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TV Time: Blair and Dan Battle It Out For W

[You Know You Love Me]
Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Blair/Dan this week on Gossip Girl. Let's keep it platonic only though, okay writers? And just because I'm always the last person to know these things; I have to say, I'm VERY excited for the upcoming Starz series Camelot! With Jaime Campbell Bower as Arthur, Eva Green as Morgana and Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, this will definitely be something I'll be flailing over come April.

Chuck 04x13: Chuck Versus The Push Mix

Photos courtesy of potthead @ rawr-caps
Leave it to Jeffster to perform Push It in the hospital lobby as a replacement for Chuck's push mix for Ellie. Though there was some important spying during this episode, all I really cared about was Ellie giving birth to baby Clara and Awesome manning up to be there for her. These two kids are too sweet as backgrounders to Chuck's spy life and it's nice to see them become a family. It doesn't hurt they get a police escort to the hospital either.

Though I wasn't really into the Chuck storyline this episode, it surprised me to find out that the Sarah-double-agent plotline was over. It lasted like one second. Not that I want them to be apart, I don't, but this just means they'll be moving things along in their relationship much quicker. And true enough, Chuck proposes. Am I the only one who feels it's too soon?! I know we're four seasons in and it was only a matter of time, but I still can't get over the fact that they just officially got together this season right?!

Still, in spite of that, I loved the proposal. It was simple and sweet and so very them. Kudos to the director for the shot as well. I love that we don't actually hear Chuck proposing, just seeing it was enough. Totally adorable. Now let's have a very long engagement, please?

90210 02x13: It's Getting Hot in Here

Only on this zip can an entire group of friends go on a yoga weekend on a whim. But that's just why I love it. What I didn't love was how Navid and Silver are still going at it. I really don't like this relationship, not even because Navid's cheating on Adrianna (I really don't like her right now) but because I just don't feel anything for them. i'll be the first to cheer when Silver breaks up with him. Also, is Liam the only guy on the show Silver hasn't hooked up with?!

I'm glad Naomi got things out of her system in this episode. I don't know how long she'll last as a yogi in training at the spa but at least she's getting some calm and closure in her. She needs it the most and seems to be on the path to changing. I don't think it'll last but hey, it's the effort right? And because things will never be A+ for Annie, despite her getting together with Liam (yay, for Charlie-freedom), looks like she's got a little evil shadow now. I don't like her cousin one bit even if she looks like Jennie Garth's evil spawn.

Gossip Girl 04x13: Damien Darko

Let us preface this by saying I really do enjoy all these Dan/Blair scenes together. Despite my non-liking of Dan in general, when he's with Blair, it's always so fun to watch just because Dan seems to be the only one who can get under Blair's nerves in a non-sexual manner (that title belongs to Chuck). Having said that, let's stick to frenemy status for these two okay?! Blair does not need to sleep with him or see him in a romantic capacity. It's enjoyable already to see them verbally spar and humiliate each other whenever possible.

And Dan, shame on you for sabotaging Blair. I have to say, I'm surprised Blair didn't do the same to Dan but I hope this isn't their Blair's changing plotline, because I don't want her to change on account of her romantic but undiscovered feelings for Dan. I'd rather she be petty and silly if that were the case. In the end though, I'm glad that Dan manned up and did the right thing (as Dan always does). It's good to know we can count on Dan's conscience to save the day. And how cute is Blair doing all these intern-y things?!

Also, Eric could turn into the devil and I'd still love him. i'm glad we got some eric in this episode even if it depicted him pulling a Jenny Humphrey. Can anyone blame him?! He's been ignored these past few episodes/seasons and obviously all that neglect was bound to bite the Van Der Woodsens in the ass. I just hope Eric doesn't hurt himself in the process. I'm happy to see Jonathan back too -- even if only for Eric to totally play his heart.

