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Fine Fresh Fierce[5 Down/47 To Go!]
[-] February's already under way and if we blink, it'll be March for sure. I know I keep harping on it, but time flies so fast now. Like lightyears fast and I'm scared I'll miss everything.

[+] Despite the craziness of the first three days of the week, the last two were a tad chiller (thank goodness) and I was able to breathe a little more. Now if only everyday were just chill, I'd be very very happy.

[+] February is obviously a favorite month of mine (we celebrate 2 and a half-ish birthdays -- well _lexizzle's is on a leap year but I still consider it a February birth date okay?!) so it should be pretty sweet to be having so much cake to eat this month!

[+] And so far, the winter remix isn't too bad. It's not like I ever feel compelled to wear a piece of clothing so having it all planned out is pretty great actually. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Thanks to my non-weekend, I wasn't quite ready to go back to work today. Unfortunately, I had to. And of course, the work poured in like anything despite it being the first day of the week. You'd think everyone else had a weekend hangover right?! No, everyone's freaking raring to work. I'm screwed. I'm so lazy already.

Though I got home just in time for the Screen Actors Guild awards, I was too tired to really pay attention. So I was switching back and forth between that and My Sister's Keeper which is apparently such a depressing movie. I haven't read the book and now I sort of want to, but I'm scared I'll be blubbering through it, which I probably will be.

I was talking to beeeeej and we realized how we're just going through the motions of everyday. Which makes me sound very adult and very not what I want to be. As naive as I sound, I'd actually like my days to mean something and have something matter happen to me. If not for these recaps, i will literally NOT remember anything that happened to me. EVER.

Thanks to the back to back to back things I had to attend to this afternoon, I ended up staying waaaaay overtime in the office. It didn't matter though cause right before the OT-partee, one of the folks I work with told me I was doing a good job and though that person is generally awesome, I don't think she'd lie to me just to make me feel good so it definitely felt amazing to hear that, especially since I feel like I'm constantly fucking up.

I wanted to be so lazy today. like really lazy, but work wouldn't allow me. I had three meetings back to back and barely got to do any actual work and now I have more work thanks to the meetings. Oh real life, you're awesome, aren't you?!

And despite getting home earlier than I did the night before, i was still so exhausted and I have no excuse really. Our cook went on vacation so my mom is doing all the cooking now and I feel bad that I can't help her out (not cause I can't cook) but because I literally collapse when I get home. Oh well. I'll try to help out on weekends.

Thank goodness for a less hectic day. Sure, I was still running around-ish but at least things were a little more settled than the first three days of the week. This is good because I was also feeling extremely lethargic so it wouldn't help if I had a ton of work to do yes?

Best part about today? Getting double mocha milk tea in the afternoon. The girls in the next row were ordering some and it definitely made the long hours pass by much quicker than usual. I wish I could have milk tea delivered to me everyday. Yes, that would equal me being very very broke, very very fast.

I'm glad things weren't too too hectic as well today. I was even able to head to my cousin's house to have lunch with her and watch an NCIS marathon. I wish I were more into police procedural dramas just because I'd never run out of things to watch since there are so many of those.

After work though, I ended up going to a spontaneous karaoke outing with my officemates. I didn't have plans of doing anything but watching TV when I got home but I figured I might as well since I never go out with them and they're always so sweet to me, asking me out all the time anyway. I had a fun time belting out Miley. We have the same range, don't judge.

Despite getting home at a decent hour last night, I was too tired to finish all my shows so I ended up catching up on them this afternoon after my amazing lunch. Ever since our cook went on vacation, my mom's been going all out crazy with our meals. Like really really good stuff we usually only get to eat when there are parties in the house. But now we get it like EVERYDAY. I'm not complaining.

And tonight, I was supposed to see one of my ex-officemates who'd come in from Canada (yep, tag-less boy) but I wasn't feeling too well or up to it plus I wasn't sure how to get to the venue and I didn't want to drive at night when I wasn't feeling 100% so I stayed at home and slept some more. I don't know why I'm always sleeping but it feels good to be rested.

Well let's sum up Sunday in one word? One big nap. I woke up for mass at 8am, went home to eat breakfast and watched The Kings Speech (which was awesome and makes me crush on Colin Firth again). Eat some lunch and watched some TV then napped and didn't wake up till MONDAY MORNING. What the hell?! I totally missed my weekend.

I also missed my little sister's prom dress fitting. It's all good though, I'll be floored when I see her in her dress. HOW CAN IT BE THAT SHE'S GOING TO PROM ALREADY?! She's our youngest sibling! This isn't possible. Or it is, and I'm just old. Yeah, that's more like it.
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