press tour to follow.

Photos courtesy of Soompi Forums
Yoo! It's always so fun to see Yoo out and about just because we never see him anywhere. He attended the Dior grand opening in Seoul and was looking pretty snazzy in that tuxedo. He and Yoon Eun Hye need to make something together quickly. I miss them both too much.

Photos courtesy of &
Surprisingly, not many of my favorite people showed up at New York Fashion Week. Perhaps they're all too busy? I don't know. I didn't expect to see Zac Efron though and he showed up at the Calvin Klein show (looking good in that suit boy) while Leighton appeared at the Marc Jacobs Fall presentation. Leighton was of course in a Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 dress. Oh to be close personal friends with Marc!!! Oh the life.

Photos courtesy of Finding Franco & Adoring Natalie Portman
It's crazy how EVERYWHERE James Franco seems to be and according to the kind folks over at Vulture, he really is EVERYWHERE. I wonder who pays for his airfare. Meanwhile, a very-pregnant looking Natalie showed up at a luncheon for Black Swan and girl really looks like she's got a bun in the oven. I wonder how big it'll be for the Oscars.

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