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I'm the Best[6 Down/46 To Go!]
[+] Birthday weeks are the best just because I'm always anticipating the actual day that everyday leading up to it turns out to be pretty fantastic. I need to get used to saying I'm twenty-four though.

[+] FIRST OF ALL, beeeeej, cutest birthday card is the cutest. Thank you so much! I super duper love it. Thank so much to mizra for the birthday vgift! it was so sweet. And just a huge THANK YOU to everyone that greeted me and remembered. ♥ I appreciate you all.

[+] I'm proud to say I didn't get tempted to break the no-shopping rule in my 30 for 30 but that's probably because I didn't really go out despite the birthday. Hey, any excuse not to spend is good for me.

[+] Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! ♥ here's to a good week ahead for everyone. Let's all chill and not get stressed yes? I keep telling myself this every week. Hey, it could work, right?

Two things that happened to me today of worth: first because my boss wasn't in, I had to sit in at a meeting (that i only found out about a few minutes before) with a big client and i was representing our entire department. scared, I was. Thank goodness I managed to wrangle in someone else to help me out. Though I didn't do much talking, I was just so scared of fucking up so I'm glad I didn't do too bad.

Then when I got back to my desk, the girls from the next row, they edit the fashion site, gave me a mini-make-over from the dress to the make-up. We have a little project going on and need sample photos. Despite the self-shot photos for 30 for 30, i'm in no way comfortable with having my photo taken, much more in the office surrounded by all these stylish but ultimately sweet girls. Fun times but surreal too. I don't know how i got myself into that situation.

I don't know how I'm going to make it through this week. I asked permission from my boss for a day off on Friday and though she's verbally said yes, I'm hoping I can get confirmation of this soon because i've never looked forward to a day off from work so badly.

I used to make fun of my sister for falling asleep while watching TV and now I'm doing exactly the same thing. I cannot even sit through my favorite shows without falling asleep. I usually watch at least two of my TV shows on a Tuesday night (there are four) and I couldn't make it through one!!!! Literally. It's kinda sad but it's true. I'm such an oldie. Work, eat, sleep.

It's funny that whenever I end up presenting outside the office, I always bump into someone I know -- either someone from college or high school or even from my first job. The advertising folks are teasing me cause it never fails to happen and yesterday I saw a really good friend from my first job and it was nice to see her again.

I'm also pretty proud of myself for going home earlier than usual. The best part? The train I rode wasn't so full of people, I got home, had dinner and was able to stay awake for three shows! Look at me, getting younger again.

You know how when you're looking forward to something, the anticipation gets to you and you're not sure what's happening anymore? Well that's how Thursday went just because I was too psyched up for my day-off on Friday. Though I still had lots of things to sort out in preparation for my leave, I was just thinking happy thoughts the entire day.

And sure the train ride home was a little crazy and I've been very behind on my reading, but when I got home and could just relax and not think of anything for three days, I felt like that was the best gift I could have gotten myself. Anticipating things always trumps the actual event for me.

I get to sleep in, get a hair cut, have lunch with my mom, get some awesome books from my dad, watch some Pride and Prejudice, go to mass, have dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant with my family , come home and watch most of my TV shows and I would say all in perfect day is perfect.

Sure I still got some work-related calls and messages but it wasn't like I was going to get out of work that easily. Still, the birthday was pretty good and by the time I fell asleep that night I was just happy and as far as birthdays go, that's enough for me.

My mom's life sort of revolves around us, her family, so when she decided to take up acupuncture (and met a whole new world of people following that), I was just really happy for her. Today, they had to bring out a guest of theirs (from the acupuncture group) and so I drove her all the way to Antipolo to eat at this really great restaurant.

It was nice to see my mom in her own element, surrounded by her friends. It's funny thought cause my little sister and I were so stuffed after lunch, we ended up napping in the car for a bit. We're such oldies. Long drive was worth it. My mom looked really happy.

We always spend Valentines day or whatever Sunday is nearest it in my grandma's house cause not only is it my brother's birthday but it's also my grandpa's birthday. This year was no different and we did nothing but eat and laugh the entire afternoon. My niece was also in attendance and this little girl is the cutest thing ever and she's so big and smart now so it was nice to catch up with her.

Like always though, I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon just because it's always so tempting to sleep. I don't know if there's something wrong with me for craving sleep all the time but I do. So much for the long weekend, I totally didn't feel it much.
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