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Movie Raving: 83rd Academy Award Best Picture Nominees

And the Oscar goes to.. [Collider]
Never in my life have I seen all of the Oscar nominated movies -- or at least I don't think so. Especially when they started nominating TEN movies all at once, I didn't think I'd be able to complete them just because I'm lazy like that. This year though, I was shocked when I realized I'd already seen 7 out of the 10. So I figured, hey what's three more?

And this week instead of watching my weekly set of TV shows, I took to the last three movies. You know I'm far from doing an objective review so instead here are my totally unorganized and random thoughts on the movies. I've ranked them according to my favorites to win the Oscar this February 27.

A+ PR Machine

The Social Network

The Good: Have you not realized the combined cuteness of Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg and Armie Hammer? Okay, add in some JT and you know this is a good enough reason other than the script of course

The Bad: All that PR machinery with the Sorkin-canned PR answers praising Mark Zuckerberg. It would have been fun if everyone was just mean to each other. Alas, it seems everyone's in love with each other though on the awkward side (hello SNL appearances by Zuckerberg and Eisenberg). Still, I can't think of the bad.

The Verdict: Strong contender just because of it's timeliness and of the pretty. Alright, I just want this to win because of the pretty okay?!

Totally Snubbed


The Good: NOLAN! DICAPRIO! GORDON-LEVITT! PAGE! HARDY! COTTILARD! MUPRHY! Seriously this movie probably packed the punch with the most MASSIVE AMOUNTS of pretty and the biggest MINDFUCK in the history of mindfucks. The amount of conspiracy theories and just how huge fandom got is enough to make it awesome.

The Bad: HOW IT'S GETTING SNUBBED LEFT AND RIGHT. No acting awards?! At all?! I get it's more of a sci-fi film but Academy, get with the times! The nerds are in now. Look at the Zuck! So yeah, getting snubbed is not cool at all.

The Verdict: Sweeping the technical awards but sorry Nolan, Sorkin's the golden boy right now, so he's just got you beat on that front. Oh wait, everyone's practically reuniting for Batman so we'll see them again.

Backlash Galore

Black Swan

The Good: THE DANCING! THE TUTUS! THE LESBIAN DREAM KISS! Obviously, I'm a girl and I always wanted to be a ballerina, even if I never worked to get it so seeing this Center Stage gone evil movie just makes me love it. AND HELLO NATALIE PORTMAN IS IN IT. Do I have to go on!? Oh and Vincent Cassel asking to Natalie to 'attack it! attack it' never gets old. NEVER.

The Bad: The backlash with all the Aronfosky stealing ideas to Natalie-being-preggers-and-engaged and 'overexposed' which I obviously don't buy into and just the GENERAL HATE it suddenly got so fast. I'm obviously a lover not a fighter.

The Verdict: Looks like the spotlight's on Natalie on this one plus all the backlash did get to it. I did love their social media marketing and digital campaign but alas the Academy doesn't care about their online marketing efforts right?!

Dark Horse

The King's Speech

The Good: I honestly thought I wasn't going to enjoy this one, but I did. SO MUCH. I get why they won the Screen Actors Guild award for best ensemble, it was pretty brilliant. PLUS IT'S A MOVIE ABOUT ROYALTY. That alone won me over already. AND it's got Mark Darcy Collin Firth in all his British proper gentleman presence. You know he's won you over.

The Bad: The focus on Helena Bonham Carter's fashion sense. Yeah so she doesn't dress like every other actress in Hollywood but she's brilliant in the movie so let's let it slide okay!? Not everyone can look the same you know.

The Verdict: I'm actually a little scared but I'm still pretty confident with TSN. This would be the biggest 'upset' though just because it's got that British charm to it and WE ALL LOVE BRITS (hello new Superman).

Timely Advocacy

The Kids are Alright

The Good: How cute is this family?! Moms Julianne and Annette and kids Josh and Mia. I want to be part of this family. I have gay relatives and it was so nice to see this family represented so well on film. I'm no activist but it was such a funny and well-written film that really shed light on things not everyone is aware of.

The Bad: The hate. I guess not everyone's open to some things just yet and as sad as that is, to each his own, I suppose. I hope in time, movies like this one won't have to be made and be labeled a certain way just because all films will be sensitive and be respectful to all people no matter what preference.

The Verdict: Natalie's got her competition cut out with Annette but I'm not too scared with this one ruining the TSN/TKS battle -- wow those acronyms make the movies sound like video game characters. Oh and hi Mark Ruffalo! I like you even if you made Mia ride a bike knowing her mom's don't approve.

