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12 of 12: February 2011

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

family room7:04am
I was too tired from my birthday to stay up and watch the news so waking up to find out Mubarak stepped down in Egypt is a nice cherry on top of the whole happy birthday thing. I hope things get better for Egypt moving forward.

This is actually my second breakfast of the day. My brother and I were left to our own devices when we oke up so he had some healthy oatmeal while I made myself some unhealthy instant noodles from the left-over water my brother boiled. Nothing like preservatives to start off my day.

living room9:01am
I was too sleepy to finish watching all my shows last night so today I finished off it all off. I don't know how Vampire Diaries keeps getting better each week but it does. And Caroline has grown to be one of the sweetest and best characters I've seen on a show, other than Damon of course. Anyone watching me watch this show can attest to how crazy participative I can get.

my room9:46am
My dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday and the obvious answer was books. Of course he wanted to hear me say Kindle but I'm still thinking about whether I want to shell out for that -- I can't ask my dad for that as a gift, it's too much, so instead my dad got me books. I love it. My dad is so freaking extravagant, I could ask him for anything and he'd give it. Books on my birthday are enough though.

Sulo Hotel Lobby10:16am
I drove my mom to a lunch with her acupuncture friends and before heading to Antipolo we had to pick up some people from the Sulo Hotel. I've never been in there, I just see it from the press conferences for Bb. Pilipinas but the upgraded lobby was pretty swanky. That's the chandelier right there.

Crescent Moon Cafe11:50am
After a pretty long drive, we finally end up at Antipolo, specifically atthe Crescent Moon Cafe that is apparently owned by my college friend's mom! Small world is small. It has such a pretty ambiance to it and the air is so fresh and it just felt good to get out of the city.

Crescent Moon Cafe11:59am
There was a pottery place in the cafe too and all the fixtures in the outdoor faucets were made by the owner too. It had a really quaint outdoor sink and everything just felt so organic and earthy and just really nice and relaxing.

Crescent Moon Cafe12:16pm
Not something you'd see me eat everyday but having the alagaw leaves with gren mangoes, onions, dried coconuts, cilantro, okoy and some special sauce all worked together really nicely. Appetizer love. Their pumpskin soup with coconut was pretty good too.

Crescent Moon Cafe2:26pm
There's my mom's friend Janet with the pottery pieces for sale. I wanted to get my mom something but true to form, she announces as much as she'd want something, we've got a lot of ceramics at home already -- true facts indeed. Still, the handmade items were just really pretty and I had to stop myself from getting something just because they were beautiful.

Mamita's room4:17pm
We got home and I told myself I'd do some reading but waking up early and the long drive got to me. Despite my post-lunch nap at the cafe, I was still too tired to read. So I ended up napping. I'm waaaaay behind on my quota of pages for 2666 so I hope I actually manage to finish this book. It's pretty awesome so far.

family room9:01pm
Of course, with all that healthiness for lunch, we had to spoil it for dinner and because my mom's been cooking non-stop ever since our cook went on vacation, we had some McDonalds for dinner. not that I'm complaining one bit. Their chicken and spaghetti combo is always a nice meal. All of this while watching the craptastic The Core. Yup, we sat through it.

And finally to round up the day, I had some of my birthday cake. I was going to get a mocha cake but then realized my siblings aren't the biggest mocha fans. I didn't want to have to finish an entire cake -- great way to start the year right? So I opted for the chocolate fudge. Not a bad choice either.
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