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Oi Lienda[4 Down/48 To Go!]
[+] Can you believe January is practically over?! We've already consumed 1/12 of 2011 and the days aren't slowing down a bit. I really shouldn't blink lest I wake up in December 2011.

[+] This week has been another one of those ups and downs kind of weeks and I really just want to take a breather. I know I've only been in this job for three months but it feels like dog years here. I shouldn't wear myself out so fast. Hopefully it's just the start of 2011 rush and not something permanent. Or so I tell myself.

[+] I'm participating in the 'winter' edition of Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Remix and the fall remix was so much fun, I thought I'd give it another go. I don't have any cute clothes left over but it'll just make the remix more challenging.

[+] Here's to a chill, relaxing week up ahead. A girl can dream right?! Crosses fingers and toes.

I was seriously dreading going to work just because I had pretty crazy tasks ahead that we weren't sure we were even capable of pulling off. Lucky for me, I have the most awesome and hardworking team technical team who made things so much easier for me -- and making it happen for client. I really hope the rest of this project goes by smoothly.

Meanwhile, despite doing three different big things and a couple more small things all at the same time, I actually managed to get home early today! I ate dinner with my family. Rarity, I tell you. I hope the rest of the week goes by this way -- minus the anxiety over work bit of course.

There was a bus bomb that happened -- I don't understand why there's so much chaos right now so my dad text me and my mom called me to tell me to take a cab going home. I hope the commute to work tomorrow ill be safe as well. I can't imagine having to take a cab everyday. It'll be too expensive, but i get the safety issue.

Also, I'm excited to be writing again. When I first applied at my new company, they asked meh whether I wanted to be in editorial or in publishing and I chose the latter. Though I have no regrets, it's always fun to do some writing on the side. Here's to not messing that up.

As much as I like where I am right now, I definitely miss my friends from my old job, so it was a good thing I was able to catch up with two of them yesterday over Italian food. I love these girls so much and leaving them was definitely the hardest part about leaving the first job. No regrets, but I wish I could see them more.

After dinner, we picked up my grandma from the airport. My dad's mom will be staying with us for quite some time. I totally see where we all get our noisiness, my grandma talks a mile a minute and is still so strong at 84. I wonder if I'll even last that long.

You know how I keep saying crazy days are crazy?! Well they really are. On top of all the other things I had to do today, I had a presentation in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon and so many things to do in between. I really need more time in one day or just more people to help me out? I hope it's a phase.

In other news, I FINISHED ANNA KARENIN. Seriously best day ever. Though anticlimactic for me, I get that Tolstoy was trying to make a point -- well several -- or so I interpreted. I'm bad at those things. I'm more proud that I survived the book really.

You know how on bad days nothing goes right? I suppose today was a good day then because things just went supremely right. Despite the difficulties rushing things around, two projects finally got the go signal right before we needed them done and two more in the pipeline are looking up. I don't want to jinx anything but I'm happy/

And despite getting home quite late -- considering I didn't actually go out on a Friday night, I was able to catch up on some of my tv shows and just couldn't be bothered to do anything but sleep it all off. I am such a grandma. Oldest 23 year old girl ever.

Work on a Saturday. Wonderful. No, it wasn't so bad, but I wasn't too hot about ditching a family lunch for it. Alas, that's the way life goes. Still, I'm glad my work thing turned out to be quite fun. We ended up at Manila Ocean Park -- which is just filled to the brim with kids and families and though pretty, totally made my head ache.

And with this job, I've had to deal with really difficult people but it makes me happy when folks who you assume would be a challenge (and have the rights to be) turn out to be really sweet folks. You can't help but want to wish them well just because they're so nice.

I'm surprised I was able to wake up at all this morning to make it to the 8am mass but I guess the heavens opened and got me up because I actually made it out of my pajamas today. Sure, I crawled right back in and watched Ramona and Beezus with my brother (it wasn't so bad) and then moved on to Red Dragon (it was on TV) so all in all, good afternoon is good.

Thanks to working yesterday, I haven't felt the full weekend treatment so I'm hoping this week up ahead isn't so crazy and tiring and just a really chill one. January has been terribly busy, I'd kill for some downtime please. Laziness is called for, I believe.
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