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TV Time: Franky Stands Up to the 'Mean Girls'

Though I'm still trying to give US Skins a chance, I have to say that the first episode of the third generation Skins cast felt so oddly American complete with mean girls and sordid pasts they're trying to run away from. And still, it's still much easier to swallow than the US remake. Perhaps the Brits have this quirk about them that makes me blind to their faults. This week's US version was a little easier on the eyes though.

Chuck 04x12: Chuck Versus The Gobbler

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After last week's not so good times, this week was better than their return. Though I know I should be talking about Sarah's new look, I'll get to that later. I wanted to talk about Ellie & Awesome first and how despite the small plotlines they get, they always warm my heart. Naming their kid is a pretty big deal and I can't wait to see how little Claire Woodcomb will fare with such awesome parents. I vote Casey as a godfather just because.

Speaking of Casey, I know that it wasn't Sarah's intention to kill him, in fact, they tried to find a way around it, only they didn't know the scaffolding he landed on would fall so I hope Casey makes a full recovery especially since his daughter Alex is just too adorable. Don't you love the change she brings in Morgan. It's amazing how he's been incorporated so well into the team already.

As for Sarah and Chuck's getting used to Sarah's new double life, I'm glad they're keeping them together but throwing obstacles their way. I have faith in this relationship. Sure, they may go through some hardships now but I really believe it's endgame for both of them. I'll just enjoy the ride getting there.

90210 02x12: Liars

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First things first. Thank freaking goodness Mr. Cannon is now safely tucked away in prison. I don't think they'll be rehashing that storyline anytime soon but I was slightly scared for Naomi's capture and Silver's walking into the trap. So I'm glad that's all sort of over and done with. I don't approve of Silver and Navid still, but it looks like I'll have to sit through it for the season and perhaps beyond.

Another thing that's frustrating me is Annie/Liam. I was already warming up to the fact that Annie was going to be with Liam (I'm not much of a Charlie fan). So it's too bad Liam's had a change of heart. They would have been pretty cute. Also cute, but crappy storyline, Ivy. I have officially liked this girl and now they're giving her lame scared-of-the-water-but-too-tough-to-admit-it plots. No please. Also, just come out Teddy, just so I can get that over with.

Gossip Girl 04x12: The Kids are Not Alright

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And it's back. Show, I was scared of how you'd come back just because I am this close to just skipping over the parts Blair isn't it, but it's good to know there's still something worth watching in you. Again, writers just want to mess with Blair and now they have her scheming behind her mom's back to get an internship with some foreign awesome lady. Writers, please make Blair fierce again. As for Chuck, I see they're trying to give him another woman in the interim until he and Blair grow the hell up. I approve of the Eric in this episode. He could literally do no wrong in my book.

As much as I don't care for Serena and all her antics, it was funny to see her all Lily-esque. Girl is going to grow up to be like her mom whether she likes it or not. And yes to more Ben. He does look much better out of his prison wear. You know who doesn't look good out of the uniform? Nate's dad. I really could care less about him and unfortunately we seem to be getting more.

Pretty Little Liars 01x12: Careful What U Wish 4

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I'm really liking all these tasks A is giving Hannah to get her money back. And as much as I hate seeing Lucas get hurt (as I'm sure Hannah is feeling as well), at least Hannah's able to help her mom get some of the money back (though I'm sure this is all going to bite Hannah's mom in the ass in a big way soon). And as weird as it is to see Ezra/Aria together, I couldn't help but see where Aria is coming from with all her jealousy. She is a high school girl after all and these jealous pangs are but natural especially if your boyfriend is hot and older.

I do want to see where this new boy they've brought in comes into play. We know Emily is already with Maya but I can't help but feel like this could go somewhere. He looks mysterious enough and cute ish so I'd like to see where they take him. And Spencer, just stay away from Ian -- not cause we think he killed A but because he's totally creepy/skeevy. I can't believe Nanny!Carrie chose this over Wren.

American Idol 10 (Week 2 Auditions)

And I'm still not as hooked as last season (considering my non-interest in it) that i haven't even watched either of the episodes properly. Other than seeing the ads or skimming through recaps, it's going to be hard getting into it this season, especially with jamypye so far away. Oh well, this is me trying. I'll definitely try to catch the reruns tomorrow, but auditions were never my thing anyway.

Skins 05x01: Franky

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After last generation's dark & random ways -- someone remind me why they freaking had to kill Freddy off again?! -- I sort of told myself I wouldn't be suckered in to Skins this time around, but thanks to the horrifically horrible (I'm not one to hate but I just can't stomach it) US remake, I have come to seek solace in the easy familiarity and natural ways of the British version 3.0.

As dark and twisted and gritty as the first two generations were, this first peak we get into generation three, seems altogether wholesome and clean and scrubbed free. In fact, like I mentioned before the cut, I found this episode to be so very US in the sense that it followed a formulaic device we see in a lot of US tv shows. And though I usually turn to British TV for it's un-US-ness, they certainly deviate from the usual storytelling, I'll forgive the British version for their stereotypes/cliches (the losers, mean girls, new kid in town, bullying in the past, standing up to bullies, the weirdos, the supportive parents etc.). I have higher hopes for this series considering the failtastic US version.