PLL 01x15: If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Photos courtesy of lastsongs @ rawr-caps
Raise your hand if you were scared all that public making out between Aria and Ezra was going to end up with them getting caught. I get they're in Philly and think they're safe. But Aria needs to remember that they will NEVER BE SAFE from A's clutches. Still, I'm glad that she got to go on a proper date with her very cute teacher/boyfriend. Lucy Hale still looks awfully young for him.

I felt a sign of relief for Hanna and mom. Sure, the old lady died and that's never good news but at least they're safe for now. I hope Hanna gets some happy time with bad boy who stalled Mrs. Montgomery's car too. Hanna doesn't run out of boys ever and this one's the cutest so far. Bad to the bone, I'm liking how he and Hanna always seem to banter, even during detention. Here's to hoping this one sticks around longer than her last boys.

Also another scary moment? When Emily's swim teammate was pushing her head below water (I thought the girl looked familiar and found out she was from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide which I loved!). Teammate is evil and Emily better watch her back because woman is a on a rampage. Another person that needs to be careful? Spencer. She's really gung-ho with this finding out who killed Alison business and though I'm all for it, this gloved creature seems to be one step ahead of her the entire time. I just don't want Spencer to get hurt -- or hook up with Jason or Ian. BRING BACK WREN. Repeat 10x.

Skins 05x02: Rich

I have to say Rich wasn't my favorite character initially but this episode made me change my mind just because a) I know him a little more to actually judge him; b) he seems cleaner now that I know he showers; c) he's really just a normal boy that wants the girl but is too shy to do anything. Now we've seen that before so don't worry Rich, there is a way around this dilemma. You're on a TV show after all.

And this solution comes in the form of ever sweet but totally herd mentality driven, Grace. I laughed when Rich and Alo first approached Franky but hey, they are clueless boys. At least Franky recommended someone in a much better position to help them out. Grace, was just as much exposed in this episode as Rich was, which made me think the episode title should have been Rich and Grace.

It was a very cute episode with Grace's ballet world and Rich's metal world meeting in the middle. Of course, we have the usual, I don't want your help, so I'll be difficult segment and of course the you're not so bad, so let's give it a shot portion but what I didn't see coming was Rich's going deaf. I don't know if this is possible but exposing yourself to that loud music on a daily basis must do damage to his ears. The show portrayed his hearing loss pretty well and though I'm glad he got his hearing back, it was actually much fun-ner when he was without it, just because Rich was definitely humbled by his lack of hearing.

Still, I wonder where they'll go with this Rich/Grace relationship. Rich is still too shy, even after his father/son talk and Grace is still too much of a follower to break from Minnnie's clutches, so I guess we'll have to wait it out and see how it works out for them. Cute episode was cute.

Bones 06x11: The Sin in the Sisterhood

As interesting as the case was this week, I couldn't concentrate on it because of two things: A) CAM AND THE DOCTOR; B) BOOTH AND BRENNAN BEING ALL SWEET AND VAGUE AGAIN. I'll start with Cam just because this girl deserves more love. I remember the time when I did not like her addition to the team at all just because she posed as a threat to B/B but now that she's obviously not competition, I've grown to love Cam (could this be the case for Hannah?! Probably not). And I clearly remember liking this doctor being all forward with Cam and really expressing his interest in her so seeing him come back makes me immensely happy. Sure, the episode dealt with them not having time for each other being the workaholics they are, but in the end, they worked it out. I love Cam's no-fuss/no-drama attitude (and her de-stressing with the guns) and I love that she went to Seeley for advice but really I'm just glad she took a step back to prioritize and that she's making time for the doctor just because they're cute together. I really hope we see more of them.

The other cute bit?! All this happy times with Booth/Brennan. Come on Booth, all this cryptic talk at the bar about the person not going anywhere and about loving more than one person but loving only person the most, this was all for Bones's ears right?! ALL THOSE LOOKS BETWEEN THESE TWO ARE KILLING ME SO MUCH. Two episodes WITHOUT Hannah and I am loving it sooooooo sooooo much. And yes, Three is company. So ditch Hannah please!!!

