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The scars of your love remind me of us; They keep me thinking that we almost had it all

Had it all[7 Down/45 To Go!]
[-] I literally had no time to rest this weekend. Whereas I'm usually laying around (trying to read, but nappnig) and eating and always at home, I barely had time to breathe this weekend. As great as it is to break the monotony, I hope I get more lethargic weekends up ahead.

[+] Thank you to dorkfish04 and to seriouslywir for the cutest VDay VGifts! You guys are too sweet sending me the cutest gophers! Who needs flowers when I've got gophers to keep me company!

[+] My little sister had her prom this weekend and I feel so terribly old. It's been 7 years since prom and now my little sister's been to hers. She blew all of our dresses out of the water. She looked stunning just like Camilla.

[+] Just one week left to February and we'll be done with my favorite month of the year. I hope everyone has a good week of work and school up ahead. Let's all get productive and less stressed!

I'm always so thankful that my brother was born on this day just because it's such a nifty excuse as to why one doesn't have a date. honestly, if I even was in a relationship, it'd be such a hassle to go out on the 14th just because of the traffic. I hate how traffic is so bad on Valentines though. I tried going home earlier and despite my not too late stay in the office, I still ended up getting stuck in long lines at the MRT and getting a jeep! Guys, just let us go home, it's not like we're going on dates. Boo.

By the time I got home though I was still able to catch dinner (LAMB AND MASHED POTATOES) and eat some cake with the birthday celebrant and family and though I was so sleepy by the time I caught True Grit, I'm glad I left the office early. I think I should try to make a better effort at leaving not too late.

I hate hate hate how I end up worrying about shit I'm not supposed to be responsible for anyway. It's just that if I don't worry for it and try to do something, I feel like no one else will. I know I need to learn to let go of the small things. Or just let go period. I wish though. I wish I could. I'm glad I was able to get some Serenetia milk tea for the afternoon snack though. It was definitely the best part of the day.

When I got home, I ate my dinner while watching The Fighter which I enjoyed a lot considering I was still worrying over a project at home. I hate it when I think of work at home. I know it's normal but I'd rather leave the work at work. Is it too much to ask? Yeah, probably is.

I was not feeling good today. Other than the massive amount of work I had to finish and the multiple deadlines I had to meet, I think I was PMS-ing too. Never a good combination just because I was snappy and just not in a mood to be my usual cheery self. Apologies to the collateral damage, I'm not usually like this. I kind of feel guilty for being such a bitch today but I guess everyone's entitled to days like these yes?

best part of the day? Seeing my little sister's prom dress for the first time. WOW. It's so beautiful. I'm just like wow, that's awesome. We ended up buying earrings at Forever 21 (OMG I FINALLY WENT IN and wasn't tempted one bit, then again I was on a mission). By the time I got home, I ditched dinner and went right to bed. I am such a pansy.

After bad days are good days and today wasn't half bad at all. I woke up late and was expecting to get to work really late so I was glad to have made it still around my usual time -- though a little later. I wonder how long into my new job I'll be coming in early. Then again, I was in my old job for a year and I came in at the same time everyday. We'll see.

I got home and still have not watched any of my TV shows, I am so going to regret it this weekend when I have absolutely no time to do anything and I'll have 9 shows to watch. Still, I did get to see the last of the Oscar nominated movies and though it wasn't my favorite, I'm just glad I was able to complete all ten. This is my first time to do this ever.

I'm not too into presentations on a Friday just because Fridays are always lazy days and so having to present like it's a Monday is hard work. Still, I managed to pull it off (I think). I just wish Fridays could be spent at home lounging (just like last week) rather than in the office trying to beat deadlines before the weekend. I am such a lazy lazy girl.

i'm a little worried about how i'll be spending this weekend though what with my baby cousin's baptism, my sister's prom, TAYLOR SWIFT'S CONCERT (which I don't have tickets to), my sister arriving stopping over, my grandma arriving back in town and oh wait, where did the weekend go?! Don't you love how I'm already worried about having no time to do anything on a Saturday night?

Long and crazy up ahead and today kicked it off. I spent my morning at my little cousin's baptism. It's crazy, I didn't think we'd have another addition to our cousins and now we do in the form of the cutest baby, Alexa. After a lot of eating and fussing over the baby, we finally head home to move on to the second half of the crazy day.

It also happened to be my little sister's prom and with the help of my cousin, who does her make-up, we got her ready and took lots of photos which is a miracle in itself since my little sister hates photos. She was so pretty and I was just wow. It's gonna be a long time till it's Alexa's turn to prom.

My cousin slept over (we watched Pride & Prejudice again just because) and it's a miracle we even woke up for mass -- albeit late for it. After mass, I finally get to catch up on some shows but I'm so exhausted, I'm barely awake for anything. This was quite possibly the most busy weekend i've had that didn't include work and I really just want to rest next time.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the weekend for it. Instead, I drove all the way to the airport to hang out with my other sister (who was in Manila for four hours waiting for her flight back to Singapore) and the gods must love her because I was really really lazy to go but when I was driving there was absolutely no traffic. Lucky me.
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