Off the bat, I'd say Dakota Blue Richards has been pretty good as new kid Franky (very Rachel Berry of her to have two gay dads, but it's never been Skins' style to shy away from homosexuality; though they never showed it from the parents side). I like Grace just because she's a sweetheart and Liv really does remind me of Jal from generation one though I"m sure they're nothing alike.

As for the boys, I also get Matty and Nick confused. Seriously. Either I watch too much TV or I need my eyes checked. Because when Matty approached Franky with her gun, I really thought it was Nick coming to apologize. I need to get my glasses changed already.

Mini is one to watch out for. Though they start her out as the mean girl/queen bee/it girl with all of it, I'm sure they've got something so far off up their sleeve with this character. Not into the two other boys who've been nice to Franky, but they'll probably grow on me sooner or later. I want more of Franky's dads though.

Bones 06x11: The Bullet in the Brain

Well hello there David Boreanaz directed episode complete with Grave Digger appearance (the last one, unfortunately) and even some bonus Imhotep (the guy that played Booth's mentor also starred in the The Mummy as Imhotep and I'll never see him as anything else)!!! I always look forward to David directed ones just because we always see Booth/Brennan development in them and this time around, though it's not a blatant kissing/confessional between them, we get something else.

Apart from all the Grave Digger hullabaloo and the Sweets doubting himself drama, we get Max Keenan coming back and wondering whether his daughter and the obviously awesome Booth have FINALLY gotten together. Max obviously speaks for the rest of the audience while he wonders why the hell this hasn't happened indeed. I love how he looks so befuddled that they haven't figured things out yet between them.

I also love that we don't have Hannah here. yes, she's been good to/for Booth but without her, we get longing glances from Booth from inside the cafe as he stares at Brennan. It may be nothing, but for shippers who are dying from thirst in the desert, this one look Booth gives Bones is like a spring of water. Sure, it may just be a mirage, but I'll take it. More longing glances please, Booth.

Nikita 01x12: Free

As much as I loved Alias and believe that no one will ever match it's awesomenss, I'll give it to Nikita for trying at least. This week, we see Alex out in the real world (totally clueless to the death chip implanted in her) and trying to make the most of her 'new' life. We also see snapshots of her old/privileged life in Russia complete with mansions and grounded fathers. I'm excited to see how they take Nikita out in the real world.

I'm also excited to see a Fletcher/Nikita/Michael/Owen triangle. I know there's tension between Michael/Alex and that Nikita probably only kissed Fletcher to shut him up and shock him, but hey, this could work. And if you throw Owen back in the picture, there'll be so many boys and too little time to pick. Right now, I'm loving Fletcher and his skinny Brandon Routh-esque looks just because it'll be hard to get Nikita with Michael at this rate.

Vampire Diaries 02x12: The Descent

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FINALLY, you are back. I was literally jumping in the office when I realized that this week, we finally get Vampire Diaries back and boy am I happy. Sure Rose is dead, but like Damon said, they all come and go. The point is, we see a total breaking point for Damon in regards to his feelings. I guess it's clear he's struggling with who he is and who he thinks Elena wants him to be. As funny looking as Rose's last dream was, I really did feel a tug at the heartstrings with his sadness over what he had to do with Rose.

I like seeing this side of Damon but at the same time, I like how we see more of his two-facing with Sheriff and his compelling/killing of innocent folks. Duality is what Damon does best and I'm glad we see it again. I'm sensing more bad-ass-ness from him in the weeks to come.

As for Elena, it's nice to see her make an effort towards Rose considering the circumstances with how they met. I did feel terrified for her when Rose was getting all delusional, attacking her one minute, asking for help the next. I would be a wreck, but Elena seems to be a master already at these intense moments and she comes out a champ.

And yes, Elena, Rose is right. You do have a choice. I'm glad that despite the cheesiness of it all, Rose's last words for Elena made her think about how she should proceed with things. I'm now wondering how Uncle Jon plays into things again. You know I"m not complaining with the return of Sark David Anders. He is always welcome in my book.

You know what else is welcome? Caroline's love triangle with Matt and Tyler. Look at you Caroline getting action from all sides now. See Caroline, you're totally loveable, I hope you remember this episode when you're feeling down in the dumps. As big as a Matt/Caroline fan as I was, I can't help but like how they've brought Tyler into the equation. Poor Matt though, totally left in the dark with this vampire/werewolf mess. If he only knew. Perhaps they could make him a zombie?

What isn't welcome though is Jules. I wasn't quite the fan of Lindsay on One Tree Hill and I'm not a big fan of her calling out all the vampires in this one either and trying to get Tyler on her side. I get you're both werewolves and technically you do have a point, but as always in my book, Vampires >>> Werewolves. Thank goodness the show is called Vampire Diaries otherwise I'd be worried for the Salvatore brothers with her pack of 'others' on the way.
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