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TV Time: Cue the Nikita/Michael/Alex Vagueness

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This week as I tried to watch all the Oscar nominated movies, I totally neglected to watch any of my TV shows and because this weekend was made up of crazy and a half, it ended with me watching them all on a Sunday (my usual day for napping). Still, I was able to catch up on everything except for American Idol -- I honestly don't know how I'm going to get into that now.

Chuck 04x15: Chuck Versus The Cat Squad

Photos courtesy of potthead @ rawr_caps
I was worried about who would show up from Sarah Walker's side of the family and though we don't get to see her parents just yet (something tells me we will be seeing Mr. and Mrs. Walker), at least we get to see her friends in the form of three other very hot and very Sarah-like agents forming the Cat Squad. I love how the show always supplies the hot girls to appease the nerd audience and I'm happy as well. Hot girls kick ass? Anytime please.

It was also cute to see that Morgan and Alex really are serious about each other. I'm glad Morgan was able to stand up for himself and prove to Alex that there really wasn't anything going on and it was just her for him. Look at how fast our boys have grown! They're in stable relationships with hot girls now. How far we've come.

90210 02x15: Revenge with the Nerd

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HOW HAPPY AM I FOR NAOMI?! Not only is Max a sort of cutie (and a nerd) but she gets her money back too! Thank goodness we can get rid of the guru -- or at least I think we've gotten rid of her. I'm hoping hoping hoping that Max sticks around just because nerds are always cute.

I really feel for Annie though. HER COUSIN IS EVIL and i really just want her to disappear. I'm scared though cause now that the gauntlet's been thrown, things are really going to turn ugly and Annie's already had too much drama i her life, I don't think she needs any more. Cousin needs to get out right now.

And finally I really like seeing Silver with Teddy -- even if it's in a non-romantic setting. And though I'm really happy for Silver, I feel scared that this entire Navid/Silver is going to blow up in her face. Stop denying Silver, it'll all be dug out in the end, I'm sure.

Gossip Girl 04x15: It-Girl Happened One Night

While 90210 seemed to be driving the point home that they're all in school at the moment, Gossip Girl could have cared less that well hey, they're still in college. Other than Blair's internship, there doesn't seem to be a hint at their collegiate experience and well, I won't bother to look for it. Especially not when Blair's back to her scheming ways and at Serena!!! I thought you guys were cool.

What wasn't cool though was Serena's meddling with W's piece on Raina. Yeah, I get she had Blair's best interests at heart but obviously, girl, this isn't the way to go. I'm really really liking the Dan/Blair friendship too. FRIENDSHIP being the operative word. They were really cute watching Rosemary's Baby together via phone and I hope Dan gets his break into Vanity Fair thanks to Blair.

What I couldn't care about? Chuck's business drama. I just don't care about Chuck if he isn't with Blair. Do we see a pattern here? On a side note, I hope Damian doesn't cause too much trouble for Eric just because Eric needs to be in a happy place all the time. I like him too much.

Pretty Little Liars 01x17: The New Normal

I'm actually really happy with where the girls are this week -- even if there's still drama with all of them. Aria and Ezra were especially cute this week what with Ezra worrying about Mr. Montgomery liking him and all the take-out and make-out sessions they've been having at his place. Ezra, this week, you win me over. Let's continue this cuteness?

And though I felt that Emily's teammate had something for her, I didn't think it was actually going to happen. I'm happy that Emily's mom finally told Emily how she felt. Sure, she's not over it completely but at least she's trying to understand her daughter better. Emily needs all the support she needs right now. Girl is still glowing though.

In Hannah land, I am creeped out by Mrs. Potter's 'great nephew.' I really hope that this entire money drama goes away because the mother daughter duo have suffered enough. I'm glad we get to see more of Caleb and his basement living ways. And look at that, he and Hannah have yet to hook up. I approve of this slow burn -- slow for a tv show's standards at least. Let's hope it pans out well.

And finally, despite my initial reservations towards Toby, I really do like him with Spencer. He seems ten times less creepy now than when he was friends with Emily. Still creepy though? Jenna. I'm sure they'll redeem her character somehow but the way she's being shown now, I'm not liking it still.

Glee 02x13: Comeback

Photos courtesy of waxandstrings @ rawr_caps
As a non-Belieber (though I'm not hating on 'Baby'), I was surprisingly okay with this week's episode. Sure, the songs weren't that spectacular but it was fun to see Sam get a lot of screen time -- shirtless or not. Baby was definitely the best from The Justin Biber Experience though Somebody to Love had cute powder clapping and dancing scenes. I did however like Take Me or Leave Me the best of all. My jaw was just on the floor when the divas did their diva-off. Sorry Sue, your sabotage didn't quite work this time.

Also not working for me? The demise of Sam/Quinn. Though Quinn had it coming -- with her cheating with Finn on Sam -- I'm still not liking how we won't be seeing the blondes together again. WHY QUINN WHY?!? Also, I like Glee for the snark and laughs, not so much for the uplifting messages but hey, seeing Sue in a plaid track suit was worth it.

American Idol 10: Hollywood Round

Thank goodness for Rickey really because it wasn't for him, I really wouldn't have seen any of Idol despite the numerous replays on Star World. Round 1 was a breath of fresh air for me just because I could care less for auditions. Still, I don't get the love for this fifteen year old boy. Yeah, he's pretty okay but his age has no effect on me really. I do like the two other 'young ones' -- the girl that sang, "When I Look at You" and the dude that sang "Moody's Mood for love." The latter has NOTHING on Elliott Yamin but he was still pretty good.

