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Au Revoir Vinqt-Trois

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“So this is the first time I'm trying to do a voice post using... the "Magic Jack." I usually do this using Gizmo Project but since I lost my laptop and the computer that my brother owns does not run on Vista or Windows XP so I can no longer install the Gizmo Project. So alas, goodbye to that. But hey! New way of voice posting!

Although this feels odd as I am in my parents bedroom and it's 11 minutes to midnight so I'm still in time for my yearly au revoir vinqt-trois. Yes, I speak French, obviously.

But there, another year. Goodbye 23. Good year I suppose? A fast year, that's for sure. I mean [I wonder] how fast this 24th year will be. I just... well thanks to everyone that read this blog on my 23rd year. Hopefully it stays interesting and less dramatic on the 24th.

And yeah. This is weird. Happy Birthday?”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: my birthday, voice post
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