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Sneak Peek: Leo Takes Us Back to 'J. Edgar'

We See You, Armie[Leo DiCaprio Network]
February really does seem like a dead-ish month for movies -- not only were the upcoming movies not to my liking, but it seems like no one's shooting movies! Or at least they're just hiding really well (you can so tell those Breaking Dawn set photos were soooo leaked on purpose). Still, I'll take what I can get and we've got the boys this time.

We still have some girl crushing inside (possible spoilers for Leighton on the Gossip Girl set), and we could have had some Rachel on the Sherlock Holmes 2 one as well, but the quality wasn't too good. I'll wait. Besides, it's always nice to have some man candy anyway.

Photos courtesy of Leo DiCaprio Network
LEO! ARMIE! I'm excited to see this film but also to see everyone else on set (Ed! Josh! We're waiting for you!). So far, these shots of Leo smoking that cigar and looking oh so dapper and FBI-y in that suit and Armie and bowties and hats and old-school Leo! I approve completely.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Fan
OMG ANDREW'S IN THE SPIDEY SUIT!!! You see how I threw in a backside shot there?! Who knew this was the body Andrew was hiding underneath all those loose clothes?! Watch me objectify these males. Oh yes, I will. But I digress. I was actually doubting Andrew's presence underneath the suit but it seems like it's really him! Go Andrew, go internalize Peter Parker's pain.

Photos courtesy of Chris Pine Fan
I just love seeing Chris FIIIIIIINE on set. Just because it's the only time I ever see him. And looking casually cool and handsome on the set of his movie is just how I like him. You can buy me dinner anytime, Chris. I'll even pay.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
So thanks to Jon's girlfriend the girl we see with Jon on the red carpet, we get to see Jon on set of her movie. And hey a movie's a movie so thank you girl. I'm not sure who Jon will be playing or what the movie is about, but I appreciate the mug since we won't be seeing him till July. WHY SO FAR AWAY MAD MEN?!

Photos courtesy of
And finally we see some Ms. Meester on set in New York. I'm not sure how I feel about her being with this prince dude but at least Blair looks happy. I wonder how she's going to sabotage her own happiness this time. cause you know those writers will so do that right?!?

Even More Sneak Peek:
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