Round 2 was group week and though this is usually my most favorite week, none of the groups really blew me away. Then again, I didn't watch any of the dramarama that surrounds group week so perhaps I didn't get the full effect. The trio of girls that did Grenade were probably the most polished for me. Second the five girls that did Hit Em Up Style were pretty solid. I see girls are still stronger?

Round 3 had me liking the dude that sang "The Story" by Brandi Carlisle. I thought he did it pretty well. The My Prerogative renditions this year didn't hold a candle to Anoop Desai but that's just me missing the 'old' days.

Skins 05x04: Liv

Of all the characters in this generation, I could care for Liv the least. Not just because she really reminds me of Jal but because I really just don't care for her. If it weren't for Matty -- SO THAT'S YOUR NAME -- I would have totally blanked out on this episode. And now we know why Nick and Matty sort of 'look alike' though now that I think of it, they don't really -- THEY'RE BROTHERS!!! Not that I care for Nick at all.

And as bad as I feel for Liv that Mini's torturing her, I don't blame Mini at all. They're supposed to be best friends. I like Liv's little sister though. She seems like a kid with a good head on her shoulder. I hope she doesn't get messed up like her sister.

Bones 06x14: The Bikini in the Soup

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when they focus on love and during the Valentines episode we see all the characters and their respective loved ones celebrate the day of love in their own special way. I really do love Cam and Dr. Paul. I'm so glad Cam was able to get together with the doctor despite the busy day at the office. Work/life Balance, Cam. I dig it.

Angela and Hodgins are the cutest parents-to-be ever. I'm glad that things are going well with them, as they learn each other's likes and dislikes. The best part of this episode though? BRENNAN AND BOOTH's non-date date! Obviously Brennan was blowing off all those dates so she could spend time shooting guns with Booth. It was really sweet that they were able to just chill together. I like this Hannah-less period we're going through. Let it flourish please.

Nikita 01x15: Alexandra

I've grown to really enjoy Nikita and this week, despite the lulzy flashback's to Alexandra Udinov's past, it was interesting to see how Alex is slowly turning out to be pretty good at the killing bit of an agent's life. I feel for Nikita, cause no matter how much she tries to protect Alex, it's not like she'll be able to shelter her forever.

But what I really wanted to talk about was the Nikita/Michael/Alex triangle. I'm not sure how they're pushing this but I was really happy we saw some Michael/Nikita interaction in the flesh. It's funny, you think these two would kill each other at sight especially with Percy's hatred for Nikita, but Michael always always holds back and Nikita isn't initiating taking down Michael either. COULD YOU GUYS JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY?!

What I'm not sure about though is this Michael/Alex vibe I'm picking up. I get he's her handler and he's just looking out for her, but could he be seeing Nikita in her and therefore a rekindling of his handler/agent feelings again? I won't mind seeing a triangle but I just hope it doesn't get in the way of Nikita/Alex's mission.

Vampire Diaries 02x15: The Dinner Party

Photos courtesy of potthead @ rawr_caps
Raise your hand if tis episode had you on the edge of your seat half the time?! I know I was alert and awake despite my exhaustion -- which is a feat in itself considering I'm always asleep nowadays. Damon was of course his usual awesome self and this week he decides to hatch his plan to kill Elijah once and for all using Uncle Jon's knife and dust. I like how he's really employed the help of his distraction. And though his first plan doesn't work out quite as well, it's good to see the back-up came through.

The look on Damon's face though when Katherine comes out of the shower naked and totally in control of the situation (manipulating him to kill Elijah and all), you can tell Damon's feeling duped and idiotic. I'm glad Katherine's out of the cave too. Now we really get to have some fun with her free and all. I wonder how she'll help Damon and Stefan save Elena though.

But back to the pretty people at the dinner party hosted by Mr. Salvatore. I really love how Alaric and Damon work so well together and somehow manage to pull things off. Sure, I'm sad that Jenna's doubting him now thanks to Jon's scheming ways, but I'm still hoping Alaric can fix things with Jenna. Also funny? How Jenna really is the only clueless adult on this show -- Matt seems to be her kid counterpart. You both need to bond.

Meanwhile at the lakehouse, before Elijah comes on his Elena-hunting spree thanks to Damon not listenign to his words, we get the lover's quarrel between Stefan/Elena. These two kids are too cute together and it's always fun to see them fight just because they actually talk things out and get results. So uncharacteristic of high school kids -- then again, one of them is an ancient vampire but that's okay.

Thanks to the lulzy flashbacks, not only do Elena and Stefan make up but we also get a nice little historical vision of how roles were reversed back in the day -- what with Damon being all nice and responsible and Stefan, being the evil, irrational one, governed by bloodlust. Oh how time has passed and people have changed. Who knew things could be so different now!? I definitely prefer bad!Damon.

And though I barely comment on Bonnie, I have to say Jeremy/Bonnie were too cute this week with their non-date by the fire. Too bad warlock!daddy had to walk in on them. Jeremy's gonna be more than angry with him for barging in -- other than the fact he sort of took Bonnie's powers away -- cause you know he'll be taking a long cold shower after that. Sorry Jeremy, better luck next time.
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