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Trailer Tuesday: Amanda Puts On Her Hood

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So February is probably just a dead month for film because March is back with a slew of movies -- though not all my cup of tea, you can't blame March for not bringing the movies in droves. This month we see Amanda as Red Riding Hood. With all the Kristen as Snow White rumors, it looks like Amanda's opening the fairytale heroines brought to life genre. Let's see if Hardwicke can work her 'magic' on this one too.

The Adjustment Bureau

Opening the month is the Matt Damon sci-fi-ish movie that has the beautiful Emily Blunt in it. The real reason i'm looking out for this? John Slattery of course! I miss our Silver Fox and though he isn't the lead here, anything to get a Mad Men fix, I will do. Yup, junkie talking here.


I admit to reading the book a year or so ago just because I heard Alex Pettyfer was going to be in the movie so to finally see it come out is definitely a treat. Plus it's got an Olsen Twin!!! Raise your hand if you don't miss these girls in an acting sense. I get they're legit designers now and very well respected but I miss the New York Minute-movie days.


As much as I'd like to say I follow How I Met Your Mother religiously, I can't say I do, but this Josh Radnor directed and starring movie looks really cute. Though someone looks sick in this, if she does die, I have a feeling they'll make it in that uplifting indie way. But really, just a cute movie and it's got Tony Hale in it. And who doesn't miss Buster Bluth?!

Take Me Home Tonight

I know, I know, it has bad pseudo 80s teen drama written all over it, but I'm a sucker for those types of movies and how can one resist the adorable Eric Foreman Topher Grace?! Plus Anna Faris is always fun to watch and she's in this with her fiance Chris Pratt so it should be funny at the least.

Battle: Los Angeles

I'll admit I have no interest in this movie whatsoever if it weren't for Aaron Eckhart but something tells me either my father or my brothers will drag me to this one -- either to accompany them (dad) or drive them (brothers). Hey, if it's a free ticket (dad) I wouldn't mind one bit.

Black Death

Something tells me this won't even come out here but if only to see Eddie Redmayne, I'll probably find a copy and watch it with my historical-movie-watching-cousin. Eddie's a priest in this one so I doubt he'll have much girl action -- in fact, I didn't see any romantic leads in this movie so it'll take a lot for me to really pay attention this one.

Jane Eyre

ACK. I am terribly excited for this one, I even took the Jane Eyre Challenge over at Goodreads. I'm that much of a dork for it. The added bonus of Michael Fassbender and Jamie Bell are A+ treats for sure.

Red Riding Hood

Despite the wrong use of tagline (Who's Afraid -- of the big bad wolf; which is from the Three Little Pigs right?!) and the hypersexualizatin of this one, I'm definitely psyched to see it for Amanda in that pretty red hood and the glorious Sirius Black Gary Oldman. And Shiloh Fernandez looks much better here than when I usually see him so that's something new.


Bradley Cooper's gone a long way from his Will Tippin days on Alias and now Mr. leading Man is starring opposite Robert DeNiro (who's always a treat to watch no matter what movie) and here we see Bradley's character get transformed from hobo-bum to suave rich guy. Interesting plot, but you know I'm here for the eyecandy.

The Lincoln Lawyer

I'm not the biggest Matthew McConaughey (not even sure if that's the spelling of his name) fan but this one looks like something I'd catch with dad. And it's got Ryan Philippe whom I sort of feel sorry for. I used to crush on this guy from Cruel Intentions and now he's just well, just blah. Here's to hoping he gets his big break again.


It's got Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, I don't need any other reason. Every film these two have collaborated on has turned out to be hilarious and amazing. Then they threw in Kristen Wiig (SUPER FAB) and Jason Bateman AND ALIENS in this one so there really isn't a reason to NOT watch this. I hope this one comes out here soon.


And onto more serious business movies, Miral stars Freida Pinto in a serious actress role in the Juilan Schnabel directed movie. I'll try to find a copy of this for me and my older sister to watch just because she'd be game for serious business foreign films with social relevance. And this movie fits all three bills. I have a feeling I'll be a little depressed after.

Peep World

THIS ONE HAS ARVIN SLOANE in this and he doesn't look like an evil SD-6 boss in it!!! If only Papa Jack were in this too, we'd have a legit Alias reunion of the daddies. But really, this movie looks pretty funny with Michael C. Hall and Judy Greer and Sarah Silverman in it. Plus I love movies about dysfunctional families -- not because I come from one, and all. Or yeah, so I think.


The other movie with Shiloh Fernandez in it and he doesn't look as cute as he did in Red Riding Hood but that's probably because Hardwicke had no say on his hair. Ashley Greene's in this one and though I'm not sure how good this could actually be, it doesn't look that bad. Coming-of-age period dramas. Let's give it a chance.


And the no-brainer of them all, Zack Snyder's latest offering features not just hot girls with guns but the glorious JON-I-AM-DON-FREAKING-DRAPER-HAMM. Seriously. That's a good enough reason to get off your ass and line up for tickets to this movie because despite the fact that I still haven't seen him in the trailer, you know his five seconds in the film will be very very worth it.

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