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Music On Repeat: Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'

Still Single[Adele.TV]
I've been waiting for Adele's album to come out and finally it's here. Thanks to starryeyedmagic for reminding me about it with her Music Monday post. Unlike her and lusimeles, my musical tastes are oh -so-mainstream and this month (the month of 'love'), I've been listening to sad songs. No, I'm not mourning my singleness at all. I just like being dramatic about it (it's fun to be single, for real).

And because Darren Criss is one of the reasons I keep tuning into Glee, it pleases me very much to see him singing and being his adorable self again. It doesn't hurt that he's serenading Ellen either.

Adele; Rolling in the Deep

I'm still listening to the album to figure out my favorites, but off the bat, it's this, Set Fire to the Rain and My One and Only. I'm sure the rest of the album will grow on me eventually. All i can say is, Adele's voice? I LOVE. Heart-wrenching man!

Maroon 5; Just a Feeling

And because it's fun to listen to sad songs even if you're not really heartbroken (just so you can pretend you are), Maroon 5 adds to my list of sad senti(mental) songs -- wow did I really just use the word 'senti'? So very high school!!! But I digress.

Taylor Swift; Back to December

Yes, I love this song. Like too much. I literally have the music video bookmarked on my browser so I don't skew my Last.FM charts by listening to it too much. It doesn't hurt that she's pretty in the video either. Oh Taylor, why weren't you writing these when I was in high school?!

Florence + The Machine; Oh Darling

Thanks to starryeyedmagic for posting this. I love Florence so much and I can't wait for a new album. Her covers are even more A+. I loved her Addicted to Love one and this one is just as awesome. Her voice? I'm dead.

Lily Allen; Who'd Have Known?

In a less tone, more of longing, I end with one of my favorites of Lily Allen's second album. I just saw the video for this recently and thought it was a cute depiction though it wasn't exactly how I envisioned it when I first heard the song. Fake!Elton is funny though.

Even More Music On Repeat:
Don't Hold it Against Britney
Baby It Ain't Cold Outside Yet
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