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Red Carpet Round-Up: Leighton Doesn't Want a Roommate

Don't Touch Her Shit[]
Despite my reservations about the actual movie, it seems like Leighton's going out full force to promote her movie with almost-twin Minka Kelly, The Roommate. I'm not even sure if I'll be catching it but seeing Leighton out and about promoting this movie is always something to watch out for.

Elsewhere, awards season is rounding up the final guild awards (Director's, Writer's and Screen Actor's) and though I'm still sad that Andrew was snubbed by the Academy, here's to hoping we still see him at the Oscars anyway. He's got to present at least, right?!


Photos courtesy of
I am loving all the looks Leighton's been giving us. This would have to be one of my most favorite too.

For her interview with Jimmy, she changed into a floral dress and though I haven't seen her interview yet, I'm sure it was tons of fun. Her smile is infectious.

And how awesome is it that we see Kristen wear this Proenza Schouler for her Vogue spread and now we see it in action on Leighton. She pulls it off so well.

Photos courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan
I wouldn't pair the top with the bottom normally but Anne really is working this look. I love her lighter locks and how casual yet chic she looks. Sure, I won't exactly be lining up to watch Rio but I'm glad she looks beautiful promoting it.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bilson
And finally we see Rachel come out for something. Premiering her movie with co-star Tom Sturridge, Rachel turned heads in her halter, backless dress that just looks divine on her. She needs to star in more things so she comes out more often on an official capacity.

Photos courtesy of I♥Jake, Carey Mulligan Network
I haven't seen Jake in a bit nor have we seen Carey but they both came out to support Maggie Gyllenhaal in her play Three Sisters. It's cute that Carey still keeps in touch with her An Education co-star and that she's there to support his wife. It's really sweet.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle, Jim Sturgess Online
Meanwhile Camilla and Jim both had movies to promote so they did the late night talk show rounds -- Camilla teaching Conan to salsa for From Prada to Nada while Jim has a laugh with Kimmel for his movie, The Way Back. I can't wait till One Day comes out -- imagine all the Anne/Jim goodness.

Awards Shows

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Fan
A photo opportunity with Colin Firth?! Yes please. How classy and handsome is that man?! It's good to see Andrew come out to show his support for David Fincher. I'm hoping the Oscars are a sure win for him, but things are so up in the air right now, I'd rather not think about it.

Photos courtesy of Leo DiCaprio Network
LOOK WHO CAME OUT OF THE WOODWORK?! I get he isn't nominated for anything and Inception was pretty much snubbed so he doesn't technically have a reason to come out but THANK GOODNESS HE DID because I was seriously missing him already.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Natalie Portman
Though Darren Aronofsky isn't exactly bagging the awards, Natalie still came out to show support for her Black Swan director. I know in interviews you're supposed to really sing praises about your director but considering it took them ten years to make this film, you can sort of sense the bond between these two. Oh and Natalie looked awesome at this event too. Love the hair and her dress.

I'm liking how Shannon is always with Andrew at these awards shows and hopefully we see her at the Oscars too. They look really cute together and at the Screen Actors Guild awards, Andrew and TSN boys didn't win the ensemble cast nod but hey, it was good to see them all present.

Photos courtesy of Finding Franco
James was of course his usual joking self at the SAGs but it's great to see him all cleaned up for the event. I can only imagine the jitters he and Anne are feeling right now as they approach the Oscars. But don't worry James, I'm sure it's nothing a little weed won't solve.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
HOW LUCKY ARE WE TO GET SOME OF THIS MAN?! I don't care how brief the appearance or how random, seeing Jon Hamm always makes me smile. Seeing him with BETTY DRAPER January Jones? EVEN CUTER. Why aren't you guys dating again?! I don't understand why not.

Natalie was pretty much glowing this entire night and though she seemed a little more sober during her speech, I can't tell for sure that she's got the Oscar in the bag. I still have Annette hanging over my head and who knows what the Academy will do right?! Either way, I'm glad she got her SAG. It's always nice to be recognized by your peers indeed.

Before the SAGs, James and Leo dropped by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and though I'm not clear on the details, it seems like Leo was there to present an award for director and perennially snubbed Christopher Nolan while James was reunited with Pineapple Express co-star Seth Rogen. No, I don't think either of them were high during the event.

And finally, as tradition has it, all the nominees of the Academy Awards attend a luncheon and photo taking really before the awards night. It's cute how they let Natalie take a seat -- she's looking more and more like a real pregnant lady (though still glowing). I love the draping of her blue dress and look! James and Natalie in the same frame! 17 Days till the Oscars people! How excited are we?!

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