Nikita 01x13: Coup de Grace

I have been loving Nikita lately and seeing Jared Booth Brendan Fehr guest star as the team leader to Alex's first mission as an agent was definitely an added bonus. I always approve of bringing in hot boys to their episodes. And though there wasn't any Owen or Ryan in this one, we did get Steven, the gutsy team leader that was breaking protocol only for Michael to have to swoop in to save the day, so to speak.

And look at what we have? A hint towards Michael/Nikita perhaps?! With Nikita asking about Michael and Michael asking about Nikita, something tells me that there's definitely going to be more romancing or longing/pining for these two. I know that Michael's instructions are to bring Nikita in and kill her but something tells me this won't be the case when he actually gets close enough or actually captures her. I was more of them please.

Vampire Diaries 02x13: Daddy Issues

Photos courtesy of potthead @ rawr-caps
Finally in the show to end all shows, Vampire Diaries was at another high this week. Intense? Yes. Awesome? BUT OF COURSE. This show has gotten so awesome, I'm really thinking seriously about reading the books. Though not reading them has served me well in that I don't know what the hell to expect and I don't get all nervous about it, but I think I need more Damon and the books will serve that purpose.

Speaking of Mr. Conflicted, Damon was in A+ form this week with him starting off naked in the shower and wrapped precariously by that white fluffy towel to ending the episode with him NAKED once again in the bath tub, sucking the life out of a reporter. Not his smartest move, her disappearance will be noticed (unless of course he intends to keep her as a distraction vampire, but I'm not counting on it.)

HOW AWESOME WAS IT THAT DAMON CONFESSED TO LOVING A WOMAN HE COULDN'T HAVE?! What with all his longing looks for Elena this episode and his doing anything to protect her (standing up to Jules, wanting to kill Jon), Damon makes me fall for him more every week. I love how we see him try to be a better man for Elena but also try to stay true to himself and his true nature. I'm glad reporter brought up a good point about him changing because of love~ Cheesy as it is, someone had to tell Damon that and I'm glad he heard it at least.

And though I appreciate Stefan's good guy ways, I wish we'd all just listened to Damon and killed all the werewolves in one go before the full moon. Obviously, these people are evil and hate the vampires so why let them get a hand up?! I'm glad they got away from the werewolf attack but if it wasn't for warlock-working-for-Elijah, they'd all be dead now.

Still, I have to go back to all the Damon/Elena scenes, my favorite one being the one where Elena holds onto Damon's arm and asks him to be good. I love that Damon told her point blank to stop doing that because he knows that she thinks he'll do it just because it comes from her. Elena must know the power she has over Damon and even if she isn't consciously doing these things, I do feel for Damon on his helplessness to her bidding. If only she'd ask him to take her away with him, you know he'd be a happy camper.

I'm glad we get some Sark in this episode too and he does a lot of talking/fathering/explaining to Elena. I loved all the Sark/Damon moments just because these two characters are soooo bad but when it comes to Elena, somehow their protective nice sides come out and play. It was nice of John to go talk to Jeremy as well even if Jeremy was unreceptive (I guess he's too distracted by Bonnie right now too) and well, John/Jenna scenes are always fun just because you can slice the animosity with a knife. I'm not quite sure what his deal with Katherin is in the end, but I'm sure he wouldn't do anything to compromise his daughter and all.

And finally, I end with Caroline as always. Girl is so tough now, she's so far from the caroline we first met. She's not backing down to Tyler's intimidation tactics and is standing up for the vampires while being tortured by evil!Jules and still coming out strong (though only on the outside). I really love her friendship with Stefan and it was really cute to see Stefan care for her so much, that he called for an impromptu sleepover. Seriously, he and Caroline need to get together. I think I'd ship that way more than Matt/Caroline/Tyler. I'm just really proud of her bravery and hope she gets her revenge on Jules. Wishful thinking, I tell you.
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