The Underdog

The Fighter

The Good: Of the last three films I had to catch up on, I have to say I enjoyed this one the most. WHICH IS A SHOCKER considering I'm not into boxing or movies about it at all. LEO! BALE! I have to say were pretty damn brilliant and deserving of the love they're getting right now.

The Bad: I wish Wahlberg and Adams would get more love too. Their performances weren't as OVER THE TOP CRAZY as Leo and Bale but they were pretty fantastic as well. Also bad, the characters themselves. I really wanted to hit Micky's relatives and sisters. How could Micky be sisters with them?! He was so cute!

The Verdict: Grab those supporting actor awards but so far, it doesn't look like it'll be pulling a last ditch effort to steal the glory from the front-runners. Damn the performances though, they were pretty freaking fantastic.

Not Your Usual

127 Hours

The Good: ALL THAT JAMES FRANCO. ALL THE TIME. But really, the cinematography wasn't your usual (thank you Danny Boyle) and really a story about being stuck in a rock and not make me bored? That's a feat. That is awesome.

The Bad: Chopping his hand off. I mean really. I couldn't watch it. SO I'M A PUSSY (james franco's grandma tells me so)! I KNOW OKAY!?! And all those delusions. I just felt bad for him. Wasn't losing his hand enough?!).

The Verdict: Not a Slumdog Millionaire year for Boyle but hey, he's practically a Coen Brother now with movies cropping up at the Oscars. Plus Franco's hosting, how weird would that be if this won right!? His hosting pretty much seals the deal that he ain't winning anything.

Cartoons are Cool

Toy Story 3

The Good: DID YOU NOT CRY IN THE END THERE?! Don't deny it, you know you did. Or I'm just a big old sap. I am. Heck, my name is woodycakes for a reason! I commiserate with Woody TOO DAMN MUCH. Seeing them all for the last time still chokes me up after all these months.

The Bad: I get it was an awesome movie. I do, but I just feel like they threw it in there for the sake of having another animated film after Beauty and the Beast to be nominated for Best Picture. I feel like this slot could have gone to another more deserving movie.

The Verdict: No chance in hell. I know I shouldn't be making those motherhood statements but this one I feel I can say without regretting. Or wait, I hope I don't regret that. It can't really win right?! Oh wait, I take it back. I have no balls to discount anything.

Obligatory Coen Brothers Entry

True Grit

The Good: Watching Hailee Steinfeld look totally pretty on the red carpet and so different from her character. You can see she was 'acting' there just because she doesn't look quite as ballsy and sharp as Mattie Ross does. I COULD NEVER HAGGLE LIKE THAT.

The Bad: Still all the attention on Hailee Steinfeld!!! People, I get she's a child (oh and part Filipino too just because EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE PART PINOY) and she was good but she wasn't the only one in this movie. No I'm not talking about Jeff Bridges! I mean Matt Damon! And Josh Brolin! And just anyone else!!! I like you Hailee but the world doesn't revolve around you.

The Verdict: Sorry Coen Brothers, this ain't no Fargo or No Country For Old Men but I'll give you props just because I enjoyed this one or rather felt lighter compared to how I felt after watching your previous work. You guys are Oscar veterans already. Getting nominated is an honor right? Oh yeah but winning rocks too.

Indie Kid

Winter's Bone

The Good: Quasi-happy endings. You know I totally breathed a sigh of relief when Ree got all that money in the end. If her mom started talking, it would have been overkill so this was good enough for me. Stay happy, Ree.

The Bad: TEARDROP GETTING NOMINATED AND TOTALLY STEALING ANDREW GARFIELD'S POSSIBLE SLOT. Yeah you were good in this but ANDREW IS FAR PRETTIER and I would have killed to have him introduced in the Amazing Spiderman as Academy Award nominee Andrew Garfield RIGHT?!? Oh and the squirrel opening with the hands -- I couldn't look.

The Verdict: I feel like the Academy has a quota for indie films in the nominees and this one filled the quota pretty damn well just cause it was set in rural America with blue collar workers and druggies. Losing one hand is in, this movie went all out with two.

  • Number of hands chopped off: FOUR -- two of them belonging to one person
  • Number of lesbian couples: TWO -- though one was sort of dreamed up
  • Number of dreams within dreams: TOO MANY TO COUNT -- or rather I'm just lazy
  • Number of friends you need to make to make enemies: FIVE HUNDER MILLION
  • Number of drug-addicts turned goodies: TWO -- though the Winter's Bone folk are just druggies
  • Number of people beaten up at least once: EIGHT PLUS -- I was only counting lead characters and all
  • Number of hours Aron Ralston was stuck: 127 -- no duh

    So obviously I'm excited for the Oscars. Who's with me?! Who are your bets?! What did you guys think of the films?! Come on, let's all squeeee together!

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