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Trailer Tuesday: Rachel & Tom Wait For Forever

[Miss Bilson]
This is possibly the most disappointing line-up of February movies ever. It's Valentines day movie producers! And though I don't go watch a movie on that Hallmark-holiday, I'd like to have the option to. And this month, it's all a bunch of comedies (though humor is a turn-on -- not these kinds of comedies) and thrillers!? Where are my sappy rom-coms?! I'm not even asking for Notting Hill-esque ones. Just crappy ones!

Waiting for Forever

I'm not quite used to Tom Sturridge sans the accent and I would never have paired him up with R-Bils in a movie but it surprisingly works for them in this one. I feel like I'm going to be sobbing for the lost childhood love I never really did quite have but imagine myself to have experienced. Oh angsty love movies, I love you so.

The Roommate

This is just so wrong on so many levels but Leighton's in it and it has the beautiful Minka Kelly in it too so you know at least some of the boys will be dragged tot he movies for this one. I'm not a big fan of thrillers at all but this one, I'll probably watch if only for Leighton.

Perfect Sense

I have to say: Ewan McGregor + Eva Green, you pretty much can't get any better than that. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, this movie looks all kinds of intense. I don't know when it'll come out in mainstream cinema but this looks like something I'd want to sob to.

I am Number Four

Just because I'm still holding out on Alex Pettyfer being cast as Jace in the TMI series or heck, I'd take him as Peeta for THG as well, I'll probably catch this one for fun. Also, I'm always a sucker for on screen loves going off-screen so his little romance with Diana Agron has me hooked already.

Just Go With It

AND SO WE COMMENCE THE COMEDIES. For real. Though I'm always good for Adam Sandler ones (and this one has Jennifer Aniston to boot), you know I would have killed for a legitimate rom-com. Instead, we get this com-rom (since it's more comedic than romantic). Raise your hand if you can predict the ending already.

Hall Pass

And another comedy, this one's got Jenna Fischer in it and the always hilarious Owen Wilson. The plot is as crazy as you can expect and I'll probably reserve this one for viewing with my siblings. They got quite a few laughs on that one from me, I have to say.

Cedar Rapids

This one doesn't even try to put any romance despite the month and hey it works well for them just because it's got John C. Reilly and Ed Helms and I'm already getting flashbacks of Brothers and The Hangover both of which I enjoyed far too much. This looks nuts.

Gnomeo & Juliet

I'm not a big fan of animated features but this one has James McAvoy and Emily Blunt voicing it so it shouldn't be such a bust right?! I kind of miss the days of cartoon musicals though. There hasn't been a movie where you'd see me singing along from start to end a la Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid.

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