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TV Time: Glee Comes Back with a Double

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So this week, we get not one but TWO Glee episodes and though a year ago, I would have been all giddy about that, I've gotten to a point in my Glee-watching experience where I don't set my hopes up. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the show, but somehow I'm just in it for the performances and am a little detached from the storyline. Having said that, I'm glad we got two this week just because one was better than the other.

Chuck 04x14: Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible

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Leave it to Chuck to make sure all characters are given equal love and this time we see an episode focusing around the General. Though I don't usually care for her, nor did this episode make me like her any more, it's always fun to see new things -- just because there's only so much Jeffster one can take in an episode right? At the same time though, we see Chuck and Sarah try to get through their engagement and talk things out with how they want their wedding to go.

I don't know who will be followed though -- the elopement or the big family wedding. Perhaps it'll be a little bit of both and we get small family destination wedding. Either way, I'm glad Chuck and Sarah are talking things out -- even if Chuck resorts to moping and confiding in Morgan at first. And really, you can't blame the Bartowskis for being excited about their engagement, I'm sure they've waited long enough too.

90210 02x14: All About a Boy

Scam artist much?! I knew that guru was sketchy when she started calling Naomi some name I can't quite remember right now. I'm not sure how Naomi's going to get her money back or her hectares of land, but I hope she doesn't get burned too much. This girl has just had one bad deal after the other and this guru is evil and needs to be brought down.

Meanwhile, Silver's off frolicking with Navid while also comforting Adrianna. Seriously. This is all going to bite her in the ass soon. I can only imagine how hurt Adrianna will be when she finds out it's Silver that Navid's 'cheating' on her with. Oh the drama this zip code produces. Also, I so called that Annie's cousin would be stealing the role. I don't like this girl at all.

Gossip Girl 04x14: Panic Roommate

Blair Waldorf, you will never change. And though I'm glad she got a 'promotion' at her internship for her scheming ways, it was still fun to watch Blair team up with Chuck and actually produce positive results. Props to the Chuck/Blair team for immediately realizing the pimping-potential of Nate Archibald. Poor guy couldn't even get the uptight boss laid.

As much as I'd love to see Blair/Chuck as endgame, I'm liking seeing them work as friends. They do hatch well planned schemes and obviously get the job done. Also, because Dan was not involved with Blair this week, I could really give a rats ass about what happened to him and Ben and Damien. I'm glad they got Damien what he deserved though because Eric deserves a better friend. Let's all give Eric a hug.

Pretty Little Liars 01x16: Je Suis une Amie

I don't know how evil Ian really is until now, but it seems like Spencer's still barking up the wrong tree. What with her sister being pregnant with his baby and all this drama with Toby and the tutoring, something tells me that Ian is yet another false lead. I'm really scared this reveal of A will be a letdown considering how they're building it up. Also, ten bucks says Spencer hooks up/falls for Toby.

Meanwhile, it seems like Hanna's getting closer to getting together with foster boy living in the school. I'm glad she's getting a bad boy this time just because Hanna's been given major dweebs as boys despite her obvious hotness. I like that she and bad boy bonded on the stairs too. I see potential here.

Also, I'm glad Emily's psycho-teammate didn't go all nutso on her and is finally coming around. I don't think they'd go as far as making her Emily's new love interest but this only means new drama is around the corner for Emily if this one is solved so fast. I liked all the water scenes in this episode though. I don't swim but it looked like fun.

And finally, paranoid Aria finally learns about Hanna's A-driven plans. Though I'm happy Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery are getting back together, I'm really tired of Aria getting all paranoid about her and Ezra. I get that this is a major issue, but I just wish they'd focus more on her actual relationship with him just because other than their date, we don't see much except them sneaking around.

Glee 02x11: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

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So not minding all the unrealistic and unbelievable things in this episode, the performances weren't too bad. Worst song choice would have to be, "She's not there" by The Zombies -- seriously!?! Perhaps I was just really sleepy but I'm not sure what context this song was sung in other than the band's name.

Also, because of my general ignorance of Top 40 music, I didn't even know who Lady Antebellum was but the rendition of Need You Now was pretty good. if only I could enjoy it more, having known it prior to it being played. The crazy mash-up of Heads Will Roll and Thriller was entertaining for sure but I couldn't fathom the footballers actually enjoying it and the crows loving it. But hey, it's TV! Anything goes.

I did however really like Bills, Bills, Bills as performed by the flawless Warblers. These kids could give Vocal Adrenaline a run for their money and the cuteness of Kurt/Blaine made me enjoy this episode. I don't know why they sang that or even appeared -- because they didn't really need to, but it was fun and I'm not complaining.

Glee 02x12: Silly Love Songs

On the other hand, I really did enjoy their Valentines episode not for the plot obviously (I don't see Puck/Lauren going anywhere nor do I approve of Quinn cheating on Sam) but because their performances were too enjoyable. As offensive as Fat Bottomed Girls was for Lauren, Puck does know how to sing and sing really well and with the back-up of the boys, I really liked this one.

I also really enjoyed how they've utilized Mike Chang. Yes, he can't sing but he sure can dance so they pair him up with Artie for P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) and he does some pretty impressive dance moves while pushing Artie on the wheel chair. Seriously, props to Harry Shum Jr and the choreographer because that was fun.

Of course, it's always AMAZING to see the Warblers perform and though I knew Blaine wasn't planning on serenading Kurt, it was nice to see them talk it out afterward and really clear the air. These two kids are too cute for words. And of course, Blaine's over the top theatrics for When I Get You Alone (complete with HUGE buy-in from Gap) was just too much fun. Poor Blaine.

Skins 05x03: Mini

Am I right or am I right that Mini had a sob story behind her bitchy attitude?! Of course her mom's a sad sack; of course her boyfriend's a douche; of course she only eats seeds for breakfast!!! These all contribute to her major bitchiness and now we 'feel' for her.

I'll give it to Liv for trying to stand up for her but minus points for giving in to Nick's advances. Seriously, the guy looks skeevy and dirty and I would not touch him with a ten foot pole. WHY ARE GIRLS FAWNING FOR HIM!? i don't get it. Lord knows I laughed when Mini puked on him. He totally deserved that and more.

I was actually getting happy that Franky talked to Mini and got her out of her daze, but I guess some things never change and just when we see Liv and Nick in their post-coital confusion, we also see Mini throw herself on Nick whilst still concealing her virgin status. Oh the sad little lives of popular girls. She's really pretty though.

American Idol 10: Hollywood Week

I've just lost interest in this and though I did get to catch a bit of Hollywood week, it'll take a whole lot of effort on my part to really follow this one through. Sorry jamypye, it's just really hard to 1) make it home on time; 2) get really interested with all the newness. I did enjoy the bit of Hollywood that I did catch -- the three 'youngsters' moving forward. And in true idol fashion, they had to exploit the relationships that were happening so we got the two couples bit that I was just a little meh about. Oh Idol, you really never change.

Bones 06x13: The Daredevil in the Mold

Raise your hand if you're happy that Hannah is out of the picture. I SEE ALL YOUR HANDS RAISED, I know. And as sad as it was to see Agent Booth all crushed and MAAAAAD at all of them, I'm glad we finally get rid of that woman. Now we can focus on rebuilding the Booth/Bones relationship. The problem is, I don't think Brennan is the 'marrying kind' either so I don't know how that's going to work out for them.

Let's all blame Sweets. Sure, in the end it was still Booth that made the call to buy that huge ring, but if it weren't for Sweets prodding, Booth wouldn't have really gone there. Sure he could have on his own, but they did just move in together and things are kind of new so I can't blame Hannah for not being up front, I just feel for Booth so much. He looked crushed. I wonder how he'll recover from this. Brennan, are you up to the challenge?!

Nikita 01x14: The Next Seduction

Well the girls sure are doing some making-up for the lack of making out on this show during their Valentines episode. We finally see some Michael/Alex tension and some Alex/Noah throw-caution-to-the-wind and get caught up in the moment kissing. As entertaining as it was to see Michael be all protective of Alex (you know he means well -- and just doesn't want what happened to Nikita to happen to her), it was still fun to see him allude to Alex being a prostitute, or so I deduced in my half asleep state when I watched this. Michael/Alex shippers, this is as close as you'll get for now. Though Noah is a cutie so I didn't mind this hook-up at all.

What I didn't see coming was the Ryan/Nikita kiss. I guess she's got all the boys in her pocket. What with Michael still pining over her, the obvious tension with her and Owen and now Ryan too. I'm glad Ryan's back to where he belongs but I doubt he'll remain safe with Percy being on his case and all. I'd kill for some Michael/Nikita interaction again and not just via phone. These kids are too pretty to be immortalized only through flashbacks. Show some present-time loving please.

Vampire Diaries 02x14: Crying Wolf

Photos courtesy of potthead @ rawr-caps
And finally for the most awesome show of the week, we end with some Vampire Diaries. This week, we see the wolves 'revenge' for the disastrous episode last week and though they succeed in torturing Damon to give up the location of the moonstone, we also see Elijah save Damon again and kill all those damn wolves -- with the exception of Jules of course. Can I just digress and talk about how hot Damon is when being tortured and also when covering up his new girlfriend distraction's bite marks?! You can mark me anytime, Damon.

Now that we're all aware of Elijah's actual plan though, thanks to Bonnie's witchery (and hello there making the moves on Jeremy), at least we're all on the same page with wanting to kill Klaus -- as long as Elena dies. And because I don't see that coming true, I'm not quite sure how this will all work out. They can't just kill Elena right?!

Speaking of Elena, how cute were she and Stefan on their little lakehouse retreat. It sucks that wolves don't have to be invited into your home because it would have been so convenient for the wolves to be stuck outside. Instead we see them interrupt the little couples getaway. I'm glad Stefan was able to talk some sense into Tyler because obviously kid needs to get his own mind. Those wolves are vicious/

So vicious that I actually thought for a second that they killed Alaric. I will not be a happy camper if this happens and not because of Jenna but because Alaric is hot. And it would be such a loss to the show. As much as I hated Mason, I appreciated the extra guy candy so they can't lose anymore. I love all the Jon/Jenna banter though. I love that Sark is totally trying to exert parental control. Your intimidations ain't going to work on Jenna -- not until she knows the whole truth. It seems like only Jenna and Matt are left in the clueless crew.

And finally, we end with the Caroline/Matt/Tyler saga which seems to have come to a temporary end. What with Tyler going away with Jules, I guess we'll see a reunion between Matt and Caroline? I don't mind one bit. Caroline luckily got a nice break this episode -- not your turn to be tortured! Tyler admitting he has feelings for Caroline was a nice touch though. I guess we'll see them return to those feelings some day when all this sacrifice business is over.
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