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30 For 30: A Closet Remix (Winter Challenge)

And we're back with another remix. With just one remix under my belt, I'm far from being a veteran but I had too much fun to pass this up. Unfortunately, real life has limited by free time, so I can't be as verbose as I was last time. Still, I'll be checking out and commenting on my favorite remixers (there are over 860+ participants this time around! How crazy is that?!?). Happy remixing everyone!

I know, what a lack of color. I just felt like blacks, whites and grays were a good way of representing winter for me, since I don't actually experience winter here. I shall try to bring color via my 'accessories' -- if I find any. Also, I tried not repeating too many items from the first remix but there were some unavoidable pieces. Forgive me, I only have one pair of jeans I really like. View all the pieces here


And Off We Go


Get High Like Planes


Red-Less New Year
1+21+30+Ralph Lauren scarf
I know I could've done better but it was a long day and I needed to be comfy. Mission accomplished!
17+28+Kate Spade scarf
My uncle bought me this dress. It's grown on me though I'm not too fond of spaghetti straps
2+19+29+Coach scarf
Despite not being Chinese, I should have worn at least a red scarf. Does my red bracelet count?
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Out of School Youth


Hippie Hippie, Shake Shake


Floral Explosion
3+11+23+27+Coach scarf
If it weren't for the remix, I would never have worn these things together. Not sure if that's a good thing
14+25+Echo scarf
Dresses are for lazy days just because I don't have to match anything with anything. Yup, that lazy.
15+26+Ralph Lauren Scarf
This dress reminds me of Katy Perry's Thinking of You video. Enough reason to buy it.
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Miss Minchin


Sweating Sweater


Wedding Entourage
6+22+25+Ralph Lauren scarf
I haven't worn this skirt EVER. It was just given and I feel short in it. Good first outing for her?
8+20+27+Ralph Lauren scarf
So I thought it would be cold today (like it has been all the time). Boy was I wrong. Climate!Fail
10+16+29+Coach sash
I really feel like a flower girl. That is if anyone would want black as the motif of their wedding
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Pregnant Pause


Birthday Girl


Fraternal Twins
5+21+28+Lauren Scarf
Comfort >>> everything. I like that I can breathe and slouch and this shirt hides EVERYTHING.
17+25+Ralph Lauren Scarf (as top)
Polka dots are lucky to wear right? Oh yeah, on New Year's. Oh well, it's technically a new year for me too.
12+24+28+Coach sash
We really didn't talk about it but ended up in similar outfits. We're also 9 years & 50 lbs. apart
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Fake & Faux


Single Awareness Day


Feet Apart
18+29+Echo sash
So many folks thought this was two separate pieces. I kind of wish it was, but hey, I'll take the dress
2+7+20+26+Echo scarf
Valentines never really affects me thanks to it being my brother's birthday too. Who doesn't love a distraction?
6+19+30+Lauren scarf
I wasn't sure about the scarf but threw it on anyway. Actually i wasn't sure about the pose either, but what the hell!
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The Crossover


Hand in my Pocket


Casual Fridays
3+13+26+Lauren scarf
This fab article showed me I can branch out from my usual firing-squad-stance. Next time, more neck though
1+11+20+29+Lauren scarf
Confession: I only bought this jacket cause it looks like Edward Cullen's pea coat in Twilight. Sad but true.
4+9+23+30+Coach scarf
I've own this vest since it was passed on to me in sixth grade. The best part about it? It's reversible!
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'Til the Dawn


Swing, Swing, Swing


5+10+24+27+Lauren scarf
I was out the entire day doing errands left and right so I'm glad I was comfy in my cardigan.
6+16+25+Lauren scarf
I'm sort of in love with the skirt of this dress -- electric pleated and great for swishing!
1+12+21+26+Lauren scarf
I was honestly at a loss of how to include a scarf in this one and so the lazy route -- around the neck!
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Pull Them Up High


Ladies Who Lunch


Two In One
3+19+30+Lauren scarf
These pants are too long for flats but I couldn't bring myself to wear heels, so I just pulled them up.
15+22+29+Echo sash
Definitely not something I would do normally but dresses as tops are too irresistible in this remix
4+14+28+Lauren scarf+Echo sash
And this is me trying to wear a dress as a skirt. It felt weird but didn't look too bad, I think.
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Tie a Yellow Ribbon


Drag Me Out


Not An English Jumper
6+23+27+Echo scarf
It's supposed to be a holiday today, but it isn't. This is me in half lazy/half work wear
1+8+24+28+Coach scarf
You had to literally drag me out of the house today and it wasn't an easy feat. Lazy weekends.
4+13+27+Lauren scarf
I didn't realize this dress was a tad too short to my liking. Thank goodness for tights right?
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Grey on Grey


Feeling Winter


5+9+20+25+CK sash
This is me losing steam, but still hanging on for the sake of completion. Why so tired? I don't know
2+22+26+Lauren scarf
Sweltering heat outside, blistering cold inside the office. I'm gonna get sick this way, I tell you
7+18+30+Lauren scarf
It's crazy cause I've worn the dress and taken the picture. What's taking so long to upload right?
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