Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

30 For 30: Days 16-20

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I promise this'll be the last for today. This is what happens when I'm kept away from the computer for days on end. It's been 20 days since the remix and it's pretty obvious I'm getting a little exhausted. Once again, planning ahead has helped me push through just because the hectic week has really worn me out and some days I find myself really lazy to take my photo. But hey, I won't quit -- I will finish what I started and hopefully this last stretch gives me a burst of energy. Lord knows I need it.

Five to follow:
Paige Renae of Fashion Day by Day | Nancy of Pigglywinks | Violette of Rose & Violette
Liz of Reston Style | Sara Jane of Shep
Tags: 30 for 30, meme